Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift
Life is a Gift PDF

Life is a gift. How could anyone see it any other way.  Sure, there are those who are going through really tough times all over the world.  But look around and see even some who are living on what we call the poverty line, who still walk around smiling and joking.  So many people recognize that it is a gift to be here on this amazing planet, and are so very grateful for it.  There are a lot of things that are not working, a lot of people who are struggling, yet there are also a lot of people who are enjoying their lives, recognizing the beauty of Earth and all of the things we can do here.  The question is, what can we do to make the world a better place, to change things so that no one has to struggle?

When one looks around and sees how amazingly creative we are as a species, then we have to see that life is a gift.  People are craftsmen, artists, engineers, writers, homemakers, gardeners, builders, landscapers, the list goes on and on.  When we see these skills and gifts for what they really are, then we can start to truly appreciate who and what we are as a race.  Whatever colour, size or gender we are, we are all here to be our unique selves, and in our diversity, we are equal.  Everybody has something to give.  Everybody is also worthy to receive – this is what happens when we share our own skills and abilities, and when we are willing to receive help and support from others.  This is called cooperation, and cooperation is one of the most wonderful things that can occur between humane human beings.  It is about balance and harmony.   It is about respect and love.  It is about being human. 

There are so many gurus and philosophers out there telling us how to be and what to do.  Telling us what they believe, how they see the world etc.  Sure, a few reminders are great, but ultimately, we only need our own connection to our inner selves, our greater beings, our hearts, and of course, to our mother earth, without whom, we would not be here!  When we listen to our heart, truly listen, we remember who we are, and we no longer feel the need to read scriptures or listen to preachers, because we inherently KNOW how to treat ourselves, and how to treat others around us. 
Worldly Preachers

This is something that we have had extracted from us through the system’s programs and conditioning, and also by systems of control and domination.  We can make a choice – when we connect with the greater aspect of ourselves, then we can make very powerful choices, and say to any offers that we do not align with, “Thanks, but no thanks”, and let it go, walk away and keep on our path, with grace and appreciation for every single offer and every single experience.

Life is a gift because it isn’t easy the whole way through, but once we wake up to recognizing that we are responsible for our own life, our own self, and that whatever way anyone wants to look at it, at the end of it all, we create our reality.  We can change our experiences whenever we choose to.  It may not happen immediately, in fact, usually it takes a bit of our time, but once we make a choice and we put out our intention to manifest whatever it is, then it is unstoppable – we just have to allow it.  This way, we create the lives we dream about, and we live them.  When we share our experiences with others, and then simply teach by example, we will see big differences in the world. 

Life is a gift because when not living in physical body, our existence is an entirely different experience to travel the Universe out of body.  Life in the physical is something that many beings across the Universe would love to experience.  So, next time you are feeling down, just remember, you are living in the present, and the present is you in your body.
Yes, a GIFT.  😀

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