Balancing Feminine and Masculine

Balancing Feminine and Masculine

Balancing Feminine and Masculine PDF

Balancing Feminine and Masculine, and reason/purpose of gender in Humans.

So, here we are having this human experience. The majority of us come in as either female or male, and go out as we came in. There are a few who have physical parts of both genders and have to chose which one to present as. Then, there are those who are feeling that they are in the wrong body and do what it takes to change that body. This concept intrigues me – why?

Note: Yes, I know that I can’t know any of this for sure, but this is the reply I got from my question.

Human is a unique race in this Universe. Having male and female is about contrast – everything on this Earth is about contrast and polarity. When in balance, the male/female connection is harmonic. The mystery to man, that woman is, becomes a challenge to comprehend, and also, the strangeness of man’s ways, to woman, is a mystery and takes tenacity to learn to live with and become balanced with. Once achieved, it is a beautiful thing – something not experienced anywhere else.

One of the main agendas of the controllers is to prevent humanity from finding its full abilities and power, so that they can maintain control, and continue to feed off our energy. The purpose of the recent push from mainstream to accept all types of sexuality and gender preferences is a last ditch attempt to maintain this control.
First, we were asked to accept one gender being attracted to the same gender = homosexuality.
Then, we are asked to accept one gender transitioning to the other = transgenderism.

These (to the rational, kind and loving human) are both acceptable and one need not be concerned. It is part of the human experience.
However, the sly step (and this is the method all ways used – to do things gradually and stealthily so we do not notice how we got to where we are), next is to ask us to accept a transition into a mixed or non gender situation = gender fluid.
This is very dangerous. If allowed, accepted and becomes widespread, it would highly weaken the strength of the human race. The contrast between the genders is vital for strength. Being happy in one of other type body (male or female), displaying certain, yet balanced characteristics, is what will maintain our strength. The power is in our differences and the sex hormones are what determine which we display.

From observing the journeys of some transsexuals, one has made these observations. All start as female in the womb. Those who convert to male while in the womb instantly lose the full XX chromosomes (the second X breaks down into a Y) and it is not possible to return to XX and therefore it is difficult to transition back at a later date. However, those born in a female body, but who then, at a later date, choose to move on to the male presentation, find it easier to make the transition – it is just a later transition than those who made it in the womb, although they do need help by adding the testosterone hormone. Going back is always harder than moving forward. Of course, they still have the XX chromosomes, but the body finds it relatively easy to change with the assistance of testosterone.

Those who continue female throughout, become stronger and stronger – (especially when not greatly emotionally injured and when healing has been possible, or no major emotional injury has occurred) – and this is why they are constantly attacked – read menstrual issues, menopause symptoms. Those who do not succumb to such attacks get stronger and stronger. They know they must also stay in balance with their masculine side. The males who maintain their masculinity in balance with their feminine side also become stronger and stronger. Even the FTM males can become very strong – especially due to the help of having experienced being female and having the feminine side balanced with their new maleness!

These are the ones who can live in harmony and balance with one another, in a beautiful way. However, those who blur the line do not have the strength needed to truly connect with their true selves beyond the human body.

Balancing the feminine and masculine within oneself is vital.

Blurring the line between them is perilous.

The moral to this? Choose male or female and stick to it in a balanced manner. It is not about social acceptance. It is about maintaining an important element of being human.
Allow a feminine side if you are male and allow a masculine side if you are female, but do not blur the line and become androgynous – that’s what the controllers want.

There is too much beauty in a masculine and a feminine human living in harmony to let it be blurred away. Stay aware and enjoy the beauty ~ all ways.

Some food for thought . . .

* Note: * Yes, I know that I can’t know any of this for sure, but this is the reply I got from my question.

What Is Your Will?

What is your will

What Is Your Will? PDF

Whether one is wide awake, somewhat aware, or solidly snoozing, one has a will. As one here asked before –
“Will one choose will over wont? Can over can’t?”

Those wide awake will likely choose “will and can”

Those somewhat aware just “might”!
And those solidly snoozing likely are stuck in a belief of
“can’t and won’t”!!

 So, where can one’s will take you?
One’s will is unlimited.
That trip you always wanted to take?
That challenge someone put to you?
“I could never do that” (as I replied to one once)


“I can do that if I do what it takes to make it happen”
(and I did!)
That is one’s will.

So . . .

Willing or resistant?

Open or closed?

Enthusiastic or bored?

Bright or dull?

It has become my knowing, from experience, that each one of us has the power to create our experiences and to make things happen by using our will. So again . . . .

Will one choose:

Will over won’t?

over can’t?

Your Choice – All ways!

Can One Get To The Point Where One Simply Knows?

Can One Know

Can one get to the point where one simply knows?

There are so many opinions, perspectives, views, tales, ideas and altogether fantastic stories buzzing around in this “The Information Age”.

There is no end to the plethora of videos, radio interviews, calls, talks and blogs with one man’s opinion and another woman’s view on who we are, what we are doing here, where we are going, how the universe is made, who made the universe, whether it is real or a hologram, what shape the earth is, what’s holding it up, how many stars/planets/suns/moons there are, and who is the one that knows the most, and therefore one should listen to.
Wholely Flippin Bazookahs!!
It’s becoming TMI and TMQ at this point!

There are certain subjects that really pique one’s interest, and in these cases, following up with some research can be satisfying. However, when one takes some mighty breaths whilst has ones feet planted on Earth and possibly whilst gazing at Sun, one can move beyond the TMFQ’s and simply be with what is.

Soak in the nourishment and know that one can be if one chooses such. Some of the stories tell of those who can regulate body temperature by choice and nourish one’s body with breath, earth energy, and sunlight.
This one’s inner beingness and knowingness knows this is possible with ones will.
Will one choose one’s power and know the way to enjoy life in body?
Will one choose will over won’t? Can over can’t

One knows. 

Yes, one can know.

TMI = Too Much Information
TMQ = Too Many Questions
TMFQ = Too Many Flippin Question




Focus, Faith and Fantastic Experiences – To Transcend the Chaos!

Focus Faith and Fantastic Experiences

Focus Faith and_Fantastic Experiences PDF

Now that I have found (part of) my Tribe, and a part of Earth to live on, what can I best focus on for the greatest good for humanity?

—> In each moment of now, use focus – focus on that which is paramount for one’s heart desired experiences. You see, each one is part of the whole. It is paramount to feel the joy, the fun, the satisfaction, and the serenity of interacting with the one who created the true reality, to aid humanity back to our humaneness. Keeping our energy high with laughter and creativity is one of the best things we can do.

To focus on one’s vision is the same as using intention to manifest. To see how to best injoy the in body experience – one is IN body so why not make the best of it? – is to truly see life as it is meant to be.

—> Find your vision, focus upon it, have faith that one can indeed manifest it ~ and know that fantastic experiences are forthcoming!

—> Next, remember all ways your Triple A of Life.
Awareness of what has been created by those less than benevolent energies is a key component to continuing through to ones vision manifestation. The awareness and acceptance of “what is”, helps one move beyond it. Some have work to do in this area. That which one puts focus on, is what one brings forth into manifestation. However, ignoring “what is” can enable stealthy attacks and dis-ease. Therefore, keeping an awareness of what is occurring is vital to the health of all of ones bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Acknowledgment of one’s awareness is also important. Acknowledging the brilliance of what has occurred is another important part of the process of transcending the chaos that has been created. Having ill energy toward any occurrence, or any other being, will only create more of the same. It is not a case of condoning it, but of acknowledging its part in the play.

Appreciation is the third component to ensure one uses in order to continue one’s free forward motion to one’s vision and ultimate inflowment. Each life experience is a building block to where one is, and to where one is going. When one can look back in awe of the list of uncomfortable, difficult and downright miserable experiences one has had, then one is ready to transcend the chaos and experience the fantastic and previously unimaginable!

Hold the focus, keep the faith ~ and experience the fantastic.
Is it a dream? Perhaps it is the route through the veil into the true Earth . . . . .

Flowing Through the Veil?


Flowing Through the Veil-pdf

Flowing Through the Veil?
Why not?

Tis a while since one last put pencil to paper. But that while is no thing more than a series of now moments that came and went. Much ponderence has occurred., along with knowingness AND the power of communing with other bright, like-hearted souls with whom to share perspective.

One’s last two JollyGoodSense sharings were preludes to this one. You see, in “September”, one was guided to acknowledge that the best thing that one can do to help humanity, is to find my tribe. This, one has done. All of us are tightly connected by an invisible thread – we just know it in our hearts – and that we will be singing our heart songs together in harmony. By “November”, one had recognized that one has reached ones own inflowment. One now also recognizes that true and complete inflowment is ahead.

You see, united with our tribes, we, as humane human beings are able to reconnect and live with nature/Earth Mother in our own individual inflowment. Tribes are connected by these invisible threads – we do not see them, but we can feel them. Tribal inflowment then will occur. This may all take some time, but ultimately, it all becomes simple – so simple that we must change our perception of what actually is reality, because it is only our perception and observation that can change and create anything!

So as one meanders through this “re-all-ity”, one observes and feels all possibilities which can turn into a vision. One observes oneself living together with ones Tribe, with and in nature, in perfect inflowment, with the Mother. With one’s tribe, we find ourselves finding it easier and easier to find that peaceful inflowment (balanced, harmonious flow, in grace, with respect for all around us). One consumes less and less and is energized and nourished by Sun and Earth, and the abundant energies present all around, that one simply has to feel and observe – and hence allow into ones physical body and use as nourishment. As the tribe wanders through this simple inflowment, the tribe members find themselves lighter and lighter as we spend our days either creating, playing, dancing, singing or merely BEing!

One fine day, we may venture along our entrance trail and away from our heart song community land and find there are no roads, only more trails that sometimes lead to other areas where communities of tribes are living in their own inflowment. We then recognize that in our own inflowment, we fell/flowed through the veil into the dimension of Earth where there is no consuming, where only inflowment exists. We fill our hearts with appreciation and let it flow forth. We sing our heart song and dance in celebration.

It is simply ~ done.


Inflowment is happening all around us.  All ways – when we allow it to.


Over the last few months, inflowment has been showing up here, there and everywhere!   It seems that when I let go of having to have something happen, or appear, then it does.  Once I have an idea or a vision of something I would like to manifest, I can put some intention into its creation, see some parts of it in my heart’s eye, and then let it go.  The number of things and experiences that have shown up when I have got that formula right, is getting bigger and bigger.  In addition, being able to give and receive in equal measure is really helping.  For much of my life, I have been a giver, but would not allow anything (much) to come into my experience in the way of others giving to me.  More recently, I have allowed more and more, I am able to acknowledge when others are giving to me.  It is not the receiving of $$$, but of kindnesses, and thoughtfulnesses!!  It is also of appreciation and acknowledgement of my kindnesses and thoughtfulnesses!! 

“Life is what you  make it.”  “Mind over matter” “You get what you give” – all of these quotes I heard for years, I now know are truths.   Remember to live by these and soon inflowment appears!  With Love.  All ways!

Find Your Tribe!


What do we know?  What can we know?   What do we need to know right here, right  now?  We ask so many times, why?   This is the most tricky one to find the answer to.  I sit here and I ask:  “What can I do to bring out the best in all humans?”  You see, I see so much talent, beauty, kindness, willingness and altogether  humaneness in ordinary  – or so-called “ordinary” people every day.  So, what is the problem ?   
In many areas, there is occurring ,  pain, suffering, lack and limitation.  Why?  When all we have to do is love our neighbours, be there to help each other, share, give, receive.  Give, Love, Live.  It could be simple if we allowed it to be.  If we would return to our roots where we are, and live as tribes – all ways looking out for one another.  How simple IS that – how much more simple can it be?  What can I do?  I, in this moment of now KNOW that I must find my tribe – The Heart Song Tribe.  UNITE – NOW!!


Living on Earth

It’s All About Energy!

Its All About Energy

Its All About Energy PDF

This one is going to be somewhat challenging to some, but I feel I must put it out anyway!

In these moments of now, there is much to share regarding the truth about the planet we call earth.  Imagine some beings who are struggling to survive with no real way of creating energy for themselves.  What could they do?  Why can’t they generate their own energy? Where did they come from?  And why should you imagine them or this scenario? 

OK, here is the story I have for you.  These beings were “accidentally” created so they are far from perfect.  They have no souls, but they have certain creative abilities, using certain types of technology.  They find that they do not easily exist in this Universe, yet they have to stay here, or cease to exist.  They love the earth, but they struggle to live in its atmosphere.  What to do??  They hatched a brilliant plan!  Feed off humans’ energy.  The human has an endless supply of energy.  But, on a perfect Planet Earth, where humans know exactly who and what they are, it is tough to attach any “extraction tubes”! 

Now, these clever beings hatch this brilliant plan.  Create a copy of the beautiful Earth and make some modifications.  Create a diversion, infect some spirits and guide them to Copiedearth instead of to Real Earth.  The infection causes lost memory of who they are in the diverted humans and it also causes most of them to be easily programmed and then to be controlled so in the end, they do not even notice the energy being sucked out of them.  Who are these beings?  They are known as “the archons”, who came to being from a mistake the Universe creator made during creation of the Universe.  Now we see this Copiedearth go through many changes over eons of time.  At certain times, some of the inhabitants were lost.  The areas once known as Lemuria and Atlantis, and the humans living there, could no longer sustain the energetic “milking” of their bodies.  However, the Copiedearth sustained – it was a good copy, so it had a good strong base.  The archons shoved-in to some of the human vessels in order to take control of the other humans on Copiedearth to ensure all of them could get fed.  Those on Copiedearth had to feed on human children to survive in that environment, whereas the rest of the energy could be piped to the other archons.    They created a system that caused all true humans to give their energy without realizing they were.   They slowly, but surely, became tyrannical leaders, creating ways to instill fear in the humans.  they  made up all sorts of laws and rules to make life harder for them, because fear and stress tastes SO good to archons! 

Although they could not create their own energy, they sure were good at manipulating others to create it for them, and over centuries, they had a system made that provided them with as much energy as they wanted.  It was perfect – for them!  But the humans were suffering.  Children went missing every day, and somewhere more and more were being sacrificed, abused and consumed.  Copiedearth became a battered mess, reflecting this vile consuming way, and all life began consuming other life to sustain their bodies to stay alive.  Those having their energy sucked out of them daily, had to consume other energy just to sustain their own life.  It became a vicious  cycle.  No one suspected there was anything REALLY wrong, they just started to believe that their souls just  needed “testing” and “lessons for growth” etc.  They started to simply accept a life of hardship to be normal, meanwhile, the archons continued to create ways they could manipulate more and more energy out of the humans. 

In time, Universe creator said “enough is enough” and asked for volunteer evolved souls to go in and expose to the rest of the Universe what was occurring on Copiedearth.  Their mission was to go there and together stop the archons’ game.  Even these volunteer evolved souls (to various levels) got hit by the infection/virus causing them not to have full memory of who and what they were and of their mission.  They each found their knowareness at various stages of their time on Copiedearth, having come from all over the Universe, including from Real Earth.   There was so much deceit at this point that the vast majority of the fed-upon humans were oblivious to what was happening.  Even high numbers in poverty, more and more restrictions on what you were ‘allowed’ to do, false terrorism attacks blatantly executed, didn’t make them aware, let alone knoware what was going on.  Instead, it created more fear and stress to feed the suckers – exactly what they wanted.  The population was still rising despite all of this, because that is what the suckers wanted – more and more energy created for them!!!

It was all going so perfectly for them – until some of the “evolved souls” shook off some of the memory infection, at least partially, and started working out and seeing all of the clever deceitful ways that had been created to feed off the humans.  Most of these ways were nothing short of brilliant!  Bring in “religion”, for example.  What easier way to harvest energy than to have people worship and praise you through your leader called “god”!!?!  Once exposed, these deceitful ways had less power, but it wasn’t enough to stop them until a much higher number of the evolved souls recognized the tricks.  The evolved souls had to use their energy (less and less was being able to be sucked off them due to their knowareness) and they worked hard to guide the humans on Copiedearth to recognize what was really going on.  Beyond the Copiedearth, other Universal beings stood by for the moment that the energy was high enough to disperse Copiedearth and return all Universal souls to REAL Earth.    In one moment of now, the energy was high enough!!
The archons, who were soul-less, dispersed with Copyearth. 

This is quite some story isn’t it?  Imaginary?  Well, in these moments of now, the end is, but it is an awareness of mine that the rest is very close to a true story.  It explains so many otherwise unanswered questions.  What is a more likely story?  Share yours in the comments if you would like!

Finding My Way to Inflowment

No Authority

Finding My Way to Inflowment PDF

There is, in these moments of now, so much incredible information available to us all. However, one must remain balanced, open and willing to take large amounts of information into ones heart along with ones OWN knowing in order to make choices on ones life path. In most cases, for me, my first feeling about the question as to what does this all mean, is the one I come back to.

A few perspectives from others that recently came into my awareness have caused me to put pencil to paper to document my thoughts , feelings and recognitions on what was being discussed in these sharings from others. As has happened for me before, a few different subjects tend to blend together and I see them connect, to have me see a bigger picture and from there to get some clarity.

One very large point from this group of perspectives that I align with is that the main reason that humanity is being held back from attaining real freedom and the ability to reap the abundance provided on this planet, is the divisiveness that has been brilliantly manufactured by those in control. Continuous propaganda points various groups in opposite directions to keep humans arguing over which way is the best way to go, over what is right and what is wrong, over how things work or how they don’t, and on and on and on, squabbling and pulling further and further apart. I have so often said that even when we don’t agree with one another, we must not argue, we must not put others down with ridicule, accusations and name-calling. This sort of behaviour will NEVER help us to get to where we want to be. When we support and encourage each other, so long as there is no harm being done, we will all ways make progress and get into free forward motion. When we oppose each other, we will never make any significant progress.

The next important point is that at times we become too tied up in the small picture of life here on Planet Earth. Sometimes we must step back and see at least more of the big picture. Without that perspective , one can get too stuck in the drama of things and not see much as it really is. On the other hand, sometimes when we are stuck in the drama of it all, we forget to have some fun and to see how much good is happening around us and how many people are truly beautiful, kind and outstandingly brilliant in their creative abilities.

Another thing i realize is that sometimes we get so tied up in our righteousness, we fail to see what could be the smart move and that it might simply be stubbornness that is holding us back from recognising the true path to a free, unlimited and unencumbered life whilst here in this physical reality.

Each one of us has a different role in these extraordinary times and it is not productive to criticise others for their choices. We must allow each one to play their role. I see this as some sort of massive game or theme park where we are part of a giant game – we have yet to discover it’s full purpose. My feeling is that at least part of it is for us to figure out how we got to where we are, decide whether or not we “like” it, (or at least willing to tolerate it), and if not, what to do about it. There is no “one size fits all” in life. We are each unique. Some enjoy being where they are, living a simple way, supporting the system, abiding by its imposed rules. Some absolutely do not. This is where we get to choose folks. If you think that suddenly, miraculously , EVERYONE will “awaken”, I feel that you will be disappointed . I have been!  I finally realise that it simply ain’t gonna happen!!! Therefore, I quit that expectation and I sow seeds for any who might be on a path to opening up to a bigger picture. I teach by example to anyone who wants to see. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, I am just documenting my perspective in these moments of now.

I am choosing the route of least resistance for me. I continue to create a life that I can enjoy every day, where I am not resisting anything. A life where I am my own authority and everyone and everything knows it. A life where I inform and notice the “world” (not the Earth because she already knows it) of this, with self confidence, self worth and standing as a unique living being on this beautiful, imperfect Planet. I choose to all ways live from my heart, all ways being there to support and encourage any other who could use my support and encouragement, balancing that with my own choices for my own life experiences.

I acknowledge my right as a natural living being to live this way, and if it takes a few notices and creations of my own to do that, I am willing to do it. I will do what it takes to create the life I choose to experience while continuing to do no harm. I all ways act in a moral and humane way toward all in the Universe with respect and grace as I flow forward to inflowment.

The Perspective that inspired me to put pencil to paper:
Love each other

From Mark Passio – The Clowns of the Freedom Movement

* Interesting note.  I have uploaded this as an mp3 because when I posted it as a YT video, the image connected to the YT video repeatedly showed up as the main image to this post when sharing on Facebook, even after I had deleted the link to the video, even in repeated fresh new postings of this writing of mine,  I had to rename the post to get it to go away.  If you go to YT and type in “Mark Passio The Clowns of the Freedom Movement”, you will find the original YT video where the above recording came from, and see the image.  I have no problem as such with the image, I just did not want it to be the image to MY writing!  Most interesting energetics here!!