Tricks and Spells Be Ware

Be wary of those who do not speak and act from the heart. Use your own heart to know who is speaking and acting from their heart – and – who is not! You see – there are times when you get to observe who we REALLY are as human beings. When we are be-ing humane humans, there is no doubt – you can sense the authenticity. Events such as the flash mobs are a great example to show who we truly ARE – we are a combination of creativity, authenticity, sharing, Love and perfect inflowment. Watching these events brings tears to the eyes and love into the heart when we see what humans can do. I watched one today – at the start I almost dismissed it saying “ah, I’ve seen this one before”, almost not bothering to watch it, but of course, once I got started, I could not stop watching. By the end, I was weeping with joy and announcing “this is who we are, THIS is who we ARE!!” I Love humanity.

Now to the spell and tricks. Black magic. It is sly, sneaky and downright dastardly! It breaks all its own rules in that it is part of g o d’s sly and sneaky, (yet brilliant) schemes of enslavement. Along with its unlawful legal system which was created to keep the human spirit down, a whole bunch of tricks, spells and deceit were put in place. Black (Magic)’s Law Dictionary is one of the main sources (of sorcery) and of the programs of deceit, tricks and spells. There are quite a few who have spent many an hour working through these intentional misinterpretation of long standing words. It has been genius on behalf of the deceivers AND of the code crackers. The tricks and spells have been exposed. Some successfully use these tricks and spells against the creators and users of these tricks and spells, but it takes a lot of time and work to do so. However, KNOWING about the tricks and spells, AND comprehending what it is that the tricksters are trying to do to us is so very powerful. First, we refuse to play their games because their games are set with unfair rules so that they win almost all of the time. It is pointless really to try to beat the tricksters who have the rules working to their advantage. Instead, by declining invitations to participate, we take back our power, call them out on their tricks and deceit, and step right into our own perfect inflowment. Every time one of us does this, it takes more feeding energy away from g o d and its minions. – Do not think that all of this is happening on earth mother and that it is just the earthly ruling elite (ERE) creating all of this. Oh no, it is much deeper than that!! Do not make that mistake. Instead, see, feel and know that this starts way beyond the ERE. Use your own internal and vast power to let them/it (g o d) know that YOU know about its tricks and you are not buying into them any more. By taking back your soul power and not feeding into this greedy controller, you help to break the perpetuity – letting go of the LEGAL NAME spiritual contract by breaking it spiritually, is the most powerful way to do this. Without your attachment to Legal Name, you regain your own entire soul and spiritual energy and power instead of feeding g o d and its minions. Tell it to “call off the dogs” and ask for support and guidance from Universe Creator. Remember who you really are, be calm and relaxed in this knowing – all ways!

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