Knowings on Words

Knowings on Words

Over the past few days, I have experienced some mighty interesting new knowings. Thanks to a combination of external clues and messages along with internal intuition, these knowings have been revealed to me. Somehow, it is hard to put it all into words. You see, that is the thing. Words. Why did we make words? Who made words? Who chose the ‘meaning’ of words? When did we contract to the meaning of each word that has been created? The first thing for every one of us humans to remember is that we were here choosing all of these words way, or much, or far before the entity some call “God” came here and IMPOSED its laws, rules, codes and statutes upon humanity. We were here long, way, far before “legalese” was dreamed up. So I ask you – why on earth are any of you taking ANY notice whatsoever of “its” interpretations – using “its “legalese – of OUR words? Realize this – this “god” (well, it likes the capital ‘g’ but I won’t do that!) and its minions including the priestly caste, invented religions and law. Before all of that, we lived peacefully with self responsibility using our own self imposed natural LORE. Religions led to laws, laws led to keepers of laws. Keepers of laws led to governments and courts and and all the paraphernalia connected to it!!! It is all a false fabrication. However, we asked to be challenged by the best there is. This creation by this god entity and its minions has tested us. It has controlled us with its indoctrination, mind controls and dogma. But it is now time for this to be exposed for what it really is. We must remember who we are and remember that all of this started outside of this physical reality we call “The World”. The World is also a fabrication, The world is the one with borders, nations and nationalities. Planet Earth is the authentic creation where we live and it is real. It is now time for us to remember everything . Yes it really is the end of an era – we asked for this. It’s the most incredible game – a puzzle, a nut to crack – all of this until we crack the codes and the memories return. It has been like an obstacle course. Rules were made up and we have been adhering to these rules. But as it is all ways said – rules are made to be broken – IF we have the courage to do it. We are each the governors of our own selves. Therefore, any rules imposed can be broken because ultimately these are self imposed rules via those who we asked to challenge and test us!!! Check all of this out within your very own spirit and soul. Verify that this is truth – Universal truth.

So KNOW that the words are just sounds and the only power they can have over you is if you allow the programmed and assumed meanings to dominate. Be aware, aware, AWARE of what you are saying and while you are saying the “words”, KNOW what you are meaning – know what you intend to be communicated with those words. When you do this, you are authentic and honest from your heart and only what you intend will be communicated. Your truth will only be heard. When you speak from your heart with authenticity, words actually are irrelevant. When others are also in that zone, all will be in perfect inflowment. All ways!!

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