Insane Manifestations

Insane Manifestations

Where does all of this crazy stuff come from? Where did it start? Why did it start? WHO made it start?? What crazy stuff? I hear you ask. Everything that is crazy, that’s what – such as statutes, codes, rules and flippin regulations. Documents, writings in legalese and the like. Gobbledegook, jargon, and all things bureaucratic. Red tape, social etiquette and stupid expectations.

When one sees the amount of paperwork that is going around this crazy world, and then when one realizes that not only is there all that paperwork, but there is an internet full of forms, instructions, lists of rules, regulations and more flippin laws and codes, then ones head can really start to spin. The amount of this text that is polluting the world is insane. I, being one who has not been inflicted by having a job that involves paperwork, only from time to time gets incumbered by this paperwork and text about which I am writing. When I do, I thank my big self for choosing for me a life of shit shoveling over a life of pen pushing, key pressing and downright depressing text shuffling. Give me horse shit to shovel any day over looking at boxes and boxes of old paperwork (which I noticed in someone’s office lately), hard drives full of documents and forms, and piles and piles of bills to pay – any day – ANY day – whether it be the hottest humidest of summers, or the freezingest, snowyest winter on record!!!

It sends my brain into overload when I comprehend HOW much of this shit there is in this world – and I am talking about the text shit as opposed to the horse shit, because at least in time, horse shit decomposes and does something useful in the world of nature. Paperwork and digital text can do nothing but pollute minds and all that it touches. It is total madness and I want no part of it, not now, not tomorrow, not ever. A simple handshake is all that I need to make an agreement with another soul – actually, just an amicable agreement is all I need – a heart to heart agreement is good with me, and then we move on along knowing in our minds what it was that we agreed upon.

It is time to end this madness, crazyness and complete insanity immediately if not sooner. Yep, that’s my thought for today – take it or leave it!!

Love All Ways.

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