Ponderings 4 Weeks In

Thursday 24th July 2014

Today I sit with barefeet firmly planted on earth mother as I read and ponder. Just a short wander through “my” woods to this lovely spot to sit. Perhaps a longer wander afterwards. It is a gloriously enjoyable climate today, so I sit, admire, acknowledge and appreciate all that is. With the newly “remembered” truth which has recently leapt into my awareness, I find there is much to ponder. Where to begin in a record of such ponderings? One very important one to note is my comprehension of FEAR – often used as an acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. When one believes in such false evidence, one feels the real experience of “anxiety”. Never before my experience of 1 being kidnapped and 2 not just giving into bullying, have I felt this high a level of “anxiety”! However, this anxiety was also mixed with a large amount of “pride” in my own newly found courage. In the last 4 weeks since that day, I have grown and healed immeasurably. Having experienced multiple pangs of anxiety interspersed with ones of knowing truth, 4 weeks later, I am feeling at peace in my knowing that finally, after a lifetime of enslavement, (some obvious and some hidden) that I can now be fully FREE when I have the courage to walk through the open gate with FEAR now clearly dispersed. It is with a (currently) equal amount of excitement and trepidation that I intend to do it! Now, having made the decision to walk through the gate, I must put out to the universe my intention as well as my resolve to follow through and take it beyond intention and into actuality and action. I seek freedom, I all ways have and this is the first time it has become a reality – but it is not real until I DO it!! I know what I must do, but I also know that taking baby steps is the best way to do it, rather than plunging in all in one go, I ponder my next step and the ones after that and I know this might take several months to complete, but that is OK. While I will not allow myself to jump in headlong, I also will not drag this out for too long either. Balance all ways! Knowing all that, I currently do know, I am feeling that there is no doubt that this transition will be smooth, enjoyable and altogether in the perfect inflowment all ways!!

2 thoughts on “Ponderings 4 Weeks In

    • Thank you Amber – yes, sorry about the font, I just love all that expressive curly font, although I do know some find it hard to read – I changed it to be somewhat less curly!!


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