My Point of View/You/Me Regarding Legal Name and Beyond

OK, so there has been much discussion regarding the truth that the LEGAL NAME is enslaving humanity. To me, there is no doubt in this truth. It has been shown from various perspectives after lengthy research that using and claiming to be a LEGAL NAME is what forces a man or woman to be under the auspices of what like to be known as “authority”, “government”, “state”, “ruler”, or any such term used to represent an entity that claims to have authority over man and woman, i.e. humanity.

Given that we as humanity are inherently (all of these statements are FMK ~ From My Knowing ~) independent, kind, loving, creative, graceful and altogether responsible for everything we do, say and be, it is safe to say that we did not and would not (knowingly) ask for any entity to take responsibility for us.

An important part of this puzzle is that we must, must, MUST remember that we are not only this human vessel. The human body is a fractal of the Universe and is Universe Creator’s chosen expression. Without this knowing, it is not possible to continue as one’s own authority, taking responsibility for all actions, events and circumstances in one’s life. We all knew this at the beginning of this universal creation. Over the years, some have forgotten this truth. When we know who we truly are, then we can live in our own perfect inflowment. When we cannot remember that we are more than just this physical body, then we find it hard to take responsibility for our selves and we look for some thing outside ourselves for support and guidance. This is what has happened over many eons of time.

Now, more and more of us are remembering who we really are, and those of us who remember, have been looking to find out what the heck happened to get us into this mess of being governed by some thing outside of ourselves. While on earth in body, we are here to create with universe creator. We are here to learn all about light, the construct of this universe. We are here to be independent, yet to all ways be willing to help each other, as at the end of it all, we are one, so I am you and you are me. We naturally can live in our own inflowment. However, there are entities which have chosen to enslave us and feed off of our energy. On the physical 3D plane of life, it is the LEGAL NAME that is the controllers main tool to keep us dumbed down and to allow them to feed off our energy. Losing the name allows us to take back our energy fully and to stop feeding into those who are drinking our energy.

Therefore, to regain our own sovereignty, we must, must, MUST let go of the LEGAL NAME and live as naturally as possible in inflowment with our earth mother. She is here to support us, and so long as we know who we are, and we let go of legal name, then we will be guided and supported by universe creator. Live in appreciation, and grace. Ask for support when you need it, and let it go. Whenever we experience any sort of trouble, challenge, or what appears to be disaster, the best thing to do is to let go and move on. This way, we can live peacefully, even if it means living without the “trinkets”, in other words, “benefits” and “privileges” as offered by those controllers, but which actually enslave us. Which would you prefer – trinkets and privileges, or freedom of burden and freedom to be you and be who you really are? Trinkets? Freedom? Trinkets? Freedom? Trinkets? Freedom? Hmmm – which one??!!

Now, once you have got yourself living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you, or inflowment, then there is another very important thing to do, to become fully free.

I often make this analogy. When a man or woman manifests a dis-ease such as cancer, the medical doctors tell him/her that there are just a few choices to “get rid of” the tumor(s). Burn (radiation), poison (chemotherapy) or cut (surgery). However, the big problem with this is that it is really only like the mechanic taking the warning lamp out of your car and telling you that since the warning light is now not on, that the problem doesn’t exist. Symptoms are messages to tell you that there is an imbalance in the body. The only way to go is to FIND THE CAUSE. In the human vessel, almost always the cause of dis-ease is emotional wounding that has not been resolved. Identify, remove and repair is the best method to heal physical manefestations.

Back to the enslavement of humanity. Who is the main controller and leader of the pack that is constantly stalking, harassing, bullying, intimidating, suppressing, and downrightly disrespecting humanity? Who is the leader of the pack? I will tell you who that is – it is the entity who likes to be called geodee. Most of you might know it as g-o-d or (I have trouble writing it with a capital ‘G’) G o d. The geodee of religion is not the true universe creator, but an impostor who has created a synthetic universe to make humanity think it is real and that they must follow its rules, laws, statutes and codes. However, none of that truly applies to us – unless we use and claim to be that LEGAL NAME fiction, as mentioned earlier.

To know what I have just shared above is the main key to open the shackles and to move on to live in true freedom. One needs to connect with earth mother and sun who are the true authentic creators of this universe. They express themselves this way to watch over their humanity. They provide everything we need to sustain our physical bodies while here on earth mother’s surface, without demanding anything in return. In contrast, geodee is constantly demanding praise and worship. It insists that we continuously bow down to it, grovel, praise, worship so that it can drink our energy from us. It, which gives no thing, expects that, while earth mother who gives EVERY thing expects no thing in return. While she expects no thing, when we give her Love, respect, appreciation and admiration, we are returning what we receive and abundance continues.

With this knowing, it is vital to end all spiritual contracts with geodee. We did make some contracts and agreements with it before we embodied. These were contracts and agreements that it, and it’s archons/minions would test us. We have been tested and those of us who are now in this state of full awareness at this and all moments of now, are ready to end these contracts and agreements. It is time also to demand that geodee “call off the dogs” so that we can enjoy harmony and balance and to travel peacefully on our earth mother’s surface.

Think about what you can do to end these contracts and agreements. I myself created a ceremony where I did this. I acknowledged geodee’s genius and brilliance of testing me to the nth degree and I gave appreciation and full respect and at the end, I asked it to call off the dogs.
It is now time for me to move on and to help all of humanity find their way home to where we can be ~ Just Us ~

Peace, Love and Respect All Ways.


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