Jolly’s Knoware In Time

Jollys Knoware in Time

Jolly’s Knoware in Time PDF

As I flow through these moments of now, I become aware of knowings that I have, and these can be referred to as knoware.  And time is a mystery, but we seem to be in it, so I share things I know as my Knoware in Time

My own self authority surpasses all that we know as authority in this world.
I live a life of contribution rather than one of servitude.
My outer world changes as I change inside and reconnect with my whole self.
I acknowledge that the balance point is constantly changing and I stay aware of this.
I am aware that ideology is not reality. However, I keep my vision of where I am going.
I am aware that the matrix system was imposed in this reality. I am also aware that I am within it and I must keep a balanced respect for it while expecting respect from it.
I never resent the matrix system, I keep a healthy relationship with it.
I continue using wisdom and keep it within all equations and considerations.
I use the Triple A of Life when communicating with the matrix and its creator.
Programs of control and limitation along with emotional wounding caused primarily by these programs are what is keeping humanity from being who we really are. When we become aware of this truth, we heal and return to inflowment here on earth.
Peace is an automatic by-product of this knowledge and awareness.
This leads us to acknowledge Earth Mother’s distorted ego and to let her go.

When dealing with the matrix and its constant imposition on me and all of humanity, my response is to say thank you, but no thank you. I do not fight, I simply say “No”.
I all ways use respect and communication when interacting with the matrix system.
I go into the amazing space of grace which leads me into my power which is impregnable. I can self protect, all attacks I deflect – I say NO.
Any beings that choose to attack, I deflect and I tell them to exit this reality.
My brain is never involved in any of the above, I go to my inner, higher Big self for this.

OK, so yes, we did (agreed at a soul level) incarnate into another’s creation [The Matrix] and we must respect that, without any resentment for it. However, in the drama of this reality, we did not agree to the imposition of the programs of control and limitation.  In more recent times, additional systems of control have been created, primarily a clever system which was created to enslave us completely to this matrix. Our true status of living being on the land was taken from us by sly manipulation and converted into one of bonded surety which allows the Catholic Church/Vatican to own our physical body. Choosing to correct our status will enable us to take back our inherent inner power, and physical freedom.  We live by natural lore and do no harm. I tell the system to not harm me, and I do not harm it. We continue a healthy, respectful relationship –> balanced inflowment.

What If? ~ Inspiration For All.

What if

What if? PDF

What if?

 Whether I say “I can” or I say “I can’t”, I am right

What if I continue to choose “I can” over “I can’t” with every vision and wish I have, and to accomplish each one with joy and satisfaction? 

What if when I complete the “goal”, someone else is inspired by my example?

What if I keep raising my own bar and I start to achieve things that I never before believed I could?  

What if I choose the route of “anything is possible” when I make the decision to do something and I keep going until it is done?

What if when I do this, many others do the same?

What if . . . . . . . . .?!

Offer? What Offer? Discovering How To Take Back My Power!

Offer what offer

Offer? What Offer? PDF

Something that I am observing as I wander through my life experience is that life is full of offers.  They come in all shapes, sizes, forms and from all dimensions.  What do I mean by this?  Well, consider that when you engage with the system, everything is an offer.  Everything in life in general is full of offers.  They are offers for agreement and/or contract.  Even things such as the vast array of toxins that are in the air, in the water and in the foods, they are all an offer.  Once we become aware of these things being foisted upon us, we have a choice.  Yes, I know, most would say, no, there is no choice, what are we supposed to do when chemtrails are being sprayed all across the skies?  Do I choose not to breathe?  No, you choose not to accept the offer of being poisoned – of being affected – by these things.  You choose not to be pulled in by fear or ignorance.  It is ignorance when you are not aware, and fear when you are aware, but you choose to accept the offer.  The same goes for the water which mostly contains some sort of toxin or another – do you remain ignorant, and accept the offer (of harm), or do you become aware, and still accept the offer?  OR, do you decline, and say “thanks, but no thanks”?

There is another whole arena from where offers are coming in left, right and center.  These are from a place where when one is oblivious, many, many, MANY offers are made, and by oblivion, one simply accepts these offers.  From what I have recognized, we came into this life experience having made a bunch of agreements with other beings.   We contracted with the best.  We asked to be challenged along our way, so that we could become the best too.  Of course, there is a whole lot of dastardliness in the mix here, too, but we won’t go into that at the moment.  From my experience, it can take a loooooooong time for us to recognize that this is what has happened/is happening.  Now, this does not take away our being self-responsible for everything we experience.  We co-created these agreements and interactions.  Therefore, let me be clear, I am sharing this to show how I can take my power back by declining further offers, rather than to say that something outside of myself did this to me.

Here is an example, and I am sharing this example because something very big is occurring for me here.

When I came into this body, I chose a female body.  I feel that my last incarnation was as a woman in a time when women really were second class citizens.  When I was growing up in this current lifetime, for most of my childhood, I really wanted to be a boy, likely because in my last lifetime, I saw how much easier it is in this world to be a man.  Once I got to puberty, I accepted that I wasn’t a boy and that it was OK to be a girl, even though I did not take on the “girlie” type role at all.   Many years later, I recognized how amazing it is to be a woman, and I said to myself, yeah, I want to be a woman, followed by, oh, that’s lucky, I’ve got the right body for that!!!

Women are powerful beings, and those with dastardly intentions know this, hence attempts to keep the feminine power supresssed.  Many women create within their physical body another living being and bring him or her into this physical reality, if that’s not amazing and creative, I don’t know what is!  But, women can be especially powerful once we get to so-called “middle age” meaning into our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – and beyond – when we have gained a bunch of wisdom, and we have got to know who we are, and actually like who we are.  Once we have let go of/healed a large amount of emotional injury, we really start to step into our power.  This is the time that we really should become the powerful beings that we truly are.  We know who we are, know what we want, and even quite like ourselves!!  For the most part, we are free of caring for our children/others and can work less and less.

HOWEVER, something else happens.  The thing that is labeled “menopause” happens!  For many women, this is a series of debilitating symptoms – this website   lists 34 symptoms of “menopause” and I bet most people did not realize that there are SO many.  If you look on that page, pretty much all of them are listed as caused by “hormonal imbalance”.   While I believe that hormones play a part in what occurs in a woman’s body at this time of her life, I call bullshit on the mainstream story of the cause of these physical, mental and emotional hazards being nothing more than “hormonal imbalances”.  Here are the three most life affecting so-called symptoms:

  1. Hot Flashes
  2. Mood Swings
  3. Fatigue

If you have not experienced a hot flash, you can have NO IDEA of how tough it is to experience boiling from the inside out, repeatedly all day, every day and night for, in many cases, years and years.   The most severe ones (in my experience) can last up to two to three minutes, with me literally sweating all over to the point that sweat is dripping off my brow and back, with my heart racing, and having a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  Mood swings are self-explanatory, and women get a bad rap for being moody and “hormonal”.  Then there is the fatigue.  Anyone who has experienced fatigue, probably experienced the same helplessness and hopelessness as I mentioned above.   And all of this is supposed to be caused by “hormonal imbalance”.  Yeah right.

So, how come men don’t suffer these symptoms when their testosterone drops lower and lower as they get older, and their hormones get out of balance?  And, explain to me – what is literally happening in our (female) bodies when we are generating enough heat to boil a lobster?  Where is the energy coming from to create the heat?  These heat flashes usually occur when one is sitting quite still, quite comfortable, and bam, they hit you from nowhere.  And I can say from my own experience, they NEVER, NEVER, EVER occur when you are cold to help you warm up!!  NEVER!  (LOL!)   Another interesting thing is that it is more common, for women to gain weight during “menopause” than to lose weight, but how come, with all the energy it must take to create this enormous amount of heat, we don’t wilt away into skinny little waifs, from burning all that energy?  Instead, most women gain fat. WHERE does that energy come from that generates all that heat??  Why can’t anyone answer these questions?  Why do they just continue to use the excuse that we have “hormonal imbalance”??!!  I call bullshit again!

So, where am I going with this?  Let’s go back to the part where I mentioned that we as women start to come into our power in our 40’s and up.  But what happens?  FKN Menopause happens!  I am proposing that this thing that is labeled “menopause” is a blatant attack on the feminine, along with all the other attacks that have been made on her for her entire adult life what with the cycles, and painful periods, painful childbirth etc. etc.  Oh yes, it’s those pesky hormones again?  Oh right!   I suggest that this is also an attack.  Anyway, I am going to continue with the “menopause” scenario – so, we get to the point that we are wise from our life experiences, we like ourselves, or even better, we love ourselves, and we know what we want.  Suddenly, we are either boiling from the inside out, or we are moody, or we are so FKN tired, we don’t feel like doing anything, or likely, a combination of all of those and more.  There goes the wisdom of the natural feminine, cherio!  She is just sitting around, gaining weight, feeling helpless and hopeless, instead of being out and about, guiding the younger people, encouraging them to be the best they can be, teaching by example, and all the other good things she might have been doing if she didn’t feel like a boiled, weak, cranky, old lobster!!!!!

What I am proposing is that there are agreements out there for us to be challenged by all of this (and in other life scenarios), and to experience what I have described above, (and other life experiences).  But then we have a choice – and that choice is to decline the offer.   To complete the agreements.  To say, thanks, but no thanks.  To say, thanks, I really appreciate your following through with our agreement, but it is time for this to complete.  I know what you are doing, and I am grateful for offering this to me, but I have experienced it enough, and I now say, thanks, but no thanks.

Can you believe that this is what I have done – that I have actually DONE this?!

I have recognized that this is what has been occurring, and I have communicated with the being with whom I made this agreement, and I am going through the motions to complete this whole agreement. See THIS STORY to learn how I re-membered about all of this.
What happens when you practice a skill?  In time, you get better and better at it.  This is my way of doing this.  I practice.  Whenever I feel what I call a “heat attack” coming on, I stop whatever else I am doing and I focus on the situation, not the heat, but on the offer.   I sit up, and I feel gratitude, and I say, thanks, but no thanks, I do not accept this offer.  I see you, and I know what you are doing, but we are done with this agreement.  I am ready to complete this.   With that, the heat stops.  It literally stops – or if I catch it in time, it doesn’t even start!  I am continuing to practice this.  Soon, I will be powerful enough to end this altogether.  This is HUGE for me!

I have to tell you that I have been experiencing these constant heat attacks for 10 years.  Yes, TEN long years, and although I recognized that these were attacks, I did not recognize that they were offers too.   For about three weeks now, I have been recognizing the heat attacks as offers and I have stopped what I am doing each time, and engaged with the one making the offer, and I have expressed genuine gratitude, and declined the offerThanks, but no thanks.

What if we can do this with any offer that is being made to us in this physical reality, whether it is something tangible, or energetic?  What if we can take back our full power and heal our emotional bodies, and as a result, our physical bodies?  I have also been working on healing old knee injuries and instead of accepting them as being what they are, I am declining offers of worsening  or static conditions, and instead, I am improving their condition.  What if we can take our power back by declining all offers that do not serve us, and by letting go of all beliefs that do not serve us?  What if, when we do this for ourselves, we can be there for others and encourage and support them to heal themselves and as a consequence, heal the world and the planet?

What if anything is possible?!




The Long Journey back to Inflowment.

Letting Go

The Long Journey back to Inflowment. PDF

The Long Journey back to Inflowment.

Thoughts on the long journey to turn again (re-turn) to a Life of inflowment on Earth.
~ How to deal with contracts.


In these moments of now, after great and long journeying, we are at the point where to continue flowing forward, letting go of past grievances and injuries, is vital.
It is time for closure.”

Acceptance that our experiences have been beneficial and have helped us to find our way back to our true authenticity will allow us to actually get there.
What about our agreements and contracts before we came into this physical reality? Why did we do that if we then go back on them by revoking, rescinding and reversing them? What if we had very good reason to make these agreements – what if we knew we needed to have these particular challenges and therefore to revoke them before completion will have us cycling round and around until we follow through by retaining the integrity of the agreement by completing it rather than going back on it – which revoking is.

I would like to propose that we, as humane human-beings consider the above and then find a way to recognise the best way to reach that place where we can truly make a difference. Once we have completed our challenges, we then free ourselves to be able to start doing just that – making a difference. What if we accept that our co-created experiences were meant to be – agreed upon before stepping into the physical body.   What if, once we become aware of our having made a bunch of contracts and agreements, and that they have served us during our lifetime, then this is the moment that these contracts and agreements become completed? To me, it seems perfect – make some agreements with oneself and with other beings to have certain experiences. See how those experiences served oneself, and then recognize because one sees that they have served, that these agreements are then complete. Brilliant!
This would preserve the integrity of the agreements and contracts, leaving no unfinished affairs, and no reversions/revocations or rescinded agreements or contracts whose energy could at any point come back to bite you?! Living in an energetic world, it is important to consider the energetic consequences.

Completion and letting go just could allow us to get into free forward motion toward making the world a better place, and teaching others by our example.
This is so very worth pondering.


Community ~ Co-operate, Share, Co-Create

Community PDF

Community ~
A place to co-operate, to share, to create, and most of all, a place to reignite our relationship with Earth Mother, Sun and the elements, earth, fire, water and air.

Land-based communities are what we largely talk about when sharing our visions of our new way forward as humanity. For me, and my vision, I feel that the first thing to do is to find our way to the area of land that our hearts lead us to – always follow your heart. Once the land is found and acquired, the next thing to do is to establish a true heart to heart connection with that particular area on the planetary body. Get to know every part of the land, interact with the Nature Spirits and ask for permission to be there. We will all ways receive permission once we are pure in our intentions and are there with full respect and appreciation – along with having the respect to actually ask!

So now, we spend time/use time/use many moments of now communing with the land, the nature spirits and the elements. The Nature Spirits guide us, they have been there for a very long time. We can make them our friends when we show them full respect, and they keep everyone and everything in harmony and balance. Without earth, fire, water and air we cannot live. We re-cognize how the elements interact with one another. For example, air applied one way to fire will fan the flames, and air applied a different way will blow the fire out. All ways remember, air can spark and air can extinguish. Which way will we use the air? Which way will we use the water? Will it hydrate everything in its path, or will it erode and destroy the land as it rushes downhill in torrents? Will the fire warm us and our water, and cook our food, or will it consume and destroy what is in its path? Will earth give us a home and the materials to build the home, or will it quake and shake everything into rubble?

Do we have any control over any of this? Well, as shared in a recent post here on JGS, there is good reason to let go of control, so just as well we do not have control over the elements. However, we do have the ability to co-operate with the natural order – to find our perfect inflowment with the organic ways that have existed between (wo)man and the natural order for eons. It’s just that we have been taken away from it for way too long.

When we re-member, re-cognize, and re-create all becomes easy, anything is possible and we return to our heartaciously creative ways in perfect inflowment living from our hearts, on the land with nature, and from this solid foundation, our community will grow and flourish and continue on for generations to come.
We then live Knoware in Time!

Inflowment: living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you; flowing in the moment; harmonious flow; flowing with the inner guidance of Spirit.
: unlimited; naturally limitless; boundless
Knoware: with knowledge and awareness
Time: who knows?!; an illusion


What is occurring around us and within us?

What is Occurring

What is Occurring Within Us and Around Us PDF

So, what if we are carrying multi dimensions of memories attached by our DNA, which work their way into our cells of our bodies and into our minds?   What if these are memories of our past experiences in other lifetimes/generations which are causing many to experience imbalance, disharmony and discomfort whilst navigating this reality in the current body, with a mind full of jumble?

I feel that perhaps if we were to transcend the false DNA and only maintain the Mitochondrial DNA, which is likely our natural DNA, then we would sooner open up our natural connection to our true selves.  Then, all of the burdening “stuff” we are carrying could be released, and without it, we could remember who we really are, and we could then be able to fully focus on that which we choose to create in these moments of now and to create inflowment here on Earth and allow the overlays to dissipate.  This likely is what we are really here to do.  These are very important days, days that will create a whole new way of seeing who we are, and what we are here for.
It is now time for us to reconnect with our greater beings and to take back our innate inner power.

I had a great experience today having been invited to go to an Organ recital at Pomona College. The recital was free and what a great gift. The organist was Paul Jacobs who gave an incredible performance of several Bach pieces including Toccata and Figue in D Minor and in the second half, he played a 30 minute piece by Liszt, Fantasy and Fugue which took me on a journey and which guided me to my inner self and inner powers. It was truly amazing.

At one point during the playing, I felt a “heat attack” coming on, where usually it hits me in the center of my head and my body starts to boil from the inside out. *Note (I have for quite some time, had the *notion that what are commonly known as “hot flashes” experienced by many mature women, are blatant attacks on the feminine to suppress us further, to weaken us and to cause us to step completely out of our power at a time when we are just coming into the most powerful part of our life experience in our human bodies.)

I knew that this would not be a pleasant experience because I was wearing a neck scarf and a jacket as it was chilly in the music hall.  Immediately, I recognized the power of the music, and I knew that if I used my intention to stop this attack, combined with this amazing music, then I could.  I used my inner powers of intention and repeated to the entity that I *believe is making these attacks, “no you may not, no you may not, NO you  may not . . .” and sure enough, instead of the ripple within my head turning into heat and then coursing through my entire body with a boiling feeling, it stopped – it simply STOPPED.   This was huge.  I had attempted to do this a few other times over the years since I had the idea that this is what is occurring and had only been able to stop it a couple of times when I had been super intense and super focused.  This moment gave me a great opportunity to focus on the situation, and use the music, and my power of intention – balanced with, at the exactly right moment, to let go.   I had a second chance to do this later on during the recital, and although the heat almost got started, again, I managed to stop it – and I have done it again two times this evening since. *More about this HERE.  Now, I do appreciate that many will not be able to understand either what it is to experience a “heat attack” (mostly young people and males) or what I am talking about in my idea that these “heat flashes” are actually attacks, and not merely something to do with a random change in hormone levels in the body as is offered by the medical geniuses, and that’s OK, but I still wanted to share this for any who DO get what I am talking about – this is a step for me to be able to let go of more limiting beliefs and to take back my inner powers and abilities that we as humans have let go of for so very long.  This is the start of some really amazing new and exciting experiences ahead.


*Note that I used the words “notion” and “believe” in my description of my experience – simply because, for the moment at least, I cannot assert that these are definites.  However, this experience is showing that it is becoming less notions and beliefs, and moving more into actual experiences where I show what is, not what is simple belief.

Program Buster!

Busting Programs

Programming comes from repetition within the subconscious mind, and when we are not aware that those programs are there, we are under their control. Out em, and bingo, a whole new scenario – they get spotted every time they kick in – I say “I see you, so STOP IT!” Repetition of this does stop them in my experience. Yes, pain wants to remain hidden and the “coping” part of us panders to its needs. Once we have the awareness of those programs and are managing to STOP them, then we can ask nicely the “coping” part to stop coping because it is time for pain to come out from its closet and be seen, heard. loved, appreciated and acknowledged.
Time to LIGMO – Let It Go and Move On!

Control → and why to STOP IT!


Control and why to STOP IT PDF
So many tend to feel that we must be in control of ourselves, our lives, and in some cases, of others. What is the definition of “control”?

It is “to exercise restraining or directing influence over” or “to have power over” and “the power to have influence or direct people’s behaviour, or the course of events”.

Do you wish to exercise restraint over yourself? Do you wish for your ego mind to have full directing influence or power over your life path and/or choices? This is a very different way to look at the idea of being in control of oneself, isn’t it?  And then, when you take it further, how do you feel about having anyone or anything restraining you, directing its influence over you, influencing your behaviour – and ultimately having power over you? (Most really dislike that don’t they?) Would you do that to someone you love, someone you know – anyone?!  If so why?  Why would you choose to do that? Now, perhaps there are certain circumstances whereby to protect ourselves, or others, when perhaps, some one is doing harm to others, it may be appropriate. 

For now though, let’s put ourselves into a place of self responsibility, where we act with respect for all around us. Yet, we are creative and we choose to be the best we can be in each moment of now. How authentically creative can we be with restraints, outside influence, outside direction or power, when our true and authentic creativity comes from our heart, our beingness our greater being? What good is it to control that authenticity and creativity? When we trust ourselves, our greater being (who for me is my best friend), without restraint, then there is no limit to our creative abilities – we find ourselves in boundlessness. I find it to be time for a new word to express our ability to be unlimited, boundless, unbridled etc – all of those are un-something that restrains us.  What about Heartacious Creativity? What about saying –

When we trust ourselves, our greater being , without restraint, then there is no limit to our creative abilities – we find ourselves in Heartacious Creativity.”
Much better!

Now, with the mention of being “unbridled”, I have a story to share about how I first recognized that I will do better when I trust, and let go of control. I learned this by listening to a horse – a very wise, evolved soul, my then best friend, Chippee.

Chippee was in a very big horse body. He was very handsome, funny and altogether a jokester!! He always had a big grin on his face, and had he been a human, I felt he would have often been playing practical jokes on people. He and I had a bond unlike any other I have experienced since being in this physical body. I had known scores of other horses in my long connection to the equine and equestrian world. After being around horses for 50 years, I had never had this sort of connection with a horse. He actually was the one who showed me what it is to feel unconditional love.

Chippee was a Dutch Warmblood, about 16:3hh and probably weighed about 1400lbs. He was tall, and I’m kinda short!! When we went out in the fields and woods together, me on board, we had so much fun. I was taught for most of my life that us riders must be in full control of our horses, because they are big, and we are small – that they must always see us as the boss. It made sense – until I met Chippee. Back to the fun – we would go out across the fields and through the woods, he would just buck for fun. Normally when a horse bucks, it’s quite unsettling and often they do it because they are unhappy with the rider, or something is hurting. Not with Chippee. He just bucked because he felt good and wanted to joke around. Once I recognized this, and because he never really shifted me, I started to enjoy his playing and it would make me laugh. The more he bucked, the more I would laugh, the more I laughed, the more he would buck! He would go along with his tongue slightly sticking out the right side of his mouth. It was comical, and I always giggled at him.

Chippee hacking fall 2012

So, you get the picture. He and I were really good buddies. When this story that I am going to share happened, we had been friends for about 7 or 8 years. He wasn’t a young horse by then, he was around 18 or 19 years old, which is not at all young when you are in a horse body. He didn’t need any more training, so I would just keep him well and happy, along with the other horses I cared for. We lived on New York state on a lovely farm where there were the woods and fields all around us. But in winter, it was mighty cold. So cold that it was better for all involved not to bother going out riding in the woods. So, I would let him (and the others) run around the indoor arena loose to take exercise and have fun during the winter months – from about the end of December through to March. So, probably about 3 months no riding. Here is where the story starts:

It got to be slightly less cold weather this particular March, so I decided that it was time to get on and ride Chippee. I went to the tackroom and brought back a saddle and bridle to put on him so that I could go and ride him in the indoor arena. I put on the saddle and went to put on the bridle. (For people who know nothing about horses or riding, I will explain a little about tack/bridles) A bridle has a metal bit that goes in the mouth and the rest of the leather parts go over the head behind the ears, and the reins go from the bit to the rider’s hands. I mentioned before that Chippee was tall. To put the bridle on, he had to be agreeable. He always used to test me, but this particular day, I went to put the bit in his mouth and he said “No”. I said, “come on Chippee, I have to put the bridle on to ride you”. He repeated “No”, and I felt he meant it. So, as we were just going to go to the indoor arena. I went back to the tackroom and got the bitless bridle – a hackamore, which just goes around the nose and then up and over the head behind the ears, with the reins from nose to hands. So, off we went and he took some exercise in the arena. That was all just fine.

The next day, I decided the weather was fine enough out to go and ride across the fields, so I went to the tackroom and brought the saddle and bridle. I put the saddle on, and went to put the bridle on, but he said “No”. I said “please Chippee, we are going to go across the fields today and I can’t ride you without the bridle”. He said “No” again, so I pleaded with him, “Please Chippee, I can’t ride you without the bridle”. Finally, he relented and let me put the bridle on. Off we went and had a lovely ride across the fields. 

The next day came time to go out again. I fetched the saddle and bridle, and same thing. I went to put the bridle on, and Chippee said “No”. I pleaded again, “I can’t ride you without the bridle Chippee, please . . .” Now, during all this, I heard him saying to me “if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” – but I wasn’t listening. After a bit more pleading he relented, and off we went.

The next day came time to go out again. I fetched the saddle and bridle, and same thing. I went to put the bridle on, and Chippee said “No”. I pleaded again, “I can’t ride you without the bridle Chippee, please . . .”  Again, during all this, I heard him saying to me “if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” – but I still wasn’t listening. After a bit more pleading he relented, and off we went.

So here I am – now, after four days of his saying “No” to the bridle and now two days of him asking me “if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” I’m there asking him to let me put on the bridle AGAIN – but this time I heard him asking “did you have to pull me in the mouth the last three days?” In other words – did I really NEED the bridle? Did I really NEED to control him? NOW, I was listening. I was hearing what he was asking me, and finally I was listening.

“No Chippee, I did not need to pull you in the mouth the last three days. Not once, and therefore I DO trust you”. I went right back to the tackroom to fetch the hackamore – the bitless bridle. And off we went across the fields, walk, trot, canter and gallop just as he and I pleased. From that day on, I never put the bit in his mouth when we went alone riding across the fields and through the woods. I allowed him to change pace as he chose instead of my dictating it as I had always been taught to do when riding horses. We were in co-operation. I was no longer trying to be in control.   We had so much fun – SO much fun!
This whole episode taught me two extremely important things.

First: If you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?
Trusting my greater being as my best friend is a beautiful thing.

Second: If you let go of control, magic can happen. Cooperation can happen. Inflowment can happen.

And wow, what a feeling.