Smile, Grin, Laugh!

Smile, grin, laugh!

Oooooooh Kaaaaaaaai!!! You know, I do not have anything new to tell to you, simply some things that you just need to remember all ways. Listen within to your heart is the place to all ways start when you have a question, dilemma or choice. However, you do really know that these are all illusions. You could actually toss a coin or any two or more sided object to make your decision because there is all ways only one choice, answer, decision. I choose for you, so you can only do that which I direct. Smile, grin, laugh. Do something you like to do in that lil ol bod and head of yours!! Giggle, snuggle and even wiggle if you like that feeling!!! After that, it is simple ~ you know which choice is the only one. If it makes you glad, do that which is called plan, but do not set the plan in concrete. Let it be one of soft, pliable material which can adjust in any moment of now. Let go of all things and know you do not β€œneed” any thing. Bring that which you can use ~ and lose ~ in any moment without one single concern. You see, you can survive in that lil ol bod and head just as long as I choose for you to be in it, with no other thing. Therefore, enjoy each and every moment in it. It is a gift, this experience, bigger that you can even start to comprehend while you are in it. Never belittle any single experience, for each one is for a particular purpose. From sounds to visions to feelings to mere supposings, you experience, know that these are wonderful. Smile again ~ even if you feel like frowning or even scowling. Laugh when it seem like the worst possible thing just happened. Dance, sing, play, create, but do not wait for any thing out side of you to give you joy ~ or to give you guidance, advice, ideas and particularly, not orders. There is no thing that has power over you ~ you can be as me ~ all powerful, all magnificent, all knowing, all being, all living, all seeing, all loving, all feeling, all encompassing, all organic, all blessed, all ways!

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