Jolly Quotes

“STOP.  Feel In Your Heart.  KNOW Who you REALLY Are!”
STOP Feel in Your Heart

“In these moments of now, after great journeying, we are at the point where to continue flowing forward, letting go of past grievances and injuries is vital. It is time for closure.”
Letting Go

Experience the Fantastic

Being Good – TRULY Good, is being respectful and kind to all life while living and BEing in full authenticity and INFLOWMENT.”
Being Good


Spend time alone and find yourself ~ then you will never be lonely!
Spend Time Alone


Perspective is your experience. Stay aware of this.


“Respect is vital, it is the glue that keeps humanity whole.”
Respect is Vital


“Balancing the feminine and masculine within oneself is vital.

Blurring the line between them is perilous. ”
Balancing Feminine and Masculine


Much of the propaganda put out reaches for people’s neediness and desperation of what is going on in this world. Once we let go of wanting and needing stuff, it comes to us naturally. Yep, the programs run deep, so first we acknowledge them, then breathe and let them GO!!


“Power, used correctly, can help create peace on earth and ultimately, inflowment. Yes, POWER. But not the false power which has been wielded by the false systems of control. No, this is natural power which each pure human heart has access to. Tap into your own intrinsic inner power and use it to help us to find our way back to our natural way of being – free, sovereign and fully self-responsible.
Weve Got the Power

“I self protect, all attacks, deflect.
I know I’m strong, as I sing this song.
And as I go, I all ways know
When I AM me, I’m all ways free!”
I Self Protect


Experiencing extremes can be very helpful. However, anything experienced in constant extreme is not sustainable. Accept and enjoy any and all extreme experiences, and when they are over, remember them and get back into balance. This will allow you to remain in Free Forward Motion.
Experiencing Extremes


Life is what you make it. Drama only occurs if you create it!”
Drama 1


“Do what you did not do before to create that which has never been seen or known before.”
Do what you did not do


“With an attitude of “Let’s do the best we can with what we’ve got” along with staying in “Free Forward Motion”, we can deal with sometimes sticky situations while not getting stuck in the goop of it all!”
Less Goop


“When in any sort of confusion, distress or fear, stop, breathe, listen to your heart, for this is where you can access your true self, your greater being, and all the wisdom that you truly have available to you.
Any moment of now, all ways.”
When in Confusion


Consider this. Being invested in, and committed to a certain belief could jeopardize one’s ability to remain open minded to all possibilities. Remember, we are all ways moving through levels of awareness. More and more pieces of the puzzle continue to appear, sometimes when we least expect them!!”
Consider This

To put down others, under any and all circumstances is to put down humanity. All are at their individual level of awareness, and encouragement is way more productive than dissing, given that our vision is to experience heaven on earth. Remember, united we stand, divided, we fall/fail.”
United we Stand

“Awaken to this moment of now and know from your heart core essence what is truth.
Remember, the propaganda of propaganda is a never ending story
– until we put an end to it.
We? Yes, we humanity.”
Propaganda of Propaganda


“It is time for us as humanity to return to our pureness. We can do this by taking back our innate, inherent, natural inner power and use it for the good of all. We can repel the dark energies that attack us daily, we CAN. It will just take us time to recognize that we are more powerful than those dark energies and that they will melt into nothingness once we unleash our benevolent power.”
Unleash our Benevolent Power


 “Based on my new awareness of my inherent, intrinsic power, I now have the abliity to lead and inspire others as well as to interact with the system, letting it know that I know it can no longer control me.
I acknowledge an invitation from my greater being to re-experience the innocence (and simplicity) of childhood. I now have a clear knowing of where I am going and why. No more confusion, only a firm focus on what is Real.”
Focus on what is Real


Everyone has something to give. Everyone is worthy to receive.”
Everyone has something to give


When one finally remembers the truth of how things really are here on Planet Earth, one realizes how totally idiotic it is to praise a masculine god for what we have here, when it is PLAINLY obvious that Mother Earth and Sun provide EVERYTHING to sustain our life.”
Remembering the truth on Earth

owever much we read, however much we listen to, however many scholars, speakers, writers or teachers share their wisdom, what I know is, I do not need any of this to tell me or teach me how to be, do, act, express, interact or share. I must go to my heart and access my intrinsic, inherent, natural knowing of what it is to be human, and how to act, express and be while sharing this incredible home we call planet earth or earth mother with my fellow humanity.”
My Natural Knowing

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