Oh Me, Oh My!!!

Oh meeeeee, oooooooh miiiiiiii!!,
I’m so High I can touch the sky!
At this time, when I use grace,
There is no thing I need to chase.

Life on earth can be tough
But I can make it smooth instead of rough.
I ponder this and as I go
About my day, so much I know!

I know what works and what does not,
Sometimes I’m smart, sometimes a clot!!!
You see it makes it so much fun
To be both the wise owl and the silly one!!!!

What I learned, what I really know
Is that it’s all ways best to LET GO
Of every concern, and of ALL things,
It’s the way to get my wings!

I fly FREE across the sky,
I wander on land, oh meee oh miiiiiii!!!
I AM SO FREE, I’m in full inflowment,
Enjoying every single moment!!!!

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