A Few More Blinks Of An Eye . . .

Well, again I asked my big self to share some thoughts about what is occuring in these moments of now.  I had just been outside in the still, cold, starry night, and felt some beautiful feelings of excited anticipation, feelings of something really good about to occur.  Here is what my big ol self shared!!

Why, it is again somewhat like being in a moment of fiery razzamatazz, just like the one we experienced over the days of stulemform.  I remember those days so well, it was a time of massive change and movement toward realization of truth, of paradoxes, of the presence of much of humanity’s oblivion as well as generally cohesive moments of now and then.  As all ways stated, we F.E.A.R. not.  I say again, F.E.A.R. NO thing.

Indeed, we have power, all have power and those who use their infinite power in full benevolence, will find their path and experience to settle into one of perfect inflowment.  All becomes simple, unified and ultimately fun and enjoyable.  Attaining a balance of power use and graceful inflowment, one can find their true, authentic, beautiful and all loving self.  Find your own route to this balance and enjoy every single step, for these steps are freedom steps for humanity.  Hop, skip, run, jump, laugh, grin, giggle, whatever feels good in every moment of now, for this will add to the good and positively powerful vibrations.

It is so nearly done ~ a few more blinks of the eye and heaven is here!


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