Did you ever consider that there are few – if any – (I couldn’t think of one) words that describe the state of being unlimited – without a prefix or suffx such as un, in or less? For example, you could use:


And several more similar ones can be found in a thesaurus……

Well, that seems – and IS – completely in opposition to who we truly are as human beings. We are infinite, unlimited and boundless beings – so WHY are there no words to state this in a positive way, without having to reverse a word to state something that you are not? Un, in and less make a word the opposite to its original meaning. That is just so, well………. arseways!!

SO, I went to my heart, and to my greater self, and asked – what is a word that will express what I am describing, that is not “un” something else? And then, it popped out of my heart………..

Heartacious – I am HEARTACIOUS – that means, I am of my Heart – the heart is one’s true being-ness, it is everything that we are – and it is all heart, and it is therefore, Heartacious!!

it is time to let go of limits, and beliefs that we can’t because – “.…what do you expect? I’m only human….”

Well, I expect that we can do and be anything we choose to be – when we choose Heartaciousness over limits.

“Fears like limits are just an illusion,
I’m clear in my thinking to cause no confusion.
I cease all complaining and start my committing,
I move forward no matter how hard life is hitting…….”