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In these moments of now, I feel it pertinent to record here some significant recognitions I have had – some long held ones, and some recognized
more recently.
(To “cognize” means to perceive, become aware of or know, there for recognize means to become aware of again.)
We all come into our earthly embodiment with certain purpose. Intention is the one thing that causes these purposes and missions to be fulfilled. Along with purpose/mission comes spiritual contracts with other beings. All types of beings. Once we are ending our spiritual journeying, we then look to complete our spiritual contracts and it is wise for us to “Triple A” these contracts.

For those who have read other blog posts, they will know what I mean by ‘Triple A’.  It is “The Triple A of Life”!   Be Aware and alert to everything that is going on around you – around humanity.  Acknowledge every thing every and one which and who has impacted your life. EVERYONE!  Appreciate them and continue to be aware of everything. Make acknowledgement high on the list of “To Do’s” and then return to appreciate. Remember to keep up the intention of what it is you wish to create in your life experience. Intention is what creates your reality. Without it, no thing will occur.

Another important part to Acknowledge is what geodee and its partners are doing is actually making you grow and strengthen! The more challenges you take on and get through, the stronger and stronger you become. Know when you must take on some challenges that at first look to be way beyond your ability and see that if you say you can’t, you cant and if you say you can – you CAN – and this will lead to enormous growth. When you take back your power and become self-responsible for All experiences and creations you know that there is no authority on earth that can rightfully govern your life, except your OWN.
Live by Natural Lore – do no harm .
Make peace with and forgive all who you feel have “wronged” you.
Acknowledge and thank all players.
Transcend it all and achieve completion.
Yep! 😉

2 thoughts on “Recognitions

  1. So clear and encouraging, jolly, thank you! I especially love your repetitions of “do no harm” — agreed! That is the only natural lore…and it just *feels* so right, we know it without effort. Important to remember ourselves in that equation! Triple A’s turned inward magnify the power, don’t they? We just keep peeling this onion, don’t we? hehe :-)!

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