Know Who You Really Are

More and more we hear it said “you must know who you really are”. The question from those who do not know who they really are is – how the heck do I even start to find out the answer? This earthly journey is one amazing experience. Actually, it is a plethora of experiences all rolled into the one – or is it one life experience? Actually, no. Each life experience affects the next – that is part of what it is all about – continuing to embody until completion.

Those who think they are only this physical body in human form are missing a large part of the picture. However, it is for them to experience their lives this way. If they are ready to move on to the next way of seeing life on earth, then they will open their eyes and ears and most of all, their spiritual senses and start to realize that there is so much more to it than this 3D reality. To those who are realizing that there is much more, I would suggest that you become aware. Become aware of everything around you – that is, everything that is happening, and don’t just take things literally. See messages in unlikely events. Pick up something that you notice on the ground as you walk along – see if it has a message. Observe the birds, the animals and even the insects – notice repeating patterns, notice sounds and smells. Notice KNOWINGS. Yes, knowings – that is when you suddenly just know something without a single doubt. Trust yourself. Don’t just think “well, I must have just made that up”!! Realize that there is more than just your brain that gives you information – check out your MIND. See what wisdom it holds when you ask it. Know that you have your big self within your mind and everywhere around you. This is what some call god. The thing is – you are god. I don’t like to use that label because to me, it implies something that wants to be worshiped and praised. Your own big self is there to guide you and show you truth.

Spend time with your big self. Sit quietly and breathe. Breathe deeply and become aware of any thoughts you might have. Listen and even write down thoughts. Just allow them to come and acknowledge them. Love yourself and accept that you are your own authority. There is no one or no thing above you. All are equal, the only difference is, every one is unique and every one is at a different stage in their journey. Every day, when you allow this sort of interaction with your big self, more and more will become clear. More and more clues will be noticed and you will follow your heart and follow your intuition as to which clues are valid and where they lead – whether it be to a book, a movie, a documentary, a teacher, a blog a story. Every step will make itself clear as you meander through these knowings. Trust yourself all ways.

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