Be Gracious All Ways

I have so many words and expressions that I like to keep in mind throughout the day.  Of course they change periodically, depending on where I am in each moment of now, but I would like to share a select few of my favourites while I am here writing this short message.  Here is a list of some of the words and phrases, or the ways of being that they describe, that I like to make part of my days when alone, but mostly when interacting with others.

Grace, Respect, Acknowledgement, Awareness, Authenticity, Appreciation, Integrity, Inflowment, Balance, Harmony, Flow, Free Forward Motion, Jolly Good Sense, As Above ~ So Below, Mirror Mirror, You reap what you sow, Love is the answer.

I mentioned the word “Inflowment” in the list.  Some people are not yet aware of this term.  This is likely because it is a relatively new word/term that I coined about a year ago.   I was once pondering how to describe a group that I was connected with at the time when they disliked being described as a “movement”!!   I sat for a while with my big self, and quite suddenly, the word “Inflowment” came forth, so here it is.  Inflowment means:  Living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you; balanced flow; harmony and balance; balanced respect.  All of these are indeed the perfect way to be when others are around you – including all conscious beings such as animals, plants, the mineral kingdom, the nature spirits etc etc.  Once we love, respect and appreciate our own selves, we then can equally love, respect and appreciate those around us, allowing them to live in any way they choose, just as they can allow us to live any way we choose, with only one stipulation – do no harm.   It is with much doubt that some look at this idea of living.  Those who are not yet aware of who they truly are, and those who are still in programs of control by others, have a hard time imagining us humans living side by side, hand in hand, willing to help each other when needed, while being responsible and independent from each other.  

This is because the programming is deep.  Mention the word “anarchy” and people see nothing but chaos, disorder and fighting.  However, the word anarchy merely means without rule.   When we know who we really are, that we are magnificent beings who inherently love to help and support each other, yet who are inherently responsible for all that we are and do, then living without rule is simple, natural and easy.

And then there is the most important way in which to conduct ourselves, and that is with grace.   I feel that when I can all ways act in grace, then everything all ways works out perfectly – for me and for all around me.  Graceful inflowment is what I strive to achieve. 

Look inside yourselves and find that deep connection to your big self who is the all knowing, all natural, spiritual self and the part of you who is the true you, not just the physical body.  Your physical body is NOT you, neither is the legal name you.   You are so much more.  Don’t just take my word for it – go see it for yourself – the time is now!!
Peace, Love and Respect All Ways.  

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