The Triple A of Life!

Awareness, Acknowledgment and Appreciation

The triple A or AAA of life is something that I have become more and more aware of!! It’s an awareness of the importance of being Aware, using Acknowledgment and using Appreciation. Without this awareness, one can be easily led into feelings of helplessness and hopelessness – that is, being out of control of one’s life experiences and only seeing what is there, literally in front of you, or worse still, what is being forced down your neck without realizing, that is what is happening!!!

My awareness is that it is vital to be aware of what is going on around you and what is going on around the world, but to not be in fear of any of it. Next, we must acknowledge these happenings and know that by these two actions, the negative aspects of such happenings are neutralized. Next, when we use appreciation of all happenings and experiences, then everything becomes a positive! You see, this ol life in this ol human body is gifted to us by our big selves to experience a physical life in human form. Whether you like it or not, this is a simple truth. I have mentioned before that even though we think that we humans have free will, we really do not. It is the big aspect of our human selves that has the free will and we are just game pieces that our big selves enjoy moving around. But this is a good thing because this way, we know that we can do no wrong. Even when we think that we are making choices, really we are not. However, the beauty of it is that so long as we use awareness, acknowledgment and appreciation, then our big selves create more and more positive experiences for us to enjoy. Wow, who could have realized that?? This is why I highly recommend using the ability you naturally have to be completely aware, then to not become attached to this awareness but instead, just let it be. Then, acknowledge that you ARE aware and give appreciation and move on to the next awareness. Simple, but powerful.

3 thoughts on “The Triple A of Life!

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