Levels of Awareness

Levels of Awareness PDF
Levels of Awareness

On my journey to finding myself and truth, I came through all sorts of levels of awareness. I am now aware that there has been much deceit and manipulation over centuries using gradualism in order to enslave humanity. However, I did not happen to stumble upon this truth before I went through many, many, many other levels of awareness of what is really going on here on planet earth. Once I stepped out of the “asleep box”, my journey took me down multiple rabbit holes and through various “programs” of new information, groups, movements and general confusions as to what was the truth, and what was not!!!

So, first I learned that all is not quite as it appears and that there are all sorts of things going on to deceive us and that perhaps watching mainstream news is not altogether a good idea. I heard about things such as there are toxins in what is known as “food” but it isn’t really proper food at all because it is processed and completely messed up. Then I learned that there are even chemicals in certain packaged “foods” that cause people to become addicted to these “foods”. I learned how the pharmaceutical industry is just there to make as much out of the sick and dying as is possible. Holy shit, what an eye opening time that was. Next, I got drawn into the money-making programs, new (c)age stuff about how we can all have as much money as we want if we join up with this program and that one, and re-program our brains from poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness. I attempted to do some network marketing and try to sell stuff to people who really don’t want it, and who do want to make money themselves, but they don’t have enough money to put into the schemes. You call number after number trying to sell your ware or your “opportunities” only to find that no one wants to buy into your money-making schemes even though they were touted to be the best and quickest way to make millions!! Haha, gotcha!!!

Finding out that money is not actually worth anything was the next thing to discover. It actually was a relief. Even though I had had a go at starting a business and tried to “make money”, I never really resonated with doing “business” and I really disliked anything to do with selling and marketing – I literally felt sick when trying to market stuff. But I was persuaded that it was for my best interest and that I must DO something to change my poverty consciousness!! I learned about The Fed, what was then known as the Strawman/Wickerman, fraudulent loans of “money” that didn’t exist before a person signed a loan agreement, that there isn’t even an actual law stating that people have to pay income tax unless you are a government employee. All of this was mind boggling. To learn that we, as Humans, are the value was a real eye opener., one I embraced though. At this point, my eyes were well and truly OPEN! I continued to learn about what we can now call “fear porn” – chem trails, 9-11 being an inside job, false flag events, and even that there are ET’s all over the place. Oh, and that many of the movies are what is real truth of what is going on here on planet earth. UFO’s, reptilians, shape shifting, MK Ultra and on and on and on. Even when you get through all of this stuff and you think you know what is going on, something else comes into the awareness to put a spanner in the works all over again – where will it ever end I wondered???!!! Sovereignty, Freeman on the land and on and on and ON.

Realizing that I was not “normal” at this point was a great thing. Realizing that I did not want or wish to be “normal” was exciting. Finally, I was finding the real me. I learned that not all of what is going on here on planet earth, originates on earth. To know that there was an outside controller putting out programs of limitation really made all the difference to me and my comprehension of so many things. To recognize that the problems with humanity – being constantly at war with one another was caused largely by not only greedy ruling elite, but by outside controllers was another level of awareness.

Finally, to recognize that this physical body is only part of who I really am, stepped me into a complete new awareness. To be able to connect with my inner/higher/big self is huge! I know that there is no other that can control me when I claim back my natural, inherent, intrinsic power. The “outside” controller(s) have no control left. When I say NO ~ there is no more external control. In my earthly human vessel, fictitious legal codes, laws, statutes and rules do not apply. They only apply to the franchise which is the ALL CAPITALS NAME. I now know that when I correct my status, then no one can insist that I am subject to the codes and statutes.

Because of this journey, I am able to recognize that not everyone is where I am – knowing who I really am – and therefore, I must respect them and where they are. I have been through all the above mentioned levels of awareness, (and probably a few I forgot!) Anyone who has recognized that we are enslaved is at least out of the box. I respect that. Everyone has their part to play. It’s all OK.

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