Well, this morning, I said to my big self, “what do I need to know today?”
To this, one can only say “OK”!!

Away, away are the thoughts today.
No longer any need to stay
In a place that isn’t real
Today all wounds, it’s time to heal.

Be not sad, do not cry
Be not solemn, and do not try
To make anything come to pass,
This is not school, you’re not in class!

Reap rewards, but be not proud,
Be all ways graceful, and never loud.
Be content, but be not lax
Tis time to take action ~ then relax.

Treat each day as a gift.
This way you’ll all ways feel the lift.
You will move along and as you go
Know you’re in your perfect flow.

Love your family, your friends, your foes.
Come within for answers, tis me that knows
That you’re authentic, you’re no pretender,
Now to creation ~ simply surrender!





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