Truth Pome


To enjoy a fulfilled life we must have fun
Walking, playing, enjoying the sun,
Chatting, creating, feeling good,
Doing what we enjoy, not what we should!

There are many things we each love to do,
Just remember to be YOU!
Even when the real you is a goof ~
All ways be sure to stand in your truth!!

Truth is freedom, nothing more or less,
It is something that we must all address.
Living lies will not let us be whole,
From us this wholeness, the system stole.

We can take it back by losing the β€œNAME”,
It’s the simple way to leave their game!
No Legal Names here, bad luck mate,
I know the truth now ~ you’re too late!!

We now stand in our power, we stand in truth,
We go and announce it from every roof!
Until all humanity hears this call,
Oh yeah know it, Babylon did fall!!

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