My Mission Statement

Power Used Correctly

I AM ME.   I Am a living woman.

I live by Natural Lore ~ “DO NO HARM.”
I Do No Harm.

I Am a living woman and my own unique mission is to become the best living woman I possibly can be, so that I make the most of my time on this wonderful earth, and be able to be a good influence on others, thereby teaching them by example. I will do this by continuing to improve and develop my self in mind, body and spirit and by becoming the woman I all ways was meant to be!

I value courage, independence, determination, generosity and the ability to forgive. I value these because courage is vital to be able to get new things started and done, independence makes me stronger, determination ensures I get things done without giving up, generosity is so important as I love to share, and forgiveness is vital for a free and happy life. Accordingly, I will continue to live and love by these values.

 My purpose is to live each day with joy, satisfaction and creativity, so that I can help make the world a better place. It is my intent to treasure above all else, my health, as without health I would be limited in what I can do. I can do this by keeping it as my number one priority and by continuing to eat healthily and by using my body physically, as nature intended.

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