Complete Forgiveness

It has been said by some that all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.  After some pondering on this and with my spirit as my guide, I see that there may be another way to look at it!   There is no doubt that we are in a free will choice reality and universe, and that we are certainly self-responsible for everything we create or co-create.  Therefore, being responsible for everything that we create, we must acknowledge that no other can be blamed for our experiences, and so the logic in it all having to be self-forgiveness, is valid. 

However ……. there are many parts and pieces to consider.  In this physical reality, we have created for ourselves these different bodies, being the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and as I am reminded over and over, until we become aware, and can use our will to change this, the emotional body is very, very influential over the physical body.  As a consequence, in this physical reality, the emotional body manifests and expresses its condition (for lack of a better word), and state, through the physical body, and the physical body shows, reflects, and displays the state of the emotional body.  The emotional body is a large part of being in the physical reality and it takes on many injuries.  It actually perceives that it gets injured (by others).  To simplify this, let’s say it takes on an injury due to some emotional or physical abuse from another being in a physical body, and its experience and perception is that it was harmed by that other.  Because of this, there is a separation, in that when one is in one’s own physical body, and then another man or woman perpetrates some harm, to the emotional body, the injury was caused by the other, who is completely separate from it, and that is all that it perceives.  On one level, absolutely, one created that possibility, but in the case of the emotional body that is not aware of having chosen to create this experience, its best option is to choose blame.

Now, to ONLY forgive oneself, for allowing and creating that scenario, one puts aside the existence of the emotional body which is still hurting and is separate from that other being and from the original co-creation, and therefore, if the emotional body does not acknowledge its pain and its manifestation of itself in the physical – if that is not acknowledged and seen and let go of, through the combination of the physical, mental and emotional bodies, the wound will be carried because the simple self-forgiveness in many cases, does not heal the emotional body, because of the separation that it perceives. 

Because of this, what must happen in this circumstance, is that in combination with the mental body, the emotional body has a great opportunity to come back together, and also to unify with that other being.  And, here is a big piece …. it is vital, if one wishes to fully clear a situation or experience, to re-cognize and to see the other in his or her human reality – in his or her human bodies of the physical, mental and emotional – to see him or her – as to what he or she has in the way of emotional injury.  In short – to see his or her pain.  This is the crux of this.  Remember – “hurt people hurt people”, – and until those hurt people re-cognize that they are hurt, and that they have a choice to end the cycle, they continue on to hurt others.

Let’s choose, simply for example, a scenario where a woman hurt/harmed you.  The short of it is, if you do not forgive her for this act or acts that she perpetrated upon you through her physical, mental and emotional body, which affected your physical, mental and emotional body – if you do not actually acknowledge what happened, comprehend WHY it happened and completely have compassion for that woman in all capacity as to why, and forgive her, then you will continue to carry a piece of it, and until you really and truly get this, forgiveness will not be complete. (Of course, everyone will carry it in different degrees, and will experience it in a different way.)

A complete and healed and pure being does not hurt another being, one only hurts another when one is hurt oneself. Therefore, part of your own healing is to see the pain in the other who perpetrated this act upon you that hurt you, and of course you still have to forgive yourself for co-creating that scenario, that possibility and that event.

Finally, after pondering the act of self-forgiveness, I found that there is another element which is evident at the end of all of this.  There is another piece that maybe only a few will see, feel and know.  In actual fact, forgiveness is not even truly necessary in the big, multi-dimensional picture.  In the physical, without a multidimensional perspective, the above is vitally important. However, when it comes down to how it all happened in the first place, one must re-cognize that one chose each and every experience, and therefore, there is NO ONE to forgive.  It was an agreed upon contract to have that experience. You created it for the experience, and therefore, there is absolutely no need to forgive – anyone!  

All that is needed is complete appreciation!!   


4 thoughts on “Complete Forgiveness

  1. Hello, beautiful Geri! It has been such a long time since I checked in with you, my goodness. This is a wonderfully thoughtful post, thank you! I hope you are doing well and I see you are in CA now. Peace and love to you, sweet soul!


    • Hi Barbara, thank you so much for reading the post. It is lovely to hear from you. Yes, I am doing well, and yes, still in California. I hope you and yours are well too. ❤


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