Who Is Jolly?

Here is a recently written essay, summarizing my life – how I got to where I am, where I am going and what my purpose is in life, especially concerning my connection to and membership of
Gemstone University and the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society.

Read the full essay…..

Jolly by name, jolly by nature!  “Jolly” is a name I chose when I first encountered the internet and was asked to create a username for Ebay.  That was back in 2000 and I had not yet had anything to do with emails, websites or online shopping.  Much was about to change.   So, I gathered that I needed a name that wasn’t my given name – back then, everyone was very secretive and everyone used a “handle”, I discovered.

I started with the first name that came to me, and that was Jolly.  However, it was not as easy as that – apparently, one needed something longer than just Jolly.   My given name is Geraldine and until then, I was known as Geri to most people.  It was all a bit of a frustrating palaver, and I tried adding Geri to Jolly = JollyGeri, but that wasn’t accepted, and eventually, with some other prompts and suggestions, I ended up with “jollybikergee” (Don’t ask!)  From there on, I had various versions from JollyGeri to Jollygee to Jollynut and ended up as Jolly Dee, as suggested by my friend Sheila who is English – in England, “jolly dee” means “what fun” or words to that effect!  That’s how I choose to live – a life of fun, while supporting and encouraging others to be the best they can be.

So there you have my mission in life – it is to support and encourage others to be the best they can be – to let them see in themselves who and what they are – to see that they are worthy and strong – that is, when they allow themselves to be.  I am here to teach by example, and it is becoming a passion to help humanity get back to who we really are and I can do that by bringing out the best in everyone with support and encouragement.  I spent quite a few years believing that I was just an ordinary nobody.  I lost of all of my self esteem and shrunk into myself, letting go of my joy for life and actually, allowing myself to fall into a life of modern slavery.  That story is very long, so I won’t go into it in detail, but the moral of the story is – we create what we believe and focus on.  There is no doubt in my mind about this because after I woke up from over 15 years of being in the depths of a multitude of limiting beliefs, I later discovered that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, I felt my mouth fall open as I realized – this explains my life……….
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