It’s All About Energy!

Its All About Energy

Its All About Energy PDF

This one is going to be somewhat challenging to some, but I feel I must put it out anyway!

In these moments of now, there is much to share regarding the truth about the planet we call earth.  Imagine some beings who are struggling to survive with no real way of creating energy for themselves.  What could they do?  Why can’t they generate their own energy? Where did they come from?  And why should you imagine them or this scenario? 

OK, here is the story I have for you.  These beings were “accidentally” created so they are far from perfect.  They have no souls, but they have certain creative abilities, using certain types of technology.  They find that they do not easily exist in this Universe, yet they have to stay here, or cease to exist.  They love the earth, but they struggle to live in its atmosphere.  What to do??  They hatched a brilliant plan!  Feed off humans’ energy.  The human has an endless supply of energy.  But, on a perfect Planet Earth, where humans know exactly who and what they are, it is tough to attach any “extraction tubes”! 

Now, these clever beings hatch this brilliant plan.  Create a copy of the beautiful Earth and make some modifications.  Create a diversion, infect some spirits and guide them to Copiedearth instead of to Real Earth.  The infection causes lost memory of who they are in the diverted humans and it also causes most of them to be easily programmed and then to be controlled so in the end, they do not even notice the energy being sucked out of them.  Who are these beings?  They are known as “the archons”, who came to being from a mistake the Universe creator made during creation of the Universe.  Now we see this Copiedearth go through many changes over eons of time.  At certain times, some of the inhabitants were lost.  The areas once known as Lemuria and Atlantis, and the humans living there, could no longer sustain the energetic “milking” of their bodies.  However, the Copiedearth sustained – it was a good copy, so it had a good strong base.  The archons shoved-in to some of the human vessels in order to take control of the other humans on Copiedearth to ensure all of them could get fed.  Those on Copiedearth had to feed on human children to survive in that environment, whereas the rest of the energy could be piped to the other archons.    They created a system that caused all true humans to give their energy without realizing they were.   They slowly, but surely, became tyrannical leaders, creating ways to instill fear in the humans.  they  made up all sorts of laws and rules to make life harder for them, because fear and stress tastes SO good to archons! 

Although they could not create their own energy, they sure were good at manipulating others to create it for them, and over centuries, they had a system made that provided them with as much energy as they wanted.  It was perfect – for them!  But the humans were suffering.  Children went missing every day, and somewhere more and more were being sacrificed, abused and consumed.  Copiedearth became a battered mess, reflecting this vile consuming way, and all life began consuming other life to sustain their bodies to stay alive.  Those having their energy sucked out of them daily, had to consume other energy just to sustain their own life.  It became a vicious  cycle.  No one suspected there was anything REALLY wrong, they just started to believe that their souls just  needed “testing” and “lessons for growth” etc.  They started to simply accept a life of hardship to be normal, meanwhile, the archons continued to create ways they could manipulate more and more energy out of the humans. 

In time, Universe creator said “enough is enough” and asked for volunteer evolved souls to go in and expose to the rest of the Universe what was occurring on Copiedearth.  Their mission was to go there and together stop the archons’ game.  Even these volunteer evolved souls (to various levels) got hit by the infection/virus causing them not to have full memory of who and what they were and of their mission.  They each found their knowareness at various stages of their time on Copiedearth, having come from all over the Universe, including from Real Earth.   There was so much deceit at this point that the vast majority of the fed-upon humans were oblivious to what was happening.  Even high numbers in poverty, more and more restrictions on what you were ‘allowed’ to do, false terrorism attacks blatantly executed, didn’t make them aware, let alone knoware what was going on.  Instead, it created more fear and stress to feed the suckers – exactly what they wanted.  The population was still rising despite all of this, because that is what the suckers wanted – more and more energy created for them!!!

It was all going so perfectly for them – until some of the “evolved souls” shook off some of the memory infection, at least partially, and started working out and seeing all of the clever deceitful ways that had been created to feed off the humans.  Most of these ways were nothing short of brilliant!  Bring in “religion”, for example.  What easier way to harvest energy than to have people worship and praise you through your leader called “god”!!?!  Once exposed, these deceitful ways had less power, but it wasn’t enough to stop them until a much higher number of the evolved souls recognized the tricks.  The evolved souls had to use their energy (less and less was being able to be sucked off them due to their knowareness) and they worked hard to guide the humans on Copiedearth to recognize what was really going on.  Beyond the Copiedearth, other Universal beings stood by for the moment that the energy was high enough to disperse Copiedearth and return all Universal souls to REAL Earth.    In one moment of now, the energy was high enough!!
The archons, who were soul-less, dispersed with Copyearth. 

This is quite some story isn’t it?  Imaginary?  Well, in these moments of now, the end is, but it is an awareness of mine that the rest is very close to a true story.  It explains so many otherwise unanswered questions.  What is a more likely story?  Share yours in the comments if you would like!

Finding My Way to Inflowment

No Authority

Finding My Way to Inflowment PDF

There is, in these moments of now, so much incredible information available to us all. However, one must remain balanced, open and willing to take large amounts of information into ones heart along with ones OWN knowing in order to make choices on ones life path. In most cases, for me, my first feeling about the question as to what does this all mean, is the one I come back to.

A few perspectives from others that recently came into my awareness have caused me to put pencil to paper to document my thoughts , feelings and recognitions on what was being discussed in these sharings from others. As has happened for me before, a few different subjects tend to blend together and I see them connect, to have me see a bigger picture and from there to get some clarity.

One very large point from this group of perspectives that I align with is that the main reason that humanity is being held back from attaining real freedom and the ability to reap the abundance provided on this planet, is the divisiveness that has been brilliantly manufactured by those in control. Continuous propaganda points various groups in opposite directions to keep humans arguing over which way is the best way to go, over what is right and what is wrong, over how things work or how they don’t, and on and on and on, squabbling and pulling further and further apart. I have so often said that even when we don’t agree with one another, we must not argue, we must not put others down with ridicule, accusations and name-calling. This sort of behaviour will NEVER help us to get to where we want to be. When we support and encourage each other, so long as there is no harm being done, we will all ways make progress and get into free forward motion. When we oppose each other, we will never make any significant progress.

The next important point is that at times we become too tied up in the small picture of life here on Planet Earth. Sometimes we must step back and see at least more of the big picture. Without that perspective , one can get too stuck in the drama of things and not see much as it really is. On the other hand, sometimes when we are stuck in the drama of it all, we forget to have some fun and to see how much good is happening around us and how many people are truly beautiful, kind and outstandingly brilliant in their creative abilities.

Another thing i realize is that sometimes we get so tied up in our righteousness, we fail to see what could be the smart move and that it might simply be stubbornness that is holding us back from recognising the true path to a free, unlimited and unencumbered life whilst here in this physical reality.

Each one of us has a different role in these extraordinary times and it is not productive to criticise others for their choices. We must allow each one to play their role. I see this as some sort of massive game or theme park where we are part of a giant game – we have yet to discover it’s full purpose. My feeling is that at least part of it is for us to figure out how we got to where we are, decide whether or not we “like” it, (or at least willing to tolerate it), and if not, what to do about it. There is no “one size fits all” in life. We are each unique. Some enjoy being where they are, living a simple way, supporting the system, abiding by its imposed rules. Some absolutely do not. This is where we get to choose folks. If you think that suddenly, miraculously , EVERYONE will “awaken”, I feel that you will be disappointed . I have been!  I finally realise that it simply ain’t gonna happen!!! Therefore, I quit that expectation and I sow seeds for any who might be on a path to opening up to a bigger picture. I teach by example to anyone who wants to see. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, I am just documenting my perspective in these moments of now.

I am choosing the route of least resistance for me. I continue to create a life that I can enjoy every day, where I am not resisting anything. A life where I am my own authority and everyone and everything knows it. A life where I inform and notice the “world” (not the Earth because she already knows it) of this, with self confidence, self worth and standing as a unique living being on this beautiful, imperfect Planet. I choose to all ways live from my heart, all ways being there to support and encourage any other who could use my support and encouragement, balancing that with my own choices for my own life experiences.

I acknowledge my right as a natural living being to live this way, and if it takes a few notices and creations of my own to do that, I am willing to do it. I will do what it takes to create the life I choose to experience while continuing to do no harm. I all ways act in a moral and humane way toward all in the Universe with respect and grace as I flow forward to inflowment.

The Perspective that inspired me to put pencil to paper:
Love each other

From Mark Passio – The Clowns of the Freedom Movement

* Interesting note.  I have uploaded this as an mp3 because when I posted it as a YT video, the image connected to the YT video repeatedly showed up as the main image to this post when sharing on Facebook, even after I had deleted the link to the video, even in repeated fresh new postings of this writing of mine,  I had to rename the post to get it to go away.  If you go to YT and type in “Mark Passio The Clowns of the Freedom Movement”, you will find the original YT video where the above recording came from, and see the image.  I have no problem as such with the image, I just did not want it to be the image to MY writing!  Most interesting energetics here!!

The Time is Now!


The time is now – the time I refer to is the  moment of clarity.  That moment appears when you move out of supposing and into knowing and feeling the truth – whatever distractions are planted in you path.  You see, whenever a question arises, stop, and seek immediately the answer because there all ways is one in that moment – not later, but right this moment and feel in your heart the true answer.  The biggest thing to get past is realizing that the path you take is not all ways one that another may have taken.  In fact, it rarely is.  All paths differ, there are no two identical.  Feel the answer as soon as the question is posed.  Do not second guess – ever.

The ponderance can all ways be short and sweet as the longer you go, the more likely you are to fall into mind chatter.  This will not guide you on your true path.  Remember – Life is a journey it must be said, follow your heart, not your head.  Trust yourself, know that you know, your heart shows you which way to go!

“Go within” is a phrase often heard.  Also “as above, so below”.  These are wise and also true.  Can you enter into something to get out?  With some wise steps, indeed you can.   This is a time when you can find yourself second guessing and as mentioned before, that is not wise, so don’t be drawn away from your heart.  When you have the opposition or those who are trying to control you, second guessing instead of you, that is when you get to out smart them

Remember, you have the humane human-ness.  This is all ways superior – ALL WAYS!

Feelings or Emotions?


Feelings or Emotions PDF

Feelings or Emotions?

Lately, I, being the physical being in a human body, have been recognizing that I hardly ever react in an emotional way to situations and experiences like I used to. Instead, I take it in my stride and make observations. Why might that be?

Life in the human body is perpetually challenging. Between interactions with others, from friends, co-workers and family members, to people you never met before, it takes a while before most humans can find a way to be more level in those interactions. Acceptance of what is, is something that once reached, makes the human’s life much less stressful. You see, once you can accept what is, you can be comfortable with that and just move on along. You can create your experiences – this is what is happening all along. You create your experiences with your thoughts and feelings. You are very powerful. When you let go of reacting to each event using your emotional body, you then find that very few negative feelings enter your body, your mind and ultimately, your heart. The emotional body is important of course – it is what makes you human. However, when you choose your feelings rather than just allowing the emotional body to take over, along with the human ego, you remain in tranquility rather than causing stress throughout the mind and body. When you use the heart to choose your feelings about what is occurring around you, then stress does not occur. You recognize that what is occurring, simply, is. You can observe whether it is an experience or a situation that will help you grow and learn, or one that is simply a non-event. Most experiences are learning experiences. Even when they don’t feel so good at the time, they still help one grow. Once one feels from the heart about what has occurred, then very few experiences feel bad. The other thing to remember as one is interacting with other humans, is your GRACES – remember to use your G.R.A.C.E.S. When we use Grace, Respect, Acknowledgement, Clarity, Equality and Sincerity when interacting with others, the outcome is all ways a good one. When one knows that it is only ever important to do no harm to others, one naturally starts to remember ones G.R.A.C.E.S. Even when one feels that another is acting a way that is not fair, kind, graceful or downright thoughtless, one can more likely benefit when one just allows that situation to be, and not to react in anger, resentment, frustration or disappointment. It really helps to just observe, and then let it all go. This way, one can still have visions of what outcome one would like to manifest, and accept that some things occur along the way when others are involved, which is all ways a co-creation, but in time, ones vision, using thoughts and feelings, will manifest. All in good and perfect timing.

Be patient, be kind, be respectful, be loving, be graceful, be YOU. All ways.

From My Heart to Yours


From My Heart to Yours PDF

Wow, these moments of now continue to be extremely interesting!  Many of us are feeling changes ahead.  Perhaps sooner than later, but it is bringing the passion out in us!  I had some great chat conversations in Skype rooms today, and I want to share something that came from my heart, from my perspective, which came over with a fair amount of passion.  Total calm passion, not anger, frustration or resentment, just a feeling of awareness of how things are, and how we can turn things around. 

From my position of having done my very best to leave the control of the matrix.  So many have become reliant on the system for so many things.  It isn’t until one takes a mighty leap or plunge to find that there is no going back to cry for help from that system.  For me, it has created an even stronger resolve that I will all ways be alright.  I will all ways find what I need, and even sometimes, what I want!  (chuckle)  Not until the tie to mamma’s apron string is completely unravelled, can one Truly recognize what it is to rely on oneself, and the compassion of humanity.  The compassion in the way of sistership and brotherhood.  Being the family that we really are.  Knowing that I am there to help others, and at times, others are there to help me.  It is about keeping a flow going.  It is about knowing that it is not a system that we must give our trust to, but it is the Love of fellow man and woman.  To know that some one will be there for you in that moment that you need it most.  To know that I can be there in that moment that some one needs me most.  It is a flow that starts with a trickle, that continues on at a steady stream, and that is constantly there, but not always discernable.  
What the controllers had as a vision to construct has come to full fruition.   A humanity that is dependent upon the constructed system, and most people  will do what it takes to hold onto it.  The words of Morpheus are SO SO SO flippin true.   Thank you for adding them here Adrian:
‘You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.’
This is indeed what has happened.  Try telling someone that they are enslaved because they are using their “Real Name” in everything they do and that if they were to stop using it, stop consenting and complying to EVERY last rule, that they would be set free.  NO, no one wants to hear that because it is TOO radical.  It takes them WAY too far out of the comfort zone.  The pollution of the mind by the poisons and toxins is working so well, that people have developed chronic apathy.

However, some of the OUTRAGEOUS laws/codes/statutes that are being imposed upon an already downtrodden humanity, may just give them the OOOMPH to pick themselves up.  The LIES are being exposed, one by one.  When a mother discovers that her child is autistic because of vaccinations, and that THE DRUG COMPANIES KNEW THAT THE VACCINATIONS ARE CAUSING AUTISM, for up to 10 years, but they did not pull the vaccinations off the agenda, you think all of the mothers are going to remain apathetic?
In these moments of now, awareness is the key.  And making/being the changes we wish to see, is way more powerful than we could ever imagine.  Many people I know are going back to nature in as big a way as they can make happen.  Growing veg in their residential yards/gardens, acquiring a couple of acres and moving out of towns and cities.  Moving up the mountains – that is going to be my choice!  😉

Yes, these are radical times, but the reliance on the system is what is holding us back.  It is time to stand up and say NO NO NO to the control, and yes to knowing that when we stand together, anything is possible.

End of rant, LOVE LOVE LOVE to all ALL WAYS.

A beautiful, kind and authentic soul
Who sees her life path, vision and goal,
Each day with loving thoughts from the Heart,
From her Heart will never part!


Earth ~ Spherical or Flat?

I feel that this is worthy of it’s own separate post here on JollyGoodSense.  I’ve had it posted up on the site under the “Know Who You Really Are” tab. but I want to put it up as a blog post now.   I wrote this a year ago when we were first being bombarded with suggestions that the Earth is not a ball type planet, but a flat plane.  I watched a few videos but I could never get to the end of any of them.  My head was kind of getting what people were saying, but EVERY time, my heart said a big, emphatic, “NO”!
Here is what I wrote:

Earth. Spherical or Flat?

Over the last few months, I have become aware of a whole new discussion about the “anatomy” of “Earth”. History relates that people thought that earth was flat and that if not careful, a ship could just fall over the edge. In time, it was decided that this was really silly and that it couldn’t possibly be flat and that it is a sphere, like a ball, and it goes round and round and to get from one part of the world to another, we can just keep sailing around the ball. We have “globes” to look at to show how the land masses are set out. We have heard of people sailing and flying around the world. We see that airlines fly from one part to another, going the shorter route either east to west, or west to east to get to the destination. 

For example, to get from Hawaii to Japan, one would go west, not east. Regular flat maps show Hawaii on the left (west) and Japan on the right (east) so if the world was set out any way like the flat map, one would have to fly a very long way east (or left to right) to get from Hawaii to Japan. As it is, commercial flights show that one can fly west from Hawaii to Japan (a much shorter route). OK, so a simple way to show that the world is not set out as shown on a regular flat map. But – what if it is laid out with the north pole as its center?? This would mean there is no south pole as such – the edge???

Let’s go then, to the theories about the earth being actually flat as was first assumed. They are certainly engaging, and some quite convincing. I have for well over ten years now, had a very open mind to the strange and even extremely weird and challenging. In fact, I have jumped at many a strange suggestion about things being very different in this “reality” than what had been previously suggested, or more so, previously imposed. As soon as I had my first encounter with the suggestion that earth is flat, I thought to myself “wow, here we go again, MORE deception?”!! I started to watch some of the videos explaining the idea.

Very quickly, I recognized that my heart would jump in. I use my heart when looking for answers and for guidance. Over the years, I have come to know that it is the part of me that I listen to when deciding what to pursue, and what not to. I started watching many a video claiming that earth is flat. Thus far, I have never finished watching one – however long or short a video. My heart does not resonate. My brain says, look, listen. My heart say no. SO – I ponder this.

Our planet is a living being, our beautiful Earth Mother.  The “they” that are always blamed for what is wrong in this world and for all of the deception are obviously taking note of how we (conspiracy theorists and those of us who do not trust “government”, leaders etc) react to intrigue and what we are now seeing as deceit. My feeling now is that “they” have thrown out into the mix this distraction. As I have mentioned – I have been drawn to many weird and wacky suggestions and have followed all sorts of information and suggestion to get to where I am now – with a completely different view of what is going on in this world than that of mainstream thought. What a brilliant distraction to put out – that we were right in the first place, and that “they” then told us that the world is a sphere, and that the story of us thinking it is flat was really ridiculously silly and naïve. NOW, they play their ace card, and tell us, actually, we were fooled into believing this sphere theory and now actually we were right in the first place, the world actually IS flat and we have been duped. For centuries!!! We “conspiracy theorists” LOVE to find new deceptions. We FKN love it!!! So, for the large part, we are jumping all in. Not me.  *After pondering this whole question,  I am certain that the world is NOT flat and that it IS spherical. This whole flat earth thing is an agenda to confuse people.  I Love our beloved Earth Mother.

*This writing was originally written on 25th March 2015. It was updated at the asterisk on 9th May 2015



10 Simple Points


Ten Simple Truths PDF
OK, so the simple facts are this:
1. None of us knew of, nor consented to the creation of a Berth Certificate.
2. The Berth Certificate is only record of an event.  It is a registration, not of you, but of a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.
3. Use of this FICTIONAL CHARACTER draws one into the system and puts one under the authority of a fictional entity, often known as goverment, but actually which is a corporation offering governmental services.
4. One can decline any such offers of services.
5. Declining offers keeps one immune to all claims. Any rules made by any fictional corporation do not apply when one has not accepted any offers, or agreed to be part of any Legal Fiction.
6. When one is a living being, living on Planet Earth, one has no obligation to accept any offers, or become part of any organization.  Only fictional entities can do commerce with other fictional entities.
7. Living beings can trade privately with other living beings.
8. Life is good when one remains whole and unencumbered by fictional characters and commerce.
9. Working together with other living beings helps us to remain whole, and humane.
10. Remaining self responsible, and respectful to all around us creates inflowment!!  

Resolve to be better . . .

As caught from “Source” by Jiggy:

Welcome to the HERE/NOW. Every day is today. Resolve to be better EACH and EVERY DAY. Or don’t. The choice is always yours.
smile emoticon

Eye am the thing that knows it’s the thing that allows all other things to be the thing that they wish to be. So if you are choosing to feel contrast interacting with me, by all means, you can just as easily turn around and walk away, you will feel better, Eye promise you will see. But IF you are like me, you will see that the I is you, and you are me, all mirrors of the same old tree through which we chose to more clearly see. We are thankful for the contrast provided through duality, and use the clarity to align with the preferred vibratory reality. All while maintaining our wholeness, balance, and authority.

Individual’s often CHOOSE to FEEL offended due to the confidence and sureness in the way eye choose to speak, sometimes saying, “you think you’re special dontcha?!”. My answer… No eye don’t think that, eye know that eye am special…. AND SO ARE YOU!!! Eye am not above you. We are equals, you are me, and eye am you.” We have a large propensity for pattern recognition when resonating with Wholeness. The Eye sees things that most miss because The eye is able to place self in multiple perspectives and consume as much data possible before formulating an opinion.

What’s the main thing that holds back intelligence, you ask?? STOPPING THERE and building a MONUMENT to that current Opinion, turning a thought into a BELIEF (which is only a thought that ONE chooses to keep thinking, often times while disregarding NEW data that does not align with a PAST OPINION).

This is what most do… they FORM BELIEF SYSTEMS, which become rigid and CONCRETE. These often have to BREAK in order to be transmuted or changed. This takes a lot of force and causes much chaos. This is a rather INEFFICIENT way of CHOOSING to evolve, or expand in awareness and being. The EYE ONLY deal in IDEAS, CONCEPTS, and KNOWING. The EYE have releases BELIEFS and TITLES as they are limiting and ONLY create more division. Ideas, and Concepts are not PERSONALIZED or tied to EGO, like beliefs and titles are. This makes them easier to alter and shape in the moment when new data is presented, without the resistance that emotional response provides, which allows for a higher processing speed. And, WE ALL KNOW that the faster a computer can process info, the higher the “intelligence”. Well, this is true for your BRAIN’S intelligence as well, as the human brain IS the COMPUTER MOTHERBOARD that operates your BIO-CHEMICAL ROBOT SPACESUIT FOR YOUR SOUL, that most call the BODY. This is way out there for most… but eye know that you can innerstand what eye am saying here. If you choose to.

Knowing, well that ONLY COMES FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE and IT SPRINGS FROM WITHIN SELF. ONE can think, believe, and even know what ever One wishes. The Eye knows what the eye knows… all truth springs from within SELF. Eye resonate more and more with this perspective, and it is the lens that data is taken in via this perspective. This has not always been the case, so eye know your position, because eye am you. It has been a process for self in gaining more control of the monkey mind that we all have to transmute in order to grow spiritually.

It is important to note….

HOW ONE THINKS is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than WHAT ONE THINKS ABOUT. The process of considering the info outweighs the ability to store and recall reference material. The intellectual uses MEMORY for PROCESSING SPEED, not for DATA STORAGE. The intellectual, or adept, also removes EMOTION from the THOUGHT process. This also removes EGO attachment to BELIEFS. This allows self to consider emotional inputs as more data for which to define what is, and that which is desired, rather than responding to fight or flight REACTIONARY 3D PHYSICAL (ANIMALISTIC) mechanisms. Eye am focused in every now with intent to increase alignment to HIGHEST SELF. Eye am at ZERO POINT in dialogue and communications, so make no mistake, the words eye choose are not personal in nature. They are chosen with the intent of sharing perspective and truth to assist in EXPANSION of Consciousness.

Eye am you , you are me, we are we. There is no thing outside of self. All of us are perfect just as WE are in every moment, otherwise we wouldn’t be. We are all part of a singularity, or creation, and creation don’t mess up (get it?). Things change when you view data from a non-divided perspective. ALL of the communications emitting from self are with the int3nt to UNIFY our ONENESS. Eye love all things congruently.

This not what Eye think eye am. This is what eye KNOW US ALL TO BE. Remember to Breathe, Remember to wake up.

Wholeness & Balance

Divided We Are Less Strong

Divided We Are Less Strong PDF Version

Divided, we are less strong. Now, we ARE strong, humans are incredibly resilient, and strong all ways. This is why I did not say:
“divided we are weak”!

When UNITED in our uniqueness, with full respect for all others, THEN we are super strong. There is currently an ongoing attempt to divide the “Truthers” or “The Truth Movement”. Such insertions as “The Flat Earth” idea have been thrown into the mix of exposed lies and deception, so as to get us arguing amongst ourselves. With this type of opposing energy zapping around, the flow gets disrupted. The beautiful humaneness is reduced whilst we argue and bicker, throwing insults around, putting others down and losing respect all around.

Why would we do this when we are inherently kind, accepting and graceful toward our fellow humans? Clever tactics by those who are desperately trying to keep us down and limited, that’s why.

I would like to suggest that when one might notice another throwing insults or argumentative words at other humans, one might look deeper into the possible reasons this is happening. Where possible, I feel that we could respectfully point out our observations, and then leave it with them, and let it go. We need not judge, just be aware. There is a lot of AI out there and some influential people in “The Truth Movement” are being targeted and they can start behaving in ways that are not humane. Sometimes it is subtle, but it is not who they truly are. If they are able to become AWARE of this behaviour, see it, hear it, feel it, they are more capable of removing and stopping the imposed programs from the AI, and revert to their own humane selves. We CAN return to being the beautiful humane human Beings that we truly are when we respectfully support each other.  In addition, when we remember who we really are, we are even stronger.  When we connect to our inner, higher, BIG selves and come from the knowing that we are powerful beyond measure, the bickering, arguments and disrespect will soon end.
All Ways.