Offer? What Offer? Discovering How To Take Back My Power!

Offer what offer

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Something that I am observing as I wander through my life experience is that life is full of offers.  They come in all shapes, sizes, forms and from all dimensions.  What do I mean by this?  Well, consider that when you engage with the system, everything is an offer.  Everything in life in general is full of offers.  They are offers for agreement and/or contract.  Even things such as the vast array of toxins that are in the air, in the water and in the foods, they are all an offer.  Once we become aware of these things being foisted upon us, we have a choice.  Yes, I know, most would say, no, there is no choice, what are we supposed to do when chemtrails are being sprayed all across the skies?  Do I choose not to breathe?  No, you choose not to accept the offer of being poisoned – of being affected – by these things.  You choose not to be pulled in by fear or ignorance.  It is ignorance when you are not aware, and fear when you are aware, but you choose to accept the offer.  The same goes for the water which mostly contains some sort of toxin or another – do you remain ignorant, and accept the offer (of harm), or do you become aware, and still accept the offer?  OR, do you decline, and say “thanks, but no thanks”?

There is another whole arena from where offers are coming in left, right and center.  These are from a place where when one is oblivious, many, many, MANY offers are made, and by oblivion, one simply accepts these offers.  From what I have recognized, we came into this life experience having made a bunch of agreements with other beings.   We contracted with the best.  We asked to be challenged along our way, so that we could become the best too.  Of course, there is a whole lot of dastardliness in the mix here, too, but we won’t go into that at the moment.  From my experience, it can take a loooooooong time for us to recognize that this is what has happened/is happening.  Now, this does not take away our being self-responsible for everything we experience.  We co-created these agreements and interactions.  Therefore, let me be clear, I am sharing this to show how I can take my power back by declining further offers, rather than to say that something outside of myself did this to me.

Here is an example, and I am sharing this example because something very big is occurring for me here.

When I came into this body, I chose a female body.  I feel that my last incarnation was as a woman in a time when women really were second class citizens.  When I was growing up in this current lifetime, for most of my childhood, I really wanted to be a boy, likely because in my last lifetime, I saw how much easier it is in this world to be a man.  Once I got to puberty, I accepted that I wasn’t a boy and that it was OK to be a girl, even though I did not take on the “girlie” type role at all.   Many years later, I recognized how amazing it is to be a woman, and I said to myself, yeah, I want to be a woman, followed by, oh, that’s lucky, I’ve got the right body for that!!!

Women are powerful beings, and those with dastardly intentions know this, hence attempts to keep the feminine power supresssed.  Many women create within their physical body another living being and bring him or her into this physical reality, if that’s not amazing and creative, I don’t know what is!  But, women can be especially powerful once we get to so-called “middle age” meaning into our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – and beyond – when we have gained a bunch of wisdom, and we have got to know who we are, and actually like who we are.  Once we have let go of/healed a large amount of emotional injury, we really start to step into our power.  This is the time that we really should become the powerful beings that we truly are.  We know who we are, know what we want, and even quite like ourselves!!  For the most part, we are free of caring for our children/others and can work less and less.

HOWEVER, something else happens.  The thing that is labeled “menopause” happens!  For many women, this is a series of debilitating symptoms – this website   lists 34 symptoms of “menopause” and I bet most people did not realize that there are SO many.  If you look on that page, pretty much all of them are listed as caused by “hormonal imbalance”.   While I believe that hormones play a part in what occurs in a woman’s body at this time of her life, I call bullshit on the mainstream story of the cause of these physical, mental and emotional hazards being nothing more than “hormonal imbalances”.  Here are the three most life affecting so-called symptoms:

  1. Hot Flashes
  2. Mood Swings
  3. Fatigue

If you have not experienced a hot flash, you can have NO IDEA of how tough it is to experience boiling from the inside out, repeatedly all day, every day and night for, in many cases, years and years.   The most severe ones (in my experience) can last up to two to three minutes, with me literally sweating all over to the point that sweat is dripping off my brow and back, with my heart racing, and having a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  Mood swings are self-explanatory, and women get a bad rap for being moody and “hormonal”.  Then there is the fatigue.  Anyone who has experienced fatigue, probably experienced the same helplessness and hopelessness as I mentioned above.   And all of this is supposed to be caused by “hormonal imbalance”.  Yeah right.

So, how come men don’t suffer these symptoms when their testosterone drops lower and lower as they get older, and their hormones get out of balance?  And, explain to me – what is literally happening in our (female) bodies when we are generating enough heat to boil a lobster?  Where is the energy coming from to create the heat?  These heat flashes usually occur when one is sitting quite still, quite comfortable, and bam, they hit you from nowhere.  And I can say from my own experience, they NEVER, NEVER, EVER occur when you are cold to help you warm up!!  NEVER!  (LOL!)   Another interesting thing is that it is more common, for women to gain weight during “menopause” than to lose weight, but how come, with all the energy it must take to create this enormous amount of heat, we don’t wilt away into skinny little waifs, from burning all that energy?  Instead, most women gain fat. WHERE does that energy come from that generates all that heat??  Why can’t anyone answer these questions?  Why do they just continue to use the excuse that we have “hormonal imbalance”??!!  I call bullshit again!

So, where am I going with this?  Let’s go back to the part where I mentioned that we as women start to come into our power in our 40’s and up.  But what happens?  FKN Menopause happens!  I am proposing that this thing that is labeled “menopause” is a blatant attack on the feminine, along with all the other attacks that have been made on her for her entire adult life what with the cycles, and painful periods, painful childbirth etc. etc.  Oh yes, it’s those pesky hormones again?  Oh right!   I suggest that this is also an attack.  Anyway, I am going to continue with the “menopause” scenario – so, we get to the point that we are wise from our life experiences, we like ourselves, or even better, we love ourselves, and we know what we want.  Suddenly, we are either boiling from the inside out, or we are moody, or we are so FKN tired, we don’t feel like doing anything, or likely, a combination of all of those and more.  There goes the wisdom of the natural feminine, cherio!  She is just sitting around, gaining weight, feeling helpless and hopeless, instead of being out and about, guiding the younger people, encouraging them to be the best they can be, teaching by example, and all the other good things she might have been doing if she didn’t feel like a boiled, weak, cranky, old lobster!!!!!

What I am proposing is that there are agreements out there for us to be challenged by all of this (and in other life scenarios), and to experience what I have described above, (and other life experiences).  But then we have a choice – and that choice is to decline the offer.   To complete the agreements.  To say, thanks, but no thanks.  To say, thanks, I really appreciate your following through with our agreement, but it is time for this to complete.  I know what you are doing, and I am grateful for offering this to me, but I have experienced it enough, and I now say, thanks, but no thanks.

Can you believe that this is what I have done – that I have actually DONE this?!

I have recognized that this is what has been occurring, and I have communicated with the being with whom I made this agreement, and I am going through the motions to complete this whole agreement. See THIS STORY to learn how I re-membered about all of this.
What happens when you practice a skill?  In time, you get better and better at it.  This is my way of doing this.  I practice.  Whenever I feel what I call a “heat attack” coming on, I stop whatever else I am doing and I focus on the situation, not the heat, but on the offer.   I sit up, and I feel gratitude, and I say, thanks, but no thanks, I do not accept this offer.  I see you, and I know what you are doing, but we are done with this agreement.  I am ready to complete this.   With that, the heat stops.  It literally stops – or if I catch it in time, it doesn’t even start!  I am continuing to practice this.  Soon, I will be powerful enough to end this altogether.  This is HUGE for me!

I have to tell you that I have been experiencing these constant heat attacks for 10 years.  Yes, TEN long years, and although I recognized that these were attacks, I did not recognize that they were offers too.   For about three weeks now, I have been recognizing the heat attacks as offers and I have stopped what I am doing each time, and engaged with the one making the offer, and I have expressed genuine gratitude, and declined the offerThanks, but no thanks.

What if we can do this with any offer that is being made to us in this physical reality, whether it is something tangible, or energetic?  What if we can take back our full power and heal our emotional bodies, and as a result, our physical bodies?  I have also been working on healing old knee injuries and instead of accepting them as being what they are, I am declining offers of worsening  or static conditions, and instead, I am improving their condition.  What if we can take our power back by declining all offers that do not serve us, and by letting go of all beliefs that do not serve us?  What if, when we do this for ourselves, we can be there for others and encourage and support them to heal themselves and as a consequence, heal the world and the planet?

What if anything is possible?!




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    • Thanks Kerry, I really appreciate your feedback. Yes, empowering for sure – there may be more to add to this story as things continue to manifest. 🙂


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