Changing Times


Times, they are a changin’!! Never before have I felt energy swirling around me to this extent and noticability. I have never been overly perceptive especially when it comes to energy. I see, hear, feel, smell and taste things around me often and observe them. However, I am not one to “feel” things in the energetic way like many others I know, do. However, right now, I do. Perhaps it is just my knowing that given my recent experiences, some sort of change in inevitable. Is it just a mixture between excitement and uncertainty? Or, do I really KNOW that something big is on the horizon? This question’s answer eludes me right now in this moment. Therefore, I must let my big self take over and lead the way. Even now, since that comment about letting my big self take over – that part is now in charge of this writing/typing. So, what to do? What to think? How to be? How to share with others who are NOT getting this energetic rush? Being out of body makes things much less complicated so one can look at things with a less linear and practical mind. Peace of mind is what I know that the earth humans really want. But DO you really want that? What about a bit of unadulterated excitement and the fun of being in uncertainty? This is the sort of thing that big adventures are made of. Uncertainty. With uncertainty, comes a need for a big bag of courage. But what is the problem with that I ask you? There sure is no shortage of that in my little self. These last few weeks have brought about a whole new perspective on this little self in that little body. First you stood up to bullying in the highest degree without letting go of your courage. Then, you kept going and searched for more knowledge to guide you what to do and not do. Finally, you acknowledged that the false evidence appearing real was just that all along!! Why else would you have done the things that you did? You simply needed to heal that part of you/me that was anxious over something that doesn’t even exist – unless you beLIEve in it!! You believed the lie for a long time. You believed the lie of authority. It is a fraud, just like your legal name is a fraud. Wow, who would have known it – fraud all around all of us all ways!! Haha, that’s kinda funny really. But hey, it’s just a game. I have been banging on and on and on and on and on and on and ON about it all being a game, but I really think that you did not comprehend quite what a fraud it really is until a couple of weeks ago. You knew not to ‘be’ the name and you knew that the name was part of the slavery situation, but you sure did not comprehend fully that it is the LEGAL NAME that is holding you to all those stupid codes and statues that attempt to enslave you. You did not stop and listen to the true meaning of what is happening. OK, so you listened to some wise friends, and boy, have they done their homework. But hey, what about listening to YOU, your inner, higher BIG self?? All of the things you have listened to have made sense, but ultimately, you must comprehend these things before you can act on them (or not act, whichever is appropriate!) You listen to your knowing. You KNOW what you know, and you are really starting to know what you don’t know, but to go to look for that which you don’t know!!

Soon, no one, yes NO one will have any question for you – about where you are, what you are doing, or why. This is something that you have deserved to experience for lifetimes. There has all ways been someone looking for you, asking where you have been, what you have been doing and why. This must end now so that you can go back to being your organic natural self, just going through life being you. Do what you choose to do, do what feels good and right, but do not be compelled by others to do or be anything you are not!!

I once said, what feels right is right, that which feels uncomfortable is not necessary. I will say it again and again. Help others when you wish to, stay to your own devices when you do not. Give some days, receive others. Keep the balance and harmony within and without. Be you and never be railroaded into being anything that you are not. Do not feel bad when others perceive you as bad because only YOU know whether or not you have been bad. Follow Natural lore and that is all you need to do to be a whole and complete being. Forget about all the words you cannot say or use because of the legal connotations. Speak your mind naturally, with respect and grace, and then no harm can ever be done to any one or any thing.

Now is the time to set yourself free, to step through the open gate and to walk into truth. Truth will set you free and now that you know the truth, there is no other path to walk. Ponder and wonder, give thanks and move in any direction that feels good and comfortable, although on some occasions, a little discomfort will get you faster to your destination. Wow, this is the time you have been waiting for for many many lifetimes. Step up and do not falter in your resolve to set yourself well and truly free. Never regret any thing any time. Regrets are just not worth the energy they involve.

Dance, sing, run, jump, do any thing that makes you be able to express your excitement of how you are truly feeling about this new idea of actually becoming free to roam wherever you choose – remember your favourite song – Eagle – High, high, I’m a bird in the sky, I’m an eagle that rides on the breeze, high, high, what a feeling to fly, over mountains and forests and seas, and I go anywhere that I please!!! Go for it!!!!

Love all ways.


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