True Equity on Earth

True Equity

In my view of things – all that is inherent in us and as shown to us by the Earth is the true equity and therefore it comes first.  For example, knowing that we must not harm another is inherent in us, and only distortion can show otherwise.  Therefore, the first inner knowing will be the true Equity.

What is Anger?

What is Anger?


In most cases, anger is a cover for denial of truth. When one expresses anger, one is most likely covering up a truth that s/he does not wish to be exposed.

Truth – what is it? – Really?!

What is Truth

Truth – what is it?  Really? PDF

Truth is acknowledging who you are. It is about recognition of what is real.
Real and True? Real OR True?
Which is which and what is what?
How do we know the difference between what is real and what is true?
How do we know what is real?

Choosing to come into a reality in a physical body allows one to experience real in such a real-i-ty.

Without a physical body, real is a totally different thing. So, in the physical, real is what can be manifested in the physical and which can be perceived by the physical senses. Truth is what actually is. Truth cannot be disputed. Truth can be investigated and it all ways comes out the same – because truth never changes. Truth all ways feels the same. Truth does not cause emotional stress – unless another is attempting to prevent truth being told, or simply will not hear it.

Truth heals – once truth is predominant, healing occurs – physical and emotional healing. The physical body responds to truth. When truth is absent – or, if untruth is present, the physical body will give messages in the form of dis-ease, illness, imbalance, lack of healing.

The physical body is truth – it is the truth of the level of health within – within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The body is real. The body is the truth. All ways.

Re-cognition of Wisdom From the Spirit

Recognition of Wisdom

Just a few gems of wisdom from my Spirit/Greater Being

When we re-cognize what true, authentic, inherent, organic, natural power is, then we reintegrate with our greater selves in balance and harmony. Not only are we balanced with ourselves, balanced between heart and mind, masculine and feminine with true love for ourselves, we are also balanced with all around us and we reach heartacious inflowment. This is when we make big, no, HUGE changes here on Earth. We are willing to open our hearts to this – we use our will, which IS our authentic power – and all there is, is heartacious inflowment and heartacious creativity.

The will that you used for so long to hold on, you now must use to LET GO!

There is no one to worship or praise or bow down to – NO ONE.

Our bodies can heal – all ways – from anything. We simply need to find the cause and let it GO!

We are all ways safe unless we create otherwise – all ways!

We are all ways well – unless we create otherwise – all ways!

There is always enough – unless we create otherwise.

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger – much stronger!

What seems to be wrong with us, is actually what is right with us!

Whether you say “I can” or “I can’t”, you are correct.
We all have Will – it is our POWER – if we use it.

Be resilient and do not allow anything or anyone to distract or disturb you from what is truly important.

Discern what is important and what is not, by feeling it within your heartspace.

Continue to be diligent in your observation of what enters your awareness. Be discerning – remember to allow yourself to make the best choice without second guessing yourself because ultimately, I am here all ways to guide you into the best choice for WE. Trust!

It sometimes is beneficial for all involved to simply declare closure to a situation. When you forgive, you open up your heart to all possibilities. This way, with the letting go of minor squabbles, you can grow and manifest your vision and your physical body will automatically return to balance.

Forgiveness is letting go of the “charge” of the event and no longer allowing it to affect you.

Letting Go is one of the most powerful things you can do for all – the less pain and suffering that is collectively held on to, the more healing of humanity that will occur.

To be able to release bottled up emotions, feelings such as anger, resentment, frustration etc., one must come to a point where one recognizes the part he played in creating these experiences. Remember, these intense feelings only come when you see in another, something that is within yourself, which still goes unrecognized by you.   Stop, observe this, accept it and those feelings will dissipate.

Declare Closure and Let Go.

It is sometimes best for all involved to simply declare closure to a situation.  When you forgive, then you open up your heart to all possibilities. 
This way, the letting go of minor squabbles will allow you to grow and manifest your vision and your physical body will automatically return to balance.

It is sometimes best for all involved.jpg