What is occurring around us and within us?

What is Occurring

What is Occurring Within Us and Around Us PDF

So, what if we are carrying multi dimensions of memories attached by our DNA, which work their way into our cells of our bodies and into our minds?   What if these are memories of our past experiences in other lifetimes/generations which are causing many to experience imbalance, disharmony and discomfort whilst navigating this reality in the current body, with a mind full of jumble?

I feel that perhaps if we were to transcend the false DNA and only maintain the Mitochondrial DNA, which is likely our natural DNA, then we would sooner open up our natural connection to our true selves.  Then, all of the burdening “stuff” we are carrying could be released, and without it, we could remember who we really are, and we could then be able to fully focus on that which we choose to create in these moments of now and to create inflowment here on Earth and allow the overlays to dissipate.  This likely is what we are really here to do.  These are very important days, days that will create a whole new way of seeing who we are, and what we are here for.
It is now time for us to reconnect with our greater beings and to take back our innate inner power.

I had a great experience today having been invited to go to an Organ recital at Pomona College. The recital was free and what a great gift. The organist was Paul Jacobs who gave an incredible performance of several Bach pieces including Toccata and Figue in D Minor and in the second half, he played a 30 minute piece by Liszt, Fantasy and Fugue which took me on a journey and which guided me to my inner self and inner powers. It was truly amazing.

At one point during the playing, I felt a “heat attack” coming on, where usually it hits me in the center of my head and my body starts to boil from the inside out. *Note (I have for quite some time, had the *notion that what are commonly known as “hot flashes” experienced by many mature women, are blatant attacks on the feminine to suppress us further, to weaken us and to cause us to step completely out of our power at a time when we are just coming into the most powerful part of our life experience in our human bodies.)

I knew that this would not be a pleasant experience because I was wearing a neck scarf and a jacket as it was chilly in the music hall.  Immediately, I recognized the power of the music, and I knew that if I used my intention to stop this attack, combined with this amazing music, then I could.  I used my inner powers of intention and repeated to the entity that I *believe is making these attacks, “no you may not, no you may not, NO you  may not . . .” and sure enough, instead of the ripple within my head turning into heat and then coursing through my entire body with a boiling feeling, it stopped – it simply STOPPED.   This was huge.  I had attempted to do this a few other times over the years since I had the idea that this is what is occurring and had only been able to stop it a couple of times when I had been super intense and super focused.  This moment gave me a great opportunity to focus on the situation, and use the music, and my power of intention – balanced with, at the exactly right moment, to let go.   I had a second chance to do this later on during the recital, and although the heat almost got started, again, I managed to stop it – and I have done it again two times this evening since. *More about this HERE.  Now, I do appreciate that many will not be able to understand either what it is to experience a “heat attack” (mostly young people and males) or what I am talking about in my idea that these “heat flashes” are actually attacks, and not merely something to do with a random change in hormone levels in the body as is offered by the medical geniuses, and that’s OK, but I still wanted to share this for any who DO get what I am talking about – this is a step for me to be able to let go of more limiting beliefs and to take back my inner powers and abilities that we as humans have let go of for so very long.  This is the start of some really amazing new and exciting experiences ahead.


*Note that I used the words “notion” and “believe” in my description of my experience – simply because, for the moment at least, I cannot assert that these are definites.  However, this experience is showing that it is becoming less notions and beliefs, and moving more into actual experiences where I show what is, not what is simple belief.

Program Buster!

Busting Programs

Programming comes from repetition within the subconscious mind, and when we are not aware that those programs are there, we are under their control. Out em, and bingo, a whole new scenario – they get spotted every time they kick in – I say “I see you, so STOP IT!” Repetition of this does stop them in my experience. Yes, pain wants to remain hidden and the “coping” part of us panders to its needs. Once we have the awareness of those programs and are managing to STOP them, then we can ask nicely the “coping” part to stop coping because it is time for pain to come out from its closet and be seen, heard. loved, appreciated and acknowledged.
Time to LIGMO – Let It Go and Move On!

Control → and why to STOP IT!


Control and why to STOP IT PDF
So many tend to feel that we must be in control of ourselves, our lives, and in some cases, of others. What is the definition of “control”?

It is “to exercise restraining or directing influence over” or “to have power over” and “the power to have influence or direct people’s behaviour, or the course of events”.

Do you wish to exercise restraint over yourself? Do you wish for your ego mind to have full directing influence or power over your life path and/or choices? This is a very different way to look at the idea of being in control of oneself, isn’t it?  And then, when you take it further, how do you feel about having anyone or anything restraining you, directing its influence over you, influencing your behaviour – and ultimately having power over you? (Most really dislike that don’t they?) Would you do that to someone you love, someone you know – anyone?!  If so why?  Why would you choose to do that? Now, perhaps there are certain circumstances whereby to protect ourselves, or others, when perhaps, some one is doing harm to others, it may be appropriate. 

For now though, let’s put ourselves into a place of self responsibility, where we act with respect for all around us. Yet, we are creative and we choose to be the best we can be in each moment of now. How authentically creative can we be with restraints, outside influence, outside direction or power, when our true and authentic creativity comes from our heart, our beingness our greater being? What good is it to control that authenticity and creativity? When we trust ourselves, our greater being (who for me is my best friend), without restraint, then there is no limit to our creative abilities – we find ourselves in boundlessness. I find it to be time for a new word to express our ability to be unlimited, boundless, unbridled etc – all of those are un-something that restrains us.  What about Heartacious Creativity? What about saying –

When we trust ourselves, our greater being , without restraint, then there is no limit to our creative abilities – we find ourselves in Heartacious Creativity.”
Much better!

Now, with the mention of being “unbridled”, I have a story to share about how I first recognized that I will do better when I trust, and let go of control. I learned this by listening to a horse – a very wise, evolved soul, my then best friend, Chippee.

Chippee was in a very big horse body. He was very handsome, funny and altogether a jokester!! He always had a big grin on his face, and had he been a human, I felt he would have often been playing practical jokes on people. He and I had a bond unlike any other I have experienced since being in this physical body. I had known scores of other horses in my long connection to the equine and equestrian world. After well over 40 years, I had never had this sort of connection with a horse. He actually was the one who showed me what it is to feel unconditional love.

Chippee was a Dutch Warmblood, about 16:3hh and probably weighed about 1400lbs. He was tall, and I’m kinda short!! When we went out in the fields and woods together, me on board, we had so much fun. I was taught for most of my life that us riders must be in full control of our horses, because they are big, and we are small – that they must always see us as the boss. It made sense – until I met Chippee. Back to the fun – we would go out across the fields and through the woods, he would just buck for fun. Normally when a horse bucks, it’s quite unsettling and often they do it because they are unhappy with the rider, or something is hurting. Not with Chippee. He just bucked because he felt good and wanted to joke around. Once I recognized this, and because he never really shifted me, I started to enjoy his playing and it would make me laugh. The more he bucked, the more I would laugh, the more I laughed, the more he would buck! He would go along with his tongue slightly sticking out the right side of his mouth. It was comical, and I always giggled at him.

Chippee hacking fall 2012

So, you get the picture. He and I were really good buddies. When this story that I am going to share happened, we had been friends for about 7 or 8 years. He wasn’t a young horse by then, he was around 18 or 19 years old, which is not at all young when you are in a horse body. He didn’t need any more training, so I would just keep him well and happy, along with the other horses I cared for. We lived on New York state on a lovely farm where there were the woods and fields all around us. But in winter, it was mighty cold. So cold that it was better for all involved not to bother going out riding in the woods. So, I would let him (and the others) run around the indoor arena loose to take exercise and have fun during the winter months – from about the end of December through to March. So, probably about 3 months no riding. Here is where the story starts:

It got to be slightly less cold weather this particular March, so I decided that it was time to get on and ride Chippee. I went to the tackroom and brought back a saddle and bridle to put on him so that I could go and ride him in the indoor arena. I put on the saddle and went to put on the bridle. (For people who know nothing about horses or riding, I will explain a little about tack/bridles) A bridle has a metal bit that goes in the mouth and the rest of the leather parts go over the head behind the ears, and the reins go from the bit to the rider’s hands. I mentioned before that Chippee was tall. To put the bridle on, he had to be agreeable. He always used to test me, but this particular day, I went to put the bit in his mouth and he said “No”. I said, “come on Chippee, I have to put the bridle on to ride you”. He repeated “No”, and I felt he meant it. So, as we were just going to go to the indoor arena. I went back to the tackroom and got the bitless bridle – a hackamore, which just goes around the nose and then up and over the head behind the ears, with the reins from nose to hands. So, off we went and he took some exercise in the arena. That was all just fine.

The next day, I decided the weather was fine enough out to go and ride across the fields, so I went to the tackroom and brought the saddle and bridle. I put the saddle on, and went to put the bridle on, but he said “No”. I said “please Chippee, we are going to go across the fields today and I can’t ride you without the bridle”. He said “No” again, so I pleaded with him, “Please Chippee, I can’t ride you without the bridle”. Finally, he relented and let me put the bridle on. Off we went and had a lovely ride across the fields. 

The next day came time to go out again. I fetched the saddle and bridle, and same thing. I went to put the bridle on, and Chippee said “No”. I pleaded again, “I can’t ride you without the bridle Chippee, please . . .” Now, during all this, I heard him saying to me “if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” – but I wasn’t listening. After a bit more pleading he relented, and off we went.

The next day came time to go out again. I fetched the saddle and bridle, and same thing. I went to put the bridle on, and Chippee said “No”. I pleaded again, “I can’t ride you without the bridle Chippee, please . . .”  Again, during all this, I heard him saying to me “if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” – but I still wasn’t listening. After a bit more pleading he relented, and off we went.

So here I am – now, after four days of his saying “No” to the bridle and now two days of him asking me “if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” I’m there asking him to let me put on the bridle AGAIN – but this time I heard him asking “did you have to pull me in the mouth the last three days?” In other words – did I really NEED the bridle? Did I really NEED to control him? NOW, I was listening. I was hearing what he was asking me, and finally I was listening.

“No Chippee, I did not need to pull you in the mouth the last three days. Not once, and therefore I DO trust you”. I went right back to the tackroom to fetch the hackamore – the bitless bridle. And off we went across the fields, walk, trot, canter and gallop just as he and I pleased. From that day on, I never put the bit in his mouth when we went alone riding across the fields and through the woods. I allowed him to change pace as he chose instead of my dictating it as I had always been taught to do when riding horses. We were in co-operation. I was no longer trying to be in control.   We had so much fun – SO much fun!
This whole episode taught me two extremely important things.

First: If you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?
Trusting my greater being as my best friend is a beautiful thing.
Second: If you let go of control, magic can happen. Cooperation can happen. Inflowment can happen.

And wow, what a feeling.





When in Confusion

When in Confusion

“When in any sort of confusion, distress or fear, stop, breathe, listen to your heart, for this is where you can access your true self, your greater being, and all the wisdom that you truly have available to you.
Any moment of now, all ways.”

How Much DO I Need to Know?

What DO I Need to Know?

What DO I Need to Know? PDF

A friend wrote this in a post yesterday, and it led me to write what follows her statement.

” The program I keep bumping into of late is the one that tells me to *try harder*”


Yes, to me, this is one that has come with our first wave of awareness that life is not what is first appears to be (those of us who did not come into this life knowing), and when we woke up and started down all of the holes of deception, we got the feeling that we had to KNOW EVERYTHING about what has been going on, what IS going on and what is GOING to be going on!!  Hence, the command to “try harder” when one’s little human brain is completely boggled and goggled with information that it cannot process!!  We then recognize that the only real way to know what is going on is to find the connection with one’s true heart soul essence.  So, in comes the program again – “I need to try harder” to connect to that aspect of myself.  Filppin heck is this some sort of boot camp sergeant major yelling in our delicate little earholes to make us TRY FKN HARDER?!!

No, it is that program again, and it is time to tell it to shut the  fu*k up.   I’m beginning to recognize that although I believe I know what the story of the Universe is, I cannot KNOW it is so, until I experience at least some of it for myself.  In my heart, I “feel” that I recognize what has been going on, what IS going on and what MIGHT be going to go on, but at the end of it all – how much of it really REALLY matters?  Because, at the moment, we are finding it pretty hard to recognize what the flippin heck we really ARE doing here – what is the mission, other than to make a difference – be the change we wish to see in the world – bring humanity back to its true humaneness.   SO, try harder to do what?  KNOW what has been going on, what IS going on and what WILL be going on?

Instead, what if we feel and see the vision of how life on Earth really could be.  Start to create it – even if only in one’s heart and vision, and make small steps to creating it in this physical reality.  The only thing that really  matters is – what is REAL – not what is “true”, but what is REAL?  Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, what is real is what I experience and what I actually do to change my experiences, for example, from enjoyable to stressful and from stressful into enjoyable.   It is what I can do to support and encourage others to be the best they can be and be the change they wish to see in the world.  It is what I can do, feel, imagine, think, express that is good for the all – all sentient life on Earth.

What if – Earth is an expression of who and what we are.  What if, like our bodies do, she expresses the sum total of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – hers and OURS – due to our co-creation with her?!  What if, we change ourselves to the point that we heal our bodies, which would let go of all programming which no longer serves us – one of which would be the big one – the CONSUMING program.  What if, we could STOP consuming, and as a consequence, all life would stop consuming each other?   What if looking toward the end of consumption would be the first building block to making a difference here.  What if that is the game plan and that is what we are here for – and only we in human bodies have the ability to actually DO this?

What if it really isn’t the biggest deal for us ALL to know EXACTLY what has been going on, what IS going on and what WILL be going on – until it becomes obvious.  There are some whose mission it is to put the puzzle pieces together.  For the rest of us, we can do what it takes to make the changes we wish to see in the World.
What if we continue this sort of dialogue, with no one necessarily being “right” or “wrong”, but we simply discuss until the light comes on?!!

Oh, I dunno – what if I just shut up now?  😀


LOL!  😀

What do I know and where do I go from here?

What do I know and where do I go from here

What do I know and where do I go from here? PDF

So, what DO I know after my journeying to this point in my present reality? What have I found to be wisdom, what works for my development, growth and free forward motion?

First, I know I must Love ME, Know ME, and Be ME! I also know I am all ways responsible for all that I experience – all ways. → What I experience, I created, or at least I co-created. I know that I must balance my masculine energy with my feminine self. Balance of feminine and masculine energy is key in human body.

Beyond these base and very important recognitions, I also know that I am self directive, self generating and self correcting. I respect all around me, and I observe, but I do not judge the choices and/or actions of others. I acknowledge that I have been deeply programmed since I arrived and I have become aware of when I am acting, speaking, feeling, thinking from programs. I choose to let go of all programming that does not serve me. I stay aware of all that is occurring around me, but I do not re-act, instead, I have the ability to respond = respond-ability = responsibility, and I know that for me, completing, closing and letting go, with gratitude, of my relationship with my chakra body has enabled me to do this much quicker and much more easily.

I know also that although I did not acknowledge the entity known as gee-o-dee to be my creator, my lord, my saviour, my ruler, or any other submission, I still close, complete and let go of any agreements, contracts or attachments with and to it. I have consciously interacted with this entity and I have completed all agreements and we are at peace. I acknowledge and respect everything that I have experienced and know that I co-created every single experience and I am now ready and able to Let It Go and Move On. (LIGMO).

 Moving on from the above mentioned extremely important thoughts and knowing, I accept that I must continue to heal any and all emotional and mental wounds which left unresolved would hold me back in old patterns. Instead, I let them go, knowing they have served me well, and I look to my full potential as living woman on the land of Earth. I co-create, I am the change I am an example of what it takes for us as humanity to make positive changes. I Live, I Love, I Give. I appreciate every thing, every body, every experience, every one – there is no thing, being or experience that I do not appreciate and acknowledge on my journey.

 I keep my vision and remain in free forward motion toward it, all ways allowing for adjustment, detour or any other change that happens along the way en route to my vision. I let go of control and I trust that I all ways move exactly and perfectly into my own inflowment. This way, I can guide and encourage others to follow their own paths and inner knowing, and together we heal humanity.

We’ve Got the POWER

“Power, used correctly, can help create peace on earth and ultimately, inflowment. Yes, POWER. But not the false power which has been wielded by the false systems of control. No, this is natural power which each pure human heart has access to. Tap into your own intrinsic inner power and use it to help us to find our way back to our natural way of being – free, sovereign and fully self-responsible.
Weve Got the Power

Stay Out of the Goop!

“With an attitude of “Let’s do the best we can with what we’ve got” along with staying in “Free Forward Motion”, we can deal with sometimes sticky situations while not getting stuck in the goop of it all!”

Less Goop