JollyGoodRhymes ~ For Special Times

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I Am Unique
I listen to many worldly preachers,
And I learn from my wise teachers,
But, my purpose I must seek
For my mission is unique.

Today a lot of thoughts of joy,
And in my mind with ideas I toy
I love to have creative times,
Popping into my head, so many rhymes!

I clear and clean my mind of blocks,
No need to be watching any clocks!
A quiet day to think and pray,
Altogether my sort of day!

I Love Life
I love life and life loves me,
It’s all about good feelings you see.
I feel good in heart and soul and mind
And to me good things their way will find.

I love friends and places and things,
Love makes joy and gives me wings
To fly to freedom and to help mankind,
And this all gives me peace of mind.

Today good friends are on my mind,
I have many friends who are so kind.
Our friends support us and give us strength,
This helps us win by at least a length.

Friends are precious, hold them tight,
They’re always here for us, day and night.
Feel their love, and give it back,
Love is something we must never lack.

My wonderful World is full of light.
In this World, each day is bright.
I am thankful for all my days,
Because they are full of sunshine rays.

Whatever each day, to me brings,
I’m sure to make it give me wings.
The ups, the downs, the rights the wrongs,
I make them into sorts of songs!

So, see your light and feel its power,
Feel it through each and every hour,
Acknowledge the dark and live in the light,
And LOVE everyone with all of your might!

I love music, it’s a magical sound,
Hearing melodies all around
Makes me feel so happy, joyful and free,
And so very thankful for being me!

Music is soothing, enthusing and pure,
Just listening to good music can soon make your
Spirit and soul start to fly toward heaven.
What a great gift to have been given!

So remember to use it, this wonderous gift,
It’s all ways around when you need a lift!
Give thanks for the feelings it can give to you,
Because there is no reason to ever feel blue.

In my life, I am so blessed,
And to me it has been impressed,
How important it is to love all mankind.
To this, for some time, we have been blind.

All of us here on this Earth,
Have been blessed ever since our birth,
But at times we forget to love,
And the message from the peaceful dove.

So, count your blessings every day,
And for peace on Earth, continue to pray.
Love everyone, and all around,
And then more blessings will abound.

Goodness resides within me,
It flows around endlessly.
Goodness is light, it is love, it is power,
All over, and through us, its love does shower.

Goodness is the power that I pray to,
It is here for me and it is here for you.
Goodness is here for all mankind,
Goodness is within every mind!

Goodness penetrates body and soul,
It’s like a spirited rock and roll!!
Goodness lifts the spirit, the mood,
It is a completely nourishing food.

Feel the power, feel the light,
Love this Goodness with all your might.
Goodness is here now and for ever more.
Goodness is the creator of every law!!

I have wonderful thoughts within my mind,
And I know that we must never be unkind
To any thing or any one
That exists under this sun.

Love your neighbours, Love your friends,
Unconditional Love knows no ends.
Keep compassion in your heart,
Now is the time for this to start.

The human race is driven by love,
It comes from the earth and from above.
Harmony is strength, it gives us balance,
And love truly is our creator given allowance.

Feel the Love from without and within,
Feel it freely and you might start to grin!!
Give this love and feel it return,
And then for nothing will you ever yearn.

Mother Earth
Feel the glory of being grounded,
Feel the energy, you’ll be astounded!
Mother Earth has healing power for you
Walking barefoot is all you must do.

Dear Mother Earth is truly a wonder
You’ve seen the storms with lightning and thunder.
You’ve seen the mountains, the forests, the seas,
You’ve seen how she maintains balance with ease!

Nature is perfect, there’s never a struggle
For flowers to blossom and birds have no trouble
To set out to fly from way north to south,
And no wild animals have to live hand to mouth!

Let’s learn from nature, let’s learn how to live
In harmony and balance and learn what to give
And to take on this planet, to live in full health,
And ultimately find one’s true spiritual self.

The Journey
What is the purpose of our life on earth?
What sort of effort is it really worth?
To find out what and why and how.
I really want to find out now!

Life is a journey, is what I know.
To find a place where we can flow
And find one’s passion to help and serve.
This is what we all deserve.

We are here for each other, this humanity,
And to simply love who we be!
To leave this planet with lessons learned,
Experiences had and life points earned!!

Today, the eleventh of November,
It is a time to remember
Those who died while fighting war,
And know that we want war NO MORE!!

It’s time to remember who we are
It’s time to move ourselves very far
Away from fighting and into peace
All anger and arguments, we must release.

Let’s return to only feelings of Love,
Let’s feel it from Earth and from above.
We’re here to love and to co-operate
With all humans, it’s not too late.

This wonderful life is one of choice.
To that which you desire, you must give your voice
And make sure that the things you choose
Are your hearts desire, then you never lose.

Choice is powerful, choice is good
There isn’t anything that you should
Or shouldn’t do, it’s for  you to decide
What is good for you, use your inner guide.

The World works in wonderful ways,
Just stand out there and let your gaze
Drift around until you find some thing
To focus on  that makes your heart sing.

It’s you plus the World that equals your life.
Now it’s time to take out life’s carving knife
And carve your life by using your choice,
Soon in your life you will fully rejoice!

Heaven on Earth
I am dreaming of heaven on earth,
It is not long until this birth.
Day by day people become aware,
This very moment is very rare!

Look within, feel who you are,
You are a wonder, you are a star!
Find your true self, chock full of love,
Be that pure soul you’ve been dreaming of.

Give love to others, feel it return,
It is not long until we all learn
That we are here to live peaceful lives, and to create
All sorts of perfection, let’s open the gate!

Open your heart, open your mind,
And in your life, you will soon find
Nothing but happiness, wonder and bliss,
Humanity and earth are so ready for this!

I dream of and pray for peace on earth,
It’s time that we witness the birth
Of peace and love for all mankind,
And living life with peace of mind.

What is this peace of which I speak?
It’s co-operation, just take a peek
And see the people who love and care
For each other, it’s everywhere.

But still there are those who choose to fight
Throughout the day and all the night
With fellow humans, they’ve got it wrong,
We’re all here to get along!

So send out love to all around you,
Whether christian, moslem, hindu or jew,
We’re brothers and sisters all one race,
All of us human and full of grace.

I am in the FLOW of my life!
In this life I’ve come to know
I’ve found myself in perfect flow
To move toward my life mission,
It shows itself within my passion.

Health is natural and good for me,
It makes me strong and happy and free!
I know all humans can experience this,
And have a life of wonder and bliss!

Get in the flow and love yourself,
And allow in your life this natural health.
Give love to others and feel it return,
And continue to live and love and learn!

Across the landscape I stand and stare
And I feel what it’s like to be aware.
Aware of everything inside and out
And I understand what life is about.

I stay aware of what I think
I’m aware of what I eat and drink.
I’m aware of my feelings, both large and small,
I’m aware when I falter and when I stand tall.

When I’m aware, I am free,
That’s when I’m the I AM me.
I flow through life with wonderous ease,
Doing anything that I please!!

One thing that I love to see
Is people who live in harmony.
It looks so good and feels so right
I can feel the love and see the light.

When people learn to get along,
Ther is no thing ~ right or wrong.
It’s just a life of harmony
What more could anyone wish to see?!

If in this life you wish to be free,
There’s something that you’ll need to see.
Let go of grudges and then forgive,
When you do this, you start to live!

Forgive your friends, your foes, yourself,
This will give you pure emotional health.
Open your mind, open your heart,
And a new chapter of life will soon start!!

One look around me makes me see,
Ther is no person more blessed than me.
Beauty of nature all around,
Health and happiness does abound.

Another day of appreciation,
Of happiness and of good vibration.
It gives me joy to feel like this,
My life is truly one of bliss.

What does it take to become authentic?
Is there a knack, or is there a trick?
How do I become the “I AM” me?
That “I AM” me who is eternally free?

Find the truth that’s true for you.
Do only the things you love to do.
Believe in yourself and love everyone.
And be thankful for everything under this sun!

Freedom is your divine right.
Keep it always within your sight.
Freedom gives you peace and love and joy.
And your inner power, you can then enjoy.

Be free in mind and spirit and heart,
Know that your life is a work of art.
Be creative ~ and love what you do,
And realize what is special about being you.

Focus is what we need to do.
Give energy and attention too.
To what we wish to manifest,
And trust the universe to do the rest.

Next, look for feelings of inspiration,
Give out more focus and dedication.
And before you know it, it is here.
It is so easy when you are clear.

I Feel It
I feel it, I know it and all can see,
There is no woman stronger than me,
I speak my truth, I’m in my power,
I feel it every minute of every hour.

I feel it every hour of every day,
I feel it strongly in every way.
I feel it every day and all week long,
I feel in my power, and oh so strong!

I feel it in every week,
And for myself, I always speak.
I do it each week of every month,
Because I have so much powerful strength!

I feel it each month of every year,
There is not one single thing to fear.
I feel it all year and forever more,
And upon this strength I can always draw.

Who am I?  And who are you?
What are we here on this Earth to do?
About which things do you wish to speak?
What special qualities make you unique?

What is your purpose?  What makes you great?
What wonderful stories can you relate
To send your message to all mankind?
And to help those lost ones, themselves to find!

Let’s express our individuality,
Let’s make it plain for all to see,
That each one is unique, unlike any other,
Not one identical, even sister or brother.

Let’s break the pattern of copy cats,
And please let’s stop talking in numbers and stats!
Let’s be ourselves, different from the rest,
And in our uniqueness feel truly blessed.

Changing thoughts, changing vibes,
So many things change throughout our lives.
Changing beliefs, changing what’s ‘real’,
It is simply a perspective to ourselves we deal.

What is reality?  What is a fact?
What is certain and what is abstract?
Who am I?  And who is Me?
It’s sometimes hard for this to see!

Sometimes we say “I can’t change me”,
But who is this Me I’m trying to be?
Is it “Me” I refuse to change?
Or my beliefs?  It’s all so strange!

In the end it’s all interpretation,
It can end conditioning and stagnation.
Be open to change of much belief,
And with it one can gain incredible relief!

More to follow shortly . . .

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