What is occurring around us and within us?

What is Occurring

What is Occurring Within Us and Around Us PDF

So, what if we are carrying multi dimensions of memories attached by our DNA, which work their way into our cells of our bodies and into our minds?   What if these are memories of our past experiences in other lifetimes/generations which are causing many to experience imbalance, disharmony and discomfort whilst navigating this reality in the current body, with a mind full of jumble?

I feel that perhaps if we were to transcend the false DNA and only maintain the Mitochondrial DNA, which is likely our natural DNA, then we would sooner open up our natural connection to our true selves.  Then, all of the burdening “stuff” we are carrying could be released, and without it, we could remember who we really are, and we could then be able to fully focus on that which we choose to create in these moments of now and to create inflowment here on Earth and allow the overlays to dissipate.  This likely is what we are really here to do.  These are very important days, days that will create a whole new way of seeing who we are, and what we are here for.
It is now time for us to reconnect with our greater beings and to take back our innate inner power.

I had a great experience today having been invited to go to an Organ recital at Pomona College. The recital was free and what a great gift. The organist was Paul Jacobs who gave an incredible performance of several Bach pieces including Toccata and Figue in D Minor and in the second half, he played a 30 minute piece by Liszt, Fantasy and Fugue which took me on a journey and which guided me to my inner self and inner powers. It was truly amazing.

At one point during the playing, I felt a “heat attack” coming on, where usually it hits me in the center of my head and my body starts to boil from the inside out. *Note (I have for quite some time, had the *notion that what are commonly known as “hot flashes” experienced by many mature women, are blatant attacks on the feminine to suppress us further, to weaken us and to cause us to step completely out of our power at a time when we are just coming into the most powerful part of our life experience in our human bodies.)

I knew that this would not be a pleasant experience because I was wearing a neck scarf and a jacket as it was chilly in the music hall.  Immediately, I recognized the power of the music, and I knew that if I used my intention to stop this attack, combined with this amazing music, then I could.  I used my inner powers of intention and repeated to the entity that I *believe is making these attacks, “no you may not, no you may not, NO you  may not . . .” and sure enough, instead of the ripple within my head turning into heat and then coursing through my entire body with a boiling feeling, it stopped – it simply STOPPED.   This was huge.  I had attempted to do this a few other times over the years since I had the idea that this is what is occurring and had only been able to stop it a couple of times when I had been super intense and super focused.  This moment gave me a great opportunity to focus on the situation, and use the music, and my power of intention – balanced with, at the exactly right moment, to let go.   I had a second chance to do this later on during the recital, and although the heat almost got started, again, I managed to stop it – and I have done it again two times this evening since. *More about this HERE.  Now, I do appreciate that many will not be able to understand either what it is to experience a “heat attack” (mostly young people and males) or what I am talking about in my idea that these “heat flashes” are actually attacks, and not merely something to do with a random change in hormone levels in the body as is offered by the medical geniuses, and that’s OK, but I still wanted to share this for any who DO get what I am talking about – this is a step for me to be able to let go of more limiting beliefs and to take back my inner powers and abilities that we as humans have let go of for so very long.  This is the start of some really amazing new and exciting experiences ahead.


*Note that I used the words “notion” and “believe” in my description of my experience – simply because, for the moment at least, I cannot assert that these are definites.  However, this experience is showing that it is becoming less notions and beliefs, and moving more into actual experiences where I show what is, not what is simple belief.

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