Just Us Radio Network

Join me on Just Us Radio Network where I chat to beautiful people from around the world. I ask them what they are doing to move into their own unique inflowment.

Catch us on Wednesdays at 5:30pm Eastern US time for Stories From The Heart where we share stories about our experiences as we navigate through this matrix knowing that it is illegal to use a Legal Name.
Here is the link to the episode broadcast on Wed 13th May 2015 which has great conversation for people starting into this Truth and ideas of how to get started with losing the Legal Name.

Recordings of Previous Shows Can Be Found Here
Downloads can be found HERE.

Check out the Just Us Radio Network page for upcoming shows.

These include The Indigenous People’s Voice, broadcasting on Monday’s at 9pm Eastern US time and Knoware In Time on Saturdays at 10pm Eastern, which includes Inflowment and Walking The Talk With Kurt.  Early in 2015, Carmelle will rejoin us with Numbers in Time.

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