Fear of Freedom?

The Fear of Freedom

An incredible realization is that much of humanity has fear of freedom. Yep, sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why would humans fear freedom? Many think that they want it, but they do nothing significant about it ~ because they fear freedom. For the most part, I would say that it is due to intense and prolonged conditioning to dupe us into believing that we cannot do much for ourselves and that we need someone to guide us – which includes telling us what we can do, and what we cannot. As a consequence, humans fear responsibility, and to be free, one must be responsible.

However, humans inherently know what we can do without breaking natural/universal law/lore, which is the only true law/lore. Natural lore says, do no harm. We also know what is inhumane. Funny that isn’t it – to imagine that we might naturally know what is good and what is inhumane and that we don’t need telling!!! Interestingly, certain groups of humans (and some are inhumane btw) have decided that they can put on hats, badges, guns, gowns, costumes, wigs and various other ridiculous paraphernalia and expect the rest of us to bow down and do their bidding. Even though what I state here is true, there are many who still believe that those who are in positions of “authority” have something over the rest of us. This is a big, big, huge, enormous, gigantic and ginormous LIE. So, why would any of us believe this lie? WHY???? It is clear that all man made law is fiction. It is written on pieces of paper and we are ordered to obey these words on paper. This is insane. We, as humans, are living, breathing beings whose physical body only has life because of a spirit inhabiting the body. No spirit, no life. A piece of paper is not living, it has no spirit. A name is not living, it has no spirit. Human beings are living. Words in dictionaries (or anywhere else) are not living, they have no spirit. Words spoken audibly are not living, they are merely sounds, they have no spirit. Human beings have spirit and are living. “Governments” are an idea, they have no spirit and therefore are not living, corporations are dead fictions, they have no spirit, therefore they are not living. Did I mention, human beings are living?
OK, so if human beings are living and none of the other things I mentioned above are living, then why on this beautiful earth would we allow non-living things to tell us what we can or cannot do or be??????????????? WHY?! And the biggest question of all is WHY do living humans create all of this fiction and push it on the rest of us??? And why do most of humanity take it???? IT IS TIME FOR ALL HUMANITY TO CONSIDER THESE QUESTIONS – NOW!!!! Consider also, the word “imposition” having something to do with this. Instead of just taking it all without question, it is time to question everything!!!

One answer to the question of why humanity allows non-living things to tell them what they can and cannot do and be is this: sadly, due to the lies and the programming, many beLIEve that the laws, names, words, governments and corporations are “real” and have “authority” over them. They have been conditioned into believing that they MUST follow all rules, regulations, statutes, codes and laws as laid down by these fictitious entities which, as I mentioned – are not living. They have not stopped to question anything. They have also been conditioned to believe that they need help and support from an outside entity.

Why, when we are powerful beyond measure and have the universe behind us, do we need help and support from something outside of ourselves?? Oh yeah, the programs told us that we do and that basically, we cannot even wipe our butts for ourselves. Because of all of this, many humans are fearful of taking responsibility for themselves. Even the ones who recognize the lies still have trouble stepping away from the system that pushes its support and in actuality, applies chains via the benefits and trinkets!! Removing programming takes a lot of awareness, strength and determination!

When one steps away from those benefits and trinkets, loses the legal name, and when one knows that one is powerful beyond measure, magic starts to happen! Open the eyes and feel in the heart and know what is true and what is fiction. Feel it and know it – that which all can see when we let go of the limiting programs – we are indeed powerful beyond measure and when we step away from the conditioning and the indoctrination, then we stand in truth and show ourselves as the free spirits that we truly are!!

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