Marching Forth

Today, I march forth.  It is the fourth of March 2020.  And as I march forth through this beautiful wood, I have some real and true deep knowing to share and express, and I know that I have to take responsibility for my piece and pieces that I bring into to this world as I am part of the team to support the earth, as together we co-create and bring forth what is needed to regain harmony, balance, enjoyment and full creativity, because that’s who we are, beautiful co-creators. 

I have a knowing and a re-cognition of my part in the treaty, and I must share and express it because in this moment of now, I am very aware of it.   I was there at the initiation of the treaty, at least for part of it, and I was there for the part where we stated that we would go in with no memory of any and all of our contracts that we chose to engage in, and the agreement was and is, that once we become aware of any one of our contracts and agreements, in our lifetimes, we can then choose to complete that contract.  And we can do it for each and every contract that we become aware of.   Many have been heard to say that awareness is key.  This is why.

Some contracts may be beneficial to us and to all, and we can choose as to whether or not to continue in the contract – with free will choice.  However if there are contracts that we re-cognize that are no longer serving us, that we have received the experience from and we have gained knowledge and wisdom from, we can choose to complete that contract.  This only needs doing once.   The awareness and the free will choice to complete is all that is required.  This is a very important part, even though it appears to be very simple – because it IS simple, but many believe that they have to keep defending themselves and therefore continue to revoke or rescind the contract(s). 

You see, the thing is, we chose these contracts for a purpose.  And to rescind and revoke means to make it like it  never was, but we chose to experience the contract and therefore to rescind it causes it to disappear like it never was, and therefore the purpose of having made the contract is then lost.  It is very different to a legal contract which we actually may not have chosen.  Therefore, with these spiritual contracts, it is more valuable to become aware of the contract, and thereby have the ability to complete it and with that, it no longer has any effect upon you, yet you gained everything from it that you wished to from the beginning.

Another very important, connected piece that I bring forth is the knowing that  we created all that we experience in any moment of now.  We created all of our experiences.   Yes, there are entities around who may choose to be malicious or malevolent and cause us hardship with any of those unharmonious behaviours, but we have everything that we need to actually not encounter those.  We have the ability to create our own energetic fence around us so that we do not encounter those entities at all.    This occurs to the point that they don’t even enter into our energy field at all, because they cannot because we have been aware of such existence, and we acknowledge it, we focus on that which we choose to have more of, and therefore, those other entities cannot affect us at all.

I am very happy to be free – to walk my path and to play my role and to act as I am here to do  The playing is not a game, although it is a pleasure – playing is actually a good thing, it is not a game that is frivolous, it is an inherent participation and each one of us has a unique purpose.

One more piece that I share and bring forth is that of having allowed attachments, and it goes hand in hand, and is connected with the last piece that I shared and that is our having taken on a, let’s call it an implant – that connected us to outside entities that I just talked about – or some of them that would like to control us and therefore they use programming.  The implant is a receptor of the programs, and therefore with that implant still implanted, and it has layers, we are easily programmed.  AND, we have difficulty in  shifting our programs because of the implant – in shifting our trauma, in moving through the karma and drama because the trauma is actually attached to the implant, and it’s very difficult to shift – it’s very difficult to shift the added trauma because it turns into another program – the same as the programs that are coming in via the receptor implant – the trauma turns into another program, and it cycles because this implant is a cycle – a recycling machine.  These cycles are designed to wear us down, to sap our energy, to deaden our brains and minds, and to curb our creativity.

The simple solution – become aware of this implant – acknowledge it – see every level of it and choose a method by which you can intentionally let it go, with appreciation and once that is accomplished, it dissolves and is gone from your energy field and usually, most experience a lighter feeling – to be less reactive and more responsive, and more responsible, more response – able – to be able to respond and to seldom re-act.  Without the receptor, the programs cannot affect us the way they do with the receptor receiving the AI programming. I have experienced this myself – I became aware of the receptor, I acknowledged it and I did my process to let it go and to dissolve it, with appreciation and the changes in me have been immense.  When a program pops up, I catch it – I see it, I feel it, I observe it, I am aware of it, and I can stop it and let it go. 

So, let’s do a short recap on the important points here:

  1. We came here with some chosen contracts that we forgot we had agreed about – and we chose to forget.
  2. We agreed that if and when we became aware of any of the contracts, we could then choose to complete it/them, or continue with it/them, just by the awareness.   Using our free will choice as to whether to continue, or to complete, we can firmly make that choice with full intention.
  3. Completion is the way, not revocation or rescission.
  4. We are each responsible for all of our experiences and the combination of responsibility and awareness of that responsibility, gives us the free will choice to continue with, or complete all contracts.
  5. Full awareness of the above allows us to be free from entanglement with outside entities or outside influence, and therefore, all of our life experiences are consciously chosen, and this allows us to be in our creator capacity.
  6. Awareness of a receptor implant within our energy field and energetic fence and letting go of it, will allow us to become fully response – able, which in turn allows us to be less re – active, which in turn leaves us with enough energy to be fully creative, which is all we need in order to assist in the re-balancing and harmonizing of all here on planet Earth.

What an amazing life experience this is. What a gift it is to be in this physical body – a body that is an indicator of the health and wellness of all of our bodies – and what an amazing experience it is to be in the physical body to encounter the limitations that we have put upon ourselves.  And the more we observe other humans with physical capabilities that we always believed to be impossible, the more we can re-cognize our true human abilities and we can then expand and grow, and take back our inner technology, and our physical agility, flexibility, strength and longevity.
 The phrase: “well, I’m only human, what do you expect?” is often heard, and that’s a big program to keep us limited, and is one to let go of.

Rather, let’s say:  “I’m human, therefore I can, I’m human, therefore I do, I’m human, therefore I will, I’m human, therefore, I AM.

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