It’s All About Divine Timing

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This is the thing that some of us tend to forget with all of our concerns about what is going to happen and when. How we are going to do this and stop doing that? Who will we tell about what we have decided and who we will not. Who might help and support us, while who will be against our ideas and even do something to stop us, even if it is just to ridicule?

There becomes a realization eventually, that all of the above mentioned concerns really do not matter, in fact, they are not even worth spending the time of day – or night – to think about. You see, so long as one does not do another harm by ones decision or action or whatever it is we are doing, then we really do not have to be concerned about what others are thinking about us, what we are doing and/or why. We must must must remember that we are eternal beings having a human experience. We have made soul contracts with every single other being that we interact with. Those souls with whom we contracted before us all entering this physical realm, really know what is coming – they just don’t remember that they know because of the temporary amnesia. So, when stressing about what others are going to think, say or do when they know what we are doing, one has to stop, and take time to remember that even though when one is in the physical human body one tends to get upset about things that others do or do not do, really they know what is coming and they will survive it – and even if they do not, then they go back to the other realms and wait for you there!!   You can do no wrong. In fact, when it comes down to it – you might think you are making choices and decisions, but in reality, you are not. The free will choice that we have – well, we don’t really have it – our soul has it. So the soul decides for the physical human part of you, what the choice is, not you, the small physical human game piece. Yes, game piece, because that is what you are – just like a knight or a rook or even a king on a chess board. They don’t actually have control of their destiny do they? They are just pushed around the board by the main players!!! What a revelation you might be thinking – “but I don’t believe it – I can decide whether I go out or stay in, go shopping or go to play tennis”, or whatever choice you think you had to pick from!! Nope, it is all about divine timing because of your soul’s choices for you!!

It’s funny isn’t it? Funny haha, or funny peculiar I hear you asking. Haha – kind of both in this instance. It’s funny that you are not really making a choice when you think you are, so that is funny haha, and also funny peculiar that something that is not visible has that much power to ensure that whatever you do, was decided by that part of you that is not visible in the 3D world that we live in.

So, what do DO when one feels a dilemma going on in one’s mind? Think about the pro’s and cons of each “choice” may sound like a practical idea. Even write a list out and check off each one and see which points matter the most and which list has the most points, then choose the one that has the most, and then go for that choice. Or, what about tossing a coin? Great way to just decide. Question – shall I DO this or NOT? Toss the coin – heads means yes, tails means no. Sure, that is actually not a bad way to decide because whichever one it is you do end up doing is the right one – never hold regrets. Never say if only this, and if only that. Or, oh, I should have done this and shouldn’t have done that. Because, what help is it ever to torture yourself with these thoughts and questions?

So, barring the coin toss, the best way to make this choice is to sit in nature, connect to your big self and to our dear beloved earth mother and ask them ~ which is the route for me in this moment of now? Which way will I go and how will I do it when I have fully decided that this is what I wish to do?! In a relatively short amount of time, you will simply KNOW which is the right route to take. Once you put out the intention to the universe to guide you to where you need to be and then feel the joy in the knowing that this is going to be the ride of your life. Even if you are a planner, you will not be held back by this because all of the plans will fit into the scenario and you will be in full inflowment toward the ultimate goal of living in balanced harmonious flow, with respect for all around you.   Yes, inflowment.

When communing with earth mother, ask her to guide you and then ask her to protect you on any and every adventure you end up embarking upon. So long as you are connected to your earth mother, you will be well. She will heal you and maintain you for the journeying ahead. What better companion? Who else could give you such guaranteed support and love? And of course, the other marvelous thing to remember is that you are immortal, indestructible and indeed infinite!! The small physical body may not be forever, unless of course you put out that intention, but the inner, higher big self sure as heck IS forever. So, concerning oneself about surviving or not surviving becomes unnecessary and a waste of time and energy when you could be out there enjoying yourself.

Yes, on to enjoying yourself – that is what you are here in this lil ol physical body to do, and if you are not enjoying being IN body, then why the heck are you still here? Don’t wait for some day, or when this has happened and when that has happened – be in this moment of now and create your desires and manifest them. FEEL it and KNOW it is here right here and right now and then the universe is yours all ways.

Finally, the earth mother gave us so many different sights to see, sounds to hear, textures and materials to touch, aromas to smell and flavours to taste as well as things to intuituvely simply know. All of these things are not in one area at any one time, so setting out around the countryside is a really great way to be able to fully appreciate what it is she has created for us as our playground. The games are over, the restrictions are demolished along with the rules, laws, codes and legislation that stifles our human spirit to adventure and discover what is around us. Stand tall and shout to the world – I am free, I am me, I am living in eternity!!!

Peace, love and respect to every single one, all ways.

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