Awaken to the Real World

Well, what do you know?  Today a new creation and more realizations about what is going on in the world.  When one awakens to first of all, the fact that humanity is enslaved, and secondly, by what, then ones perspective changes completely.  Today, my friend star light suggested that I look at the world from outside the matrix.  Hmmm, how to start to do that I asked myself?!   Perhaps first go inside and ask my big self how to do that.

So, do I need to be inside or outside?  I’m inside myself looking from outside the matrix.  Perfect.  What a great view!!!  Haha.  It is though, because I can see all sorts of things from here.   I can see truth – I can see the massive game inside the matrix.  Everyone as game pieces being shoved around – that is until they step out of the matrix and look in.  What do we see from outside?  Just a game being played by those who created the matrix.  We are just pawns until we realize the truth.  The truth is that the creators of the game/matrix are controlling us.   We must awaken to this truth and simply step out. How?, you may ask.  Just stop using the name that was created at your birth and copyrighted by the controllers.  When you use it and believe it to be you, then they can control you.  Step away from that control by losing the name.   Without the name, you are awake and alive and no longer a game piece.   Take back control of your own game piece and direct it where you wish to go.  No more control, no more game, just organic truth.  All ways.

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