Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star!

When you wish upon a star, what are you actually doing? You are actually asking your inner, higher, big self for that which you desire. You see, ~ and this message is for all, all of you, ~ when you connect with your star you connect with your inner, higher big self. Know that when you do this consistently, then you can start to tap into the truly magnificent power, which incidentally, is BEYOND MEASURE! Did that become clear enough??

What humanity has lost touch with is the incredible amount of creative, healing, connecting, communicating and everlasting power that it truly and inherently has to use for the good of all. Once, even a few, begin to access and use this power for the good of all, then quickly others will follow. The naturally all loving, kind and creative beings can then start to repair all the damage that has been done to earth mother and humanity. Balance will be restored. Harmony will be everywhere, and all will be returned to natural inflowment. All ways.

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