On Consumption

On Consumption

On Consumption PDF

On Consumption

We have found ourselves in a reality that is all consuming.  As we observe all around us, we can see that animals and plants are also consuming in some way. 

What if we – none of us – were meant to consume one another?  What if it started with the imposition of a program whereby we started to believe that we need to consume to survive?  What if we really don’t have to, but that it is our belief that we do?  What if we changed our programs of belief and started to move back into our original state of having our extra sensory powers and used them for good and knowing? 
Let’s do it!

The Why/Y/Wy?

The WhyYWy

The Why?/Y?/ Wy?

Why wonder why?!! Why even ask why? Why be asking why when the simple way is to be?! Remember, there is only now. What is this his-story that is taught? Indeed, what are all of the stories we find when we ask why? Do they change your now and what is? Why put yourself anywhere other than in the here and now? Whenever you are in these moments of now, take some breaths and acknowledge what is. Do anything that feels to be enjoyable in its creativity. You see, enjoyment/fun combined with creativity, in balance with times of just being, are all that a being in humane body need do. With such simple way, one can see it IS the way.
Now and all ways.

Living In The Woods

Living in the Woods

Living In The Woods PDF

Living In The Woods

Living in the woods is a very exciting and enjoyable way to live on Earth. Earth is all around. Trees are everywhere, and plants, birds and insects are abundant. Living things all around. Water too is abundant. The springs flow day and night, rain falls frequently to create a gentle stream, happily running down the hills to places where we can easily catch some. As I stand to catch water in a gallon jug, I observe, acknowledge and thank the water for being here. I love it and I tell it so. I am so grateful for water. Without it, I would not be in this body. It and oxygen – which the trees give to me in abundandce, are my main energy sources. Add to those, Earth energy that I receive through my bare feet, and sun rayse that I receive through my skin and my eyes at sunrise and sunset. I then am continuously energized in this physical body. I can obtain all of these here in the woods. I need no thing else. It is only my mind that believes that I need to eat and put other substances into my physical body. I see myself in this body soon recognizing that water, oxygen, Earth and Sun are all I need. This moment of now is occurring for me in my vision. Love all ways.

What Is It All About?

What is it all about

What Is It All About? PDF

What is it all about?

Up come the age old questions – What are we doing here? Where did we come from? AND Where are we going?

When one observes what is occurring around the world – on Earth, and within the corporate structure, there is so much contrast. I hear stories and comments about how beautiful it is where people are. – Earth has so much to offer. People still notice the wonders of what is around us. Then, at the same time, many are aware of the injustices of the corporate machine, foisting its draconian rules and statutes upon the people. So many of these rules are harming the people. We must put ourselves int a place where these impositions cannot affect us aversely. We must not allow them to affect our well being. We must start to take responsibility for ourselves and not just expect others to provide what we need. We must step back to nature and to our inherent ways of being kind and supportive to each other.

It can work this way. We have forgotten how it can be due to the stealthy gradualism used by the slystem so we did not notice big changes. We can co-operate and co-create with fellow man and woman.

We can and I’m doing it again NOW!

The Vision of (my) Heart Song

The Vision of my Heart Song
The Vision for my Heart Song PDF

Heart Song is a state of being.

It is a way of being and living.

It is a creative endevour where like-hearted/spirited/minded humane human beings come together and find a beautiful inflowment. It is the expression of the creativity of these beings and it is a creation in progress which continues to morph and evolve around us.
My Heart Song IS inflowment.
My inflowment means that I am living in balanced, harmonious flow with respect for all around me as I flow in each and every moment creating as I go and enjoying observing the creativity of others all around me. Co-creation is also a very important part of this Heart Song, along with co-creating with the l and, including as much natural material into our structures and artistry as we possibly can. It’s about Earth, so I intend to live in an Earth home, surrounded by soil of the Earth, using earthenware pots and wooden or bamboo utensils. I learn to carve and sculpt in contour and harmony with the land on which I live. The wild and domestic animals also live in harmony with respect for one another. We fully respect all who share the woodland in which we choose to live. A combination of nature and that which wo/man is capable of creating, creates this inflowment.

This is my Heart Song.

The Valley

To be continued . . . .

Allowing Your Vision to Manifest.

Allowing your Vision to Manifest

Allowing your Vision to Manifest PDF

Allowing Your Vision to Manifest.

Breathe and allow your vision to manifest into such that you can feel yourself experiencing it. First, do it for you. Very soon, you are affecting the entire consciousness of humanity. Create that which feels good and right. Allowing is one of the most important parts because we all have so many limiting programs which tell us “you can never do that”, or, “you are just not good enough”, or, “you do not deserve to be happy or to have what you want”. or, “you must work hard all day, every day, it’s just the way it is.”

These are all powerful programs set to limit you and to hold you back from creating all that you desire. Having an awareness of this is a big step toward being able to prevent these programs from stopping you manifesting your vision and dreams. Recognize what it is you really wish to create and do what it takes to make it happen. So long as this is something that will harm no other, it can manifest.  Recognize the bumps in the road as just that – small hazards to slow you down and keep you in balance. Keep the vision at all times and never give up. Allow the contrasting experiences, but then move on. This will take you to where you choose to be and knowing that it is never done, but enjoyable all ways.

Balancing Feminine and Masculine

Balancing Feminine and Masculine

Balancing Feminine and Masculine PDF

Balancing Feminine and Masculine, and reason/purpose of gender in Humans.

So, here we are having this human experience. The majority of us come in as either female or male, and go out as we came in. There are a few who have physical parts of both genders and have to chose which one to present as. Then, there are those who are feeling that they are in the wrong body and do what it takes to change that body. This concept intrigues me – why?

Note: Yes, I know that I can’t know any of this for sure, but this is the reply I got from my question.

Human is a unique race in this Universe. Having male and female is about contrast – everything on this Earth is about contrast and polarity. When in balance, the male/female connection is harmonic. The mystery to man, that woman is, becomes a challenge to comprehend, and also, the strangeness of man’s ways, to woman, is a mystery and takes tenacity to learn to live with and become balanced with. Once achieved, it is a beautiful thing – something not experienced anywhere else.

One of the main agendas of the controllers is to prevent humanity from finding its full abilities and power, so that they can maintain control, and continue to feed off our energy. The purpose of the recent push from mainstream to accept all types of sexuality and gender preferences is a last ditch attempt to maintain this control.
First, we were asked to accept one gender being attracted to the same gender = homosexuality.
Then, we are asked to accept one gender transitioning to the other = transgenderism.

These (to the rational, kind and loving human) are both acceptable and one need not be concerned. It is part of the human experience.
However, the sly step (and this is the method all ways used – to do things gradually and stealthily so we do not notice how we got to where we are), next is to ask us to accept a transition into a mixed or non gender situation = gender fluid.
This is very dangerous. If allowed, accepted and becomes widespread, it would highly weaken the strength of the human race. The contrast between the genders is vital for strength. Being happy in one of other type body (male or female), displaying certain, yet balanced characteristics, is what will maintain our strength. The power is in our differences and the sex hormones are what determine which we display.

From observing the journeys of some transsexuals, one has made these observations. All start as female in the womb. Those who convert to male while in the womb instantly lose the full XX chromosomes (the second X breaks down into a Y) and it is not possible to return to XX and therefore it is difficult to transition back at a later date. However, those born in a female body, but who then, at a later date, choose to move on to the male presentation, find it easier to make the transition – it is just a later transition than those who made it in the womb, although they do need help by adding the testosterone hormone. Going back is always harder than moving forward. Of course, they still have the XX chromosomes, but the body finds it relatively easy to change with the assistance of testosterone.

Those who continue female throughout, become stronger and stronger – (especially when not greatly emotionally injured and when healing has been possible, or no major emotional injury has occurred) – and this is why they are constantly attacked – read menstrual issues, menopause symptoms. Those who do not succumb to such attacks get stronger and stronger. They know they must also stay in balance with their masculine side. The males who maintain their masculinity in balance with their feminine side also become stronger and stronger. Even the FTM males can become very strong – especially due to the help of having experienced being female and having the feminine side balanced with their new maleness!

These are the ones who can live in harmony and balance with one another, in a beautiful way. However, those who blur the line do not have the strength needed to truly connect with their true selves beyond the human body.

Balancing the feminine and masculine within oneself is vital.

Blurring the line between them is perilous.

The moral to this? Choose male or female and stick to it in a balanced manner. It is not about social acceptance. It is about maintaining an important element of being human.
Allow a feminine side if you are male and allow a masculine side if you are female, but do not blur the line and become androgynous – that’s what the controllers want.

There is too much beauty in a masculine and a feminine human living in harmony to let it be blurred away. Stay aware and enjoy the beauty ~ all ways.

Some food for thought . . .

* Note: * Yes, I know that I can’t know any of this for sure, but this is the reply I got from my question.

What Is Your Will?

What is your will

What Is Your Will? PDF

Whether one is wide awake, somewhat aware, or solidly snoozing, one has a will. As one here asked before –
“Will one choose will over wont? Can over can’t?”

Those wide awake will likely choose “will and can”

Those somewhat aware just “might”!
And those solidly snoozing likely are stuck in a belief of
“can’t and won’t”!!

 So, where can one’s will take you?
One’s will is unlimited.
That trip you always wanted to take?
That challenge someone put to you?
“I could never do that” (as I replied to one once)


“I can do that if I do what it takes to make it happen”
(and I did!)
That is one’s will.

So . . .

Willing or resistant?

Open or closed?

Enthusiastic or bored?

Bright or dull?

It has become my knowing, from experience, that each one of us has the power to create our experiences and to make things happen by using our will. So again . . . .

Will one choose:

Will over won’t?

over can’t?

Your Choice – All ways!

Can One Get To The Point Where One Simply Knows?

Can One Know

Can one get to the point where one simply knows?

There are so many opinions, perspectives, views, tales, ideas and altogether fantastic stories buzzing around in this “The Information Age”.

There is no end to the plethora of videos, radio interviews, calls, talks and blogs with one man’s opinion and another woman’s view on who we are, what we are doing here, where we are going, how the universe is made, who made the universe, whether it is real or a hologram, what shape the earth is, what’s holding it up, how many stars/planets/suns/moons there are, and who is the one that knows the most, and therefore one should listen to.
Wholely Flippin Bazookahs!!
It’s becoming TMI and TMQ at this point!

There are certain subjects that really pique one’s interest, and in these cases, following up with some research can be satisfying. However, when one takes some mighty breaths whilst has ones feet planted on Earth and possibly whilst gazing at Sun, one can move beyond the TMFQ’s and simply be with what is.

Soak in the nourishment and know that one can be if one chooses such. Some of the stories tell of those who can regulate body temperature by choice and nourish one’s body with breath, earth energy, and sunlight.
This one’s inner beingness and knowingness knows this is possible with ones will.
Will one choose one’s power and know the way to enjoy life in body?
Will one choose will over won’t? Can over can’t

One knows. 

Yes, one can know.

TMI = Too Much Information
TMQ = Too Many Questions
TMFQ = Too Many Flippin Question