What Is It To Be A True, Natural Human Being?

As told by my big self:

“Once in a while a being comes to know it’s true self and it’s true purpose and mission on planet earth. Each one is on an individual journey, so each one’s realizations are all at different moment of now. This one is fully ready to start to remember the original plan and the agreements that were put in place as we each stepped into our earthly vessels we call human bodies. The one important knowing that is present in this one’s mind is that this one had a lot to do with the creation of the human vessel. In fact, it was a case of having been one of the creators of the human vessel. This is why this one, within this beautiful human vessel, is knowing more truth about the true nature of earth human. The inherent nature of humanity is to be humane, graceful, loving, giving and kind with complete respect for each other one around. Therefore, this one being is preparing to see others start to fully comprehend their full and powerful abilities and to show them their purity of inflowment, now and all ways.”

What do I really want in this life time, in this body?? As asked by my earthly ego self:

In the words of my big self:

I want for you to experience many things for me – you are my game piee, which is currently being pushed around by me – and – those who control almost all of humanity. You are doing everything perfectly ~ in your imperfection!!! You are there right now to be part of the healing of humanity – all of the human experiences help you all know what it is you want – AND – what it is you do not want! Now, you and the other wayshowers/wayseers guide the others back to truth. Truth of humanity is:
All are self responsible for all actions, mistakes, situations, experiences, results from actions, etc, etc.

All respect All.

All expect challenges.

All are our OWN “authority” – i.e. we write our own stories and act them out!!

All help others when they truly need/desire help.

All live in their own perfect inflowment.

All express appreciation.

All act in full grace, all ways.

Use of the whole mind and connection to big self enables the above to come naturally. All ways.”

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