Community ~ Co-operate, Share, Co-Create

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Community ~
A place to co-operate, to share, to create, and most of all, a place to reignite our relationship with Earth Mother, Sun and the elements, earth, fire, water and air.

Land-based communities are what we largely talk about when sharing our visions of our new way forward as humanity. For me, and my vision, I feel that the first thing to do is to find our way to the area of land that our hearts lead us to – always follow your heart. Once the land is found and acquired, the next thing to do is to establish a true heart to heart connection with that particular area on the planetary body. Get to know every part of the land, interact with the Nature Spirits and ask for permission to be there. We will all ways receive permission once we are pure in our intentions and are there with full respect and appreciation – along with having the respect to actually ask!

So now, we spend time/use time/use many moments of now communing with the land, the nature spirits and the elements. The Nature Spirits guide us, they have been there for a very long time. We can make them our friends when we show them full respect, and they keep everyone and everything in harmony and balance. Without earth, fire, water and air we cannot live. We re-cognize how the elements interact with one another. For example, air applied one way to fire will fan the flames, and air applied a different way will blow the fire out. All ways remember, air can spark and air can extinguish. Which way will we use the air? Which way will we use the water? Will it hydrate everything in its path, or will it erode and destroy the land as it rushes downhill in torrents? Will the fire warm us and our water, and cook our food, or will it consume and destroy what is in its path? Will earth give us a home and the materials to build the home, or will it quake and shake everything into rubble?

Do we have any control over any of this? Well, as shared in a recent post here on JGS, there is good reason to let go of control, so just as well we do not have control over the elements. However, we do have the ability to co-operate with the natural order – to find our perfect inflowment with the organic ways that have existed between (wo)man and the natural order for eons. It’s just that we have been taken away from it for way too long.

When we re-member, re-cognize, and re-create all becomes easy, anything is possible and we return to our heartaciously creative ways in perfect inflowment living from our hearts, on the land with nature, and from this solid foundation, our community will grow and flourish and continue on for generations to come.
We then live Knoware in Time!

Inflowment: living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you; flowing in the moment; harmonious flow; flowing with the inner guidance of Spirit.
: unlimited; naturally limitless; boundless
Knoware: with knowledge and awareness
Time: who knows?!; an illusion


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