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Yes Please. No Thank You . . . by Elz

Nine of the most deceptively powerful words you can ever utter.

Yes, please.  No, thank you.  No, you may not.

Do you remember your first ‘no’?  Terrible twos, anyone? Developmentally, it is a sign of the first stage of individuation, asserting self as separate, and instinctively sovereign.  Oh, the power of the no!  Can make a wee one giddy.

Guess what?  We can reclaim and harness that power.  Oh, yes, we can.

Yes’s began with head nods before learning the word…a much more gentle energy than the no.  We were taught ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in developing social graces, injecting an undercurrent of respect.

From polite, gentile, even, to vulgar, we express our yes’s and no’s in degrees of exuberance and adamance:

Yes, please.

Oh, yeah!

Fuckin’ A!

Means I want more of that….

No, thank you.

Hell no.

Fuck off.

Means I don’t want any of that….

And, I’ve found them all very useful.  Another set of tools in my belt for engaging with the imposition.

I came upon the notion reaching high one day in the garage, awkwardly stretching over standard garage stuff, when a spasm speared me mid-back pissing me off royally.  Flashes of down time fired off before my eyes, and even as I caught my breath there arose within me a fierce and adamant, No!  Stop now!

And it did.  It did.

I stood there a moment, frozen, taking stock..  Was it really gone?  Dare I test it, or, would that be simply foolhardy?  Gingerly I began to move, and to move some more, and sure enough…gone.  A power surge of sovereignty exercised, and I knew knew knew what I’d found: a toe in.

Next incident came experiencing that annoying high pitched squeal in my ear, the one that comes after the sudden dampening sound in the room (not the ambient sound from electronics, nor the constant tone of tinnitus), d’you know it?  Adamantly, I commanded it to stop.

And it did.  Dropped the signal just like that.

Again, I froze, scanned, and yep, gone.  Whoa…that was so cool.  Have had those pings since, well, my earliest memory is 3.  So, so happy to have the upper hand, now.  Yes!

Mind you, I am not sufficiently savvy to distinguish between organic and synthetic pings.  My solution? State no to all inorganic transmissions.

Here is where I added, No, you may not, to my arsenal.

Bear in mind, every speck of imposition reflects a contract, valid or otherwise, until we rescind our agreement, our permission, it is assumed (look for the Contracts post this upcoming weekend, I’m so excited!).  I admit to liking a bit of the imperiousness of no, you may not!  A dash of indignation inflects my command.  In that moment, I remember how powerful I am.  Add those moments together, and I strengthen, and soften into certainty of being who I am.

Impressed with the immediacy of the cessation, I considered the impact and implications of what I’d stumbled across.  Continuing to use these tools whenever I feel messed with, needled, plagued by unwelcome thoughts, revolving music, even fear, brings relief.  And, within that, I gain the perspective that they are just doing their job.  Nothing personal.  Just bringing game.  And, I can say, politely, respectfully (yes, respectfully…because the vibe benefits, who? who does it serve? ya-huh, you’re catching on…moi/we/us, not them), No, thank you.

It works brilliantly everywhere and with anyone.  Stretch your imagination.  Use it daily in 3D and with 4D.  Would you believe even my fur babies respond to no, thank you?  Amazing.

As for the Yes, please‘s, every time I feel delight, have a nice thing happen, encounter some beauty in my days, I’m saying it…heartfeltly, yes, please…I want more of that.  Did you feel it just now?  Deep breath?  Spend some time with this…what makes you smile?  Then say, Yes, please…I want more of that…I invite it. 

Highly practical.  Ever at the ready.  Truly empowering.  Try them out.

Go.  Be sovereign in your day.

See Original Post HERE

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