Inflowment is a way to describe a way of living that many of us see in our visions of living peacefully here on planet earth.

Inflowment means:  Living in balanced, harmonious flow [in grace], with respect for all around you; flowing in the moment; harmonious flow;  flowing with the inner guidance of Spirit.

I created some T-Shirts so that we can show our friends how we choose to live.
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We have found ourselves in one wildly rare moment,
Where we are experiencing the perfect inflowment.
To all open minds it has become clear
That the shift we’ve been awaiting, is indeed here!

Love is the answer, we’ve all  heard it said,
This sort of quotation rolls around in one’s head.
But Love IS truly the answer, and it can heal all,
Give love and receive it, and all will be well.

Humanity’s inflowment will help us find peace.
All illness and dis-ease, this will release.
It’s time to be in flow and to become content,
Boundlessness is easy when you reach inflowment!!

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