Stay Out of the Goop!

“With an attitude of “Let’s do the best we can with what we’ve got” along with staying in “Free Forward Motion”, we can deal with sometimes sticky situations while not getting stuck in the goop of it all!”

Less Goop

Time For Closure

“In these moments of now, after great journeying, we are at the point where to continue flowing forward, letting go of past grievances and injuries is vital. It is time for closure.”

Letting Go

Experiencing Extremes . . .

Experiencing extremes can be very helpful. However, anything experienced in constant extreme is not sustainable. Accept and enjoy any and all extreme experiences, and when they are over, remember them and get back into balance. This will allow you to remain in Free Forward Motion.

Experiencing Extremes

Current Crypto Currency and Ideas For New Ways of Xchange

New Ways of Xchange

Current Crypto Currency and Ideas For New Ways of Xchange PDF

OK, so here are my thoughts on the current move from the controlling, debt based currencies/money toward the use of online crypto currencies.

Like many people, I am in favour of moving as far away as possible from using any and all debt based money, which is backed by bonded sureties – those being you and me, and the rest of us who have cleverly and deceitfully been placed as bonded surety to the debt/money/slave system.

The idea of creating our own means of exchange is most encouraging – to agree on something that can represent products and services as value is a really good idea. Once we create some level of agreement as to what is worth what, then it can easily move forward, for example —> a dozen eggs could be exchanged for 3-4 value coins for example, or a gallon of gasoline could go for 2-3 value coins. An hour of my expert help, 20 value coins or “VC’s” perhaps? Simple, indeed. Cut out any middle men and go peer to peer, via an online platform accessed by phone or computer. What else could we need?

We could start by acquiring the VC’s by creating an account and offering products and/or services for exchange. Straight off, by creating the account, one acquires x number of VC’s. When you list a product or service, you get x number of VC’s. From there, just start exchanging with others. Get agreement from shipping companies to take these VC’s too. This way, we can exchange all over the world eventually.

This type of token of exchange never fluctuates in value – nothing changes it. No shortage, no element of supply and demand – it is simply a token of exchange. There is no possibility of trading these Value Coins and making more and hence, no possibility of anyone losing – so what I am saying is NO GAMBLING!

There is NO NEED to gamble, we all have something to give – we are the value. One simply offers ones services or products for exchange. When we introduce trading into the mix, you get competition and greed and control, which is the whole situation that fucked up things in the old system. Those with more were able to manipulate the system and the numbers, and win and win and win, while those who needed the most, lost the most.

Think about it, WE ARE THE VALUE, nothing happens without us doing what we do. If we are the value, by gambling the Value Coins, you are doing the same as gambling yourself, not just the shirt off your back or your car or your watch, but your very beingness. You wouldn’t gamble yourself would you? You do not need to gamble yourself because you are the value. You always have value because you ARE the value.

We’ve Got the Power

Weve Got the Power

“Power, used correctly, can help create peace on earth and ultimately, inflowment. Yes, POWER. But not the false power which has been wielded by the false systems of control. No, this is natural power which each pure human heart has access to. Tap into your own intrinsic inner power and use it to help us to find our way back to our natural way of being – free, sovereign and fully self-responsible.

So, What IS Freedom?

So what IS freedom

So What IS Freedom PDF

So, what IS freedom, and where do we find it?  What does respect have to do with it?


Freedom is a state found within. One can only be truly free when one is free within one’s own heart and mind.  So, what is freedom?  It is a place for one to be, as mentioned above, within, and not necessarily physically.  It is unique to each and every one.  The most important factor, in order to be free, is to have full self-respect, self responsibility and self-love. Without these, one cannot be free.  Freedom is a place where one feels and experiences boundlessness.  It is a place of honour and peace within.  It is a place where energy flows and love and kindness goes.   It is where one shares with others and with oneself, when in those moments of now, one feels compelled to do so – just because.  As well as respecting oneself, one respects all around which brings one to a state of inflowment.   Freedom means all ways doing what one chooses and being ones true authentic self in every moment of now.  Freedom means doing no thing in any moment of now as one so chooses. 

So why freedom and respect?
One cannot have one without the other – so long as one is fully aware of everyone and everything around one – one’s physicality and around one’s spiritual self.
In this moment of now, I choose freedome and respect, and now I create it.

Know Who You Really Are!

Know who you really are

Humanity Is Flippin Beautiful
My description of who we really ARE!




This is a message to all humanity. Humans are beautiful. We are Loving. We are kind. We Love to give and we Love to receive. We are creative. We are each unique with a unique purpose. All of our experiences are excellent lessons for our growth.

When we Love, respect and trust each other, and we live in harmony and balance with all around us, we reach a state of inflowment. When in the state of inflowment it is simple to observe the one lore for humanity – “do no harm”. When we step out of programs and conditioning where we strive to be “normal” we can then find our true selves and we can BE who we truly ARE. When we use kindness, respect and natural law, we are in a state of inflowment with love for all around us.

Life here on planet Earth is amazing. Just look around and see what has been created. We are all magnificent creators just like creation itself, and we are all capable of creating such wonder. Stop. Feel in your Heart. Know you you really ARE!

Just sit with yourself – not with empty mind, but with contemplative mind. Ask your Higher, Inner, Big self – who AM I?? Listen for the answers. Allow them to come. Listen and FEEL the replies come to you. Remember that You are magnificent.

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are worthy. You are strong. You are Power. You are Light. You are Love, you are Bright!!!

All ways remember:

Freedom is your divine right,
Keep it always within your sight.
Freedom gives you peace and Love and joy,
And your inner power you can then EN joy.

Be Free in mind and spirit and heart,
Know that your life is a work of art.
Be creative ~ and love what you DO,
And realize what is special about being YOU!

I once wrote:

Let’s break the pattern of copy cats
And PLEASE let’s stop talking in numbers and stats.
Let’s be ourselves, different from the rest,
And in our unique selves feel truly BLESSED!!

See your light and feel its power,
Feel it through each and every hour.
Embrace the dark and live in the Light,
And Love everyone with all of your might!!

Look within, feel who you are,
You are a wonder, you are a star.
Find your true self, chock full of love,
Be that pure soul you’ve been dreaming of!


On Consumption

On Consumption

On Consumption PDF

On Consumption

We have found ourselves in a reality that is all consuming.  As we observe all around us, we can see that animals and plants are also consuming in some way. 

What if we – none of us – were meant to consume one another?  What if it started with the imposition of a program whereby we started to believe that we need to consume to survive?  What if we really don’t have to, but that it is our belief that we do?  What if we changed our programs of belief and started to move back into our original state of having our extra sensory powers and used them for good and knowing? 
Let’s do it!

The Why/Y/Wy?

The WhyYWy

The Why?/Y?/ Wy?

Why wonder why?!! Why even ask why? Why be asking why when the simple way is to be?! Remember, there is only now. What is this his-story that is taught? Indeed, what are all of the stories we find when we ask why? Do they change your now and what is? Why put yourself anywhere other than in the here and now? Whenever you are in these moments of now, take some breaths and acknowledge what is. Do anything that feels to be enjoyable in its creativity. You see, enjoyment/fun combined with creativity, in balance with times of just being, are all that a being in humane body need do. With such simple way, one can see it IS the way.
Now and all ways.

Living In The Woods

Living in the Woods

Living In The Woods PDF

Living In The Woods

Living in the woods is a very exciting and enjoyable way to live on Earth. Earth is all around. Trees are everywhere, and plants, birds and insects are abundant. Living things all around. Water too is abundant. The springs flow day and night, rain falls frequently to create a gentle stream, happily running down the hills to places where we can easily catch some. As I stand to catch water in a gallon jug, I observe, acknowledge and thank the water for being here. I love it and I tell it so. I am so grateful for water. Without it, I would not be in this body. It and oxygen – which the trees give to me in abundandce, are my main energy sources. Add to those, Earth energy that I receive through my bare feet, and sun rayse that I receive through my skin and my eyes at sunrise and sunset. I then am continuously energized in this physical body. I can obtain all of these here in the woods. I need no thing else. It is only my mind that believes that I need to eat and put other substances into my physical body. I see myself in this body soon recognizing that water, oxygen, Earth and Sun are all I need. This moment of now is occurring for me in my vision. Love all ways.