Where Am I?

So, last night before I went to sleep, I asked the big part of me, “Where am I?”  The answer has taken me a few read-throughs to comprehend, but I think I’ve got it now – just sharing!!!

Where Am I?

OK, so in this moment of now, there is nothing more important than accepting all that is ~ right here, right now. Ponder all things and experiences that are good – in this moment of now. You see, and know, that everything is perfect – and what it IS. FEAR NO thing. NO THING!!!

When we all move forward in every moment of now, even if it is just an inch at a time, we are making a difference. Do what you did not do before to create that which has never been seen or known before. Take steps and also stop automatic actions instigated by programs and conditioning. Do not pay into the extortion, and do not comply with unnecessary laws and codes. And, their statutes are just that, statues! But, the energy is flowing fast and free – it makes an exciting journey all across Earth Mother’s body. Next step? Go out there, speak your Truth and show them the Truth.

2 thoughts on “Where Am I?

    • Thanks Barb – yes, it really is. I’m starting to see my way through what seemed to be a fog – I can see more clearly now!! 😉


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