The Long Journey back to Inflowment.

Letting Go

The Long Journey back to Inflowment. PDF

The Long Journey back to Inflowment.

Thoughts on the long journey to turn again (re-turn) to a Life of inflowment on Earth.
~ How to deal with contracts.


In these moments of now, after great and long journeying, we are at the point where to continue flowing forward, letting go of past grievances and injuries, is vital.
It is time for closure.”

Acceptance that our experiences have been beneficial and have helped us to find our way back to our true authenticity will allow us to actually get there.
What about our agreements and contracts before we came into this physical reality? Why did we do that if we then go back on them by revoking, rescinding and reversing them? What if we had very good reason to make these agreements – what if we knew we needed to have these particular challenges and therefore to revoke them before completion will have us cycling round and around until we follow through by retaining the integrity of the agreement by completing it rather than going back on it – which revoking is.

I would like to propose that we, as humane human-beings consider the above and then find a way to recognise the best way to reach that place where we can truly make a difference. Once we have completed our challenges, we then free ourselves to be able to start doing just that – making a difference. What if we accept that our co-created experiences were meant to be – agreed upon before stepping into the physical body.   What if, once we become aware of our having made a bunch of contracts and agreements, and that they have served us during our lifetime, then this is the moment that these contracts and agreements become completed? To me, it seems perfect – make some agreements with oneself and with other beings to have certain experiences. See how those experiences served oneself, and then recognize because one sees that they have served, that these agreements are then complete. Brilliant!
This would preserve the integrity of the agreements and contracts, leaving no unfinished affairs, and no reversions/revocations or rescinded agreements or contracts whose energy could at any point come back to bite you?! Living in an energetic world, it is important to consider the energetic consequences.

Completion and letting go just could allow us to get into free forward motion toward making the world a better place, and teaching others by our example.
This is so very worth pondering.


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