Community by Consideration, Contribution and Chaordic Co-operation

Community chaordic Cooperation

Community by Consideration Contribution and Chaordic Cooperation PDF

So many awake people in these moments of now are seeing how much is wrong in this 3D Earth reality.  Those of us who are indeed aware of this, would truly love to do whatever it takes to make a difference.   Many of us have a vision of creating and living on land-based sustainable communities.  Once we can acquire the materials, technology, machinery and capable work force/creative team of humans, all that is then needed is a good level of willingness from those involved to be co-creative with *consideration for each other, to *contribute our skills and abilities in a *co-operative fashion that becomes natural – with no big boss, just a pure and natural *inflowment whereby the pieces come together effortlessly.

Humans have natural abilities that have been drawn/sucked out of us.  We have forgotten how we can simply *co-operate with one another and get amazing things done.  Instead of having a boss/foreman/director to give orders as to how to complete the tasks, we get it done in a *chaordic fashion.  Once everyone gets started with this in mind, everything and everyone gets into a *chaordic flow whereby everyone just knows what to do.   When we naturally co-operate with one another with a deep respect for what the others are doing, it simply gets done.  This is a new, yet old idea.  When we act as humane human beings, and not like mechanized robots, our creativity is unstoppable.  We are *heartacious by nature – did anyone notice that there are few (if any) English words to describe being “unlimited”, “boundless” or “unstoppable” that do not have a prefix or suffix (un, less) to make the word into a positive version?  I couldn’t think of one, so I made one up –  the one I just used above – *heartacious, because we create from our hearts – *heartacious = of the heart, and the heart is unlimited in its ablilities.  Haha, so the heart is *heartacious in its abilities!

Heartacious chaordic co-operation
will get things done in the most beautiful way.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Act with integrity
  2. Respect everyone
  3. Use grace in all interactions
  4. Contribute your skills and abilities unconditionally
  5. Be aware of everything going on around you
  6.  Acknowledge and appreciate your co-creators
  7. Co-operate at all times
  8. Stay balanced – extremes in excess are harmful
  9. Appreciate every experience and everyone
  10. Be considerate to others whilst being respectful to yourself
  11. Retain equality with all
  12. All ways do your best

There will be more to add to this list as we create together, but this is a good beginning.

* consideration = Thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards others.
* contribute = Help to cause or bring about; to be one of the reasons why something happens
* co-operation = the process of groups of organisms working or acting together for common or mutual benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit. Many animal and plant species cooperate both with other members of their own species and with members of other species; The action or process of working together to the same end.
* chaordic = A chaordic organization refers to a system of organization that blends characteristics of chaos and order; (of a system, organization, or natural process) governed by or combining elements of both chaos and order
* heartacious = naturally unlimited; unbridled; boundless
* inflowment = living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you; flowing in the moment; harmonious flow

2 thoughts on “Community by Consideration, Contribution and Chaordic Co-operation

  1. This sounds like Nirvana Jilly. Unfortunately, previous attempts to create personal Nirvanas before the participants were in the right frame of mind, always end up creating hell instead. The key as best I can tell is to be in the world, but not of it, as Ken says. In simple terms, we can create heaven here now just through our state of mind. The corollary of that is that it doesn’t matter what we physically do in this world, if our head and spirit ain’t in alignment. We create our reality with our thoughts, and if our thoughts are that the world is wrong, then that’s what we manifest unconsciously. Having said that, the idea of creating a happy community somewhere comes with it’s own hazards which won’t be overcome with wishful thinking alone. This is where men come in handy, because they are made to do what a man has to do, and women are made to do what they have to do. This may sound sexist, but it’s not. Just pragmatic.

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    • Indeed Peter, all valid points. With the will to succeed, and knowing that we create our reality with our thoughts – AND mostly with our beliefs, we set off into this with open hearts and open minds, knowing that we will create what we have in mind and heart. No, it will not be easy, and no, we shall not start with the thought that the world is wrong. We simply start knowing that we can create a beautiful environment in which to live, learn and play!! Men can do what men have to do, and women can do what women have to do – I am all about balancing the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and that we are different in many ways. At the end of it all, life is what we make it, and I will take full responsibility for what I create.


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