Free Spirits On Earth

It has lately come to my attention that it is important to share the knowledge that I have about the Free Spirits on Earth. We are an adventurous group of beings who have come here in various human embodiments to remind all of humanity who they really are. You see, when humanity was created, it was created to live as natives of planet earth. It really was. Whatever the “theories”, “stories”, “facts” and various other ideas about where humans came from and what our purpose here on earth is, the real truth is that we were co-created along with universe creator by other beings who heard the call from universe creator to come help in the creation of this universe. Many steps were taken to perfect the main inhabitant of earth mother, and eventually, human was created and wow, what an incredible piece of creativity. Humans are fractals of the universe.

Earth human is revered by all other races in the universe. We are beautiful – in mind, body and spirit. The trouble is, over the eons, many things have happened to distort our egos and injure our spirits. This led to behaviour that is not natural for human beings. Many of you already know what sort of happenings I am referring to, so I will not go into those. Suffice to say, programs of control are at the root of it, and other beings who need to feed off the amazing energy that is naturally produced by human beings, have created an elaborate system of control which enables them to use their dastardly methods to suck our energy, and to dumb us down into believing that we are lowly beings, and to feel worthless and useless, not to mention, helpless!!!!

However, there is a band of souls who embodied here now to help restore us to our true beingness!! These souls have embodied as human many, many, many times before and know exactly what it is to be an authentic human. These are the “Free Spirits on Earth” that I referred to at the beginning of this writing. The Free Spirits started their human experience of this incarnation in various ways. Some of us have been free spirited the entire time, refusing to conform, and being “different” to “normal” people. Mostly they are artistic and do not take on regular “jobs” – especially not in commerce or anything that is built around making as much as possible in the way of moony! Some start off in their human bodies as “ordinary” humans, taken in by the control systems, the rules and the laws etc. But in time, they have awoken and have remembered what they are here for and who they really are in that they are souls who have been embodied as human many times before and that they truly are free spirits of earth. Once they awoke, they walked away from the “conforming” and “consenting” and stepped back into living in a free spirited way . . . . .

Free Spirits love to travel all over their beautiful earth mother, usually by any means they can find – not usually in any type of luxury. Free spirits prefer to laugh and play than to take serious “jobs” as mentioned above. Having a laugh and feeling good is far more important than having material belongings and property. This is our natural way of be ing!! But still, we know what our purpose is, and how important it is and we take teaching, by example, how to have a fun and productive life, very seriously!!!!! Sure, sometimes we like to settle down in one area for a while and establish a home base and have family, but it is more often temporary and family is usually small.

Humanity has changed over the eons and although the natural way of be-ing is as mentioned above, there are those who can survive very well as free spirits, in one area without traveling too far. However, these ones tend to live off the land and connect with earth mother very closely, mostly growing plants and nurturing animals. We love to connect with our earth mother in one way or another. Those who have become distorted have little or no connection to their earth mother, preferring to live in cities on concrete paths and roads in concrete buildings with pollution all around them. This is largely as a result of the “system” created by those parasitical beings who have chosen to use us as their hosts. Now it is time for all to awaken to this truth, and to become aware. This is the first step – to know and accept the truth. The rest is easy because it comes naturally once one remembers the truth. Free spirited humans are fully responsible for themselves. They are “UN-dependent” on any other. They simply help each other when needed and live in a simple inflowment whereby they naturally know when another needs help, and when he/she does not. It really is simple. Once all are living in the perfect inflowment – that means with the other humans, with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms and with earth mother, everything becomes simple and fun. Challenges still abound, but it is a balance with fun and enjoyment each and every day. Yes, life is good – all ways!!!!


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