New Beginnings ~ We Have the Power and Strength!

New Beginnings ~ We Have the Power and Strength!

Wowee, what amazing times we are in right here, right now. Time, space, reality, now, past, future – these are all words that come into my current thoughts and writings and sometimes we simply do not know how to define them because from a human perspective, it is hard to really and truly know what they actually are. What is time, what is space, what is real, when is now, when was the past, when will the future be? As a human, I would say, I have not one flippin clue!! So, I ask that higher, inner, BIG self of mine the questions because there is so much power and wisdom there, it is all ways the best place for me to go when I am looking for answers.

Yes indeed, wisdom is what is within all. We must all accept this as truth. It is a case of allowing this wisdom to come forth and to stop resisting intuition. When humans receive messages from their inner, higher, big selves, but ignore these messages, then they take themselves back into being the powerless beings that those who attempt to control humanity strive for humans to be. When you take back your power, listen to your intuition, act upon it and KNOW that you possess immense power, and then start to use it, then you will see that it truly IS yours and you truly can use it wisely for the good of all. I, after all my previous feelings of helplessness and hopelessness have finally started to listen to my intuition, AND started to make use of the inner power that I have to use at any time. I am starting to use it for just myself, while I re-learn what it is, and how to use it. You see, for so long, we have lost our knowledge about who we truly are, and what we are truly capable of.

Another thing that I, as my human, earthy self recongnise, is that when I DO access my inner/higher/big self’s wisdom, I actually know a lot more than my lil ol brain knows!! I can listen to others talking, I can read other people’s writings, and listening and reading can be most helpful. However, then I realize that I must put all of the pieces together, go within, and know for myself from within my heart, what is truth, and which pieces of the outside information is useful to me, and which are not. One thing that I have come to know is this – and this one, to me, is really important – however much we read, however much we listen to, however many scholars, speakers, writers or teachers share their wisdom, what I know is, I do not need any of this to tell me or teach me how to be, do, act, express, interact or share. I must go to my heart and access my intrinsic, inherent, natural knowing of what it is to be human, and how to act, express and be while sharing this incredible home we call planet earth or earth mother with my fellow humanity. No bible, Koran, or whatever all those religious books and indoctrination tools are called can help me truly and deeply KNOW what it is to be human. I need not an example to follow. I need not stories, parables, allegories or any other peculiarly named anythings to tell me how to act, be or flippin well express my self in my human form. No, I say NO more of this, no more of this veiled indoctrination from any source. Much of it is put forth with the best of intention, but some of it is put forth to program and ultimately control the mind. When we do not think for ourselves, and more importantly, when we do not go within to our hearts to search for truth, we then open up the access for others to plant information that may not be in our best and highest interest. We must discern what is helpful, and what is not. We must be AWARE of all things – All Ways!!!!!

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings ~ We Have the Power and Strength!

  1. Yes, dear Geri! There is indoctrination everywhere around all all the time. Mindfulness and awareness is so important. We do no use our inner self and our brains to the capabilities we were given. Blessings, wise lady!

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