We’ve Got The Power

Now is the time for us to all say that one simple word – “No”.
Next, we must recognize the powers we actually have at our disposal.

Walk away from anyone or anything that holds you back. Make a stand, but never fight back – rather, repel that which attacks you using your own authority —> your energy. Just say “No” – “No thank you.”

Fighting/resisting physical force with physical force will not work. Do not waste time and energy on this. Use your POWER instead. All ways!

I can protect

Knoware In Time ~ Inflowment with jollydee ~ Ride Like The Wind

Acknowledging the Matrix – and choosing what to do next . . .

Thanks, but no thanks” – These are words I often use these days! You see – what I – being little m/e (magnetic electric) in this physical body with awareness that I am much more than just this physical human being – have come to recognize is that there is a massive amount of imposition happening all around us, and upon us!! It has all been achieved with a large amount of cunning and stealth. It is nothing short of brilliant – and genius. What I have also recognized is that it is important to refrain from anger and/or resentment upon learning of these schemes. Once aware, I find it best to simply respond with “I do not consent to your imposition” and/or “Thanks, but NO thanks!” In a way, this sort of response throws the energies offering thse contracts, for a bit of a loop!!!! The AI, minions, archons and malevolent entities are used to either COMPLIANCE OR RESISTANCE. To me, neither is an option. Acknowledgment, and then declining all offers are way more powerful. Remember, no other has authority over any of us. We have right to express ourselves in whatever/whichever manner we choose so long as we follow natural lore – do no harm. Simply decline all offers to contract, unless you are fully aware that the offer is something you have asked for.


A Pile O Shite

Take back your OWN authority

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