Stop the Madness!



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This moment of now is the only moment there actually is. This whole time idea has still got me somewhat confused. For quite some time now, I have been hearing that time doesn’t exist – not really anyway. Hmmm. However, I still have to admit that time seems to have a different “feel” about it to me these days. It seems to pass by very quickly in some moments, then in others, it seems to pass slowly. A few times, I have been amazed that such a short amount of time has passed when usually, it seems to fly by. I am wondering what this means – is it my perception, what I happen to be doing in that moment when I observe this or – what?? One thing that I DO know is that there is some sort of different energy all around. It feels like it could be called something such as “the tides of change”. Is it just me and my perception, or is it something that others feel also? Now that I am so aware of the truth and pretty much how this giant game works, (although I have to say that I do not know all of the rules), none of the petty issues matter any more. Knowing who one really is matters the most, and just knowing that to just be and do in every moment of now is the most important thing.

When I go walking in the woods to commune with the nature spirits, with big momma and with big me, I really receive some remarkable knowings. One received today is all about the madness of the circuital programs. Programs are rampant in every living being. There are those who claim they have no programs, but I feel that this is a lofty claim. Those who feel that they have no programs probably only now have minor ones, or even useful ones. However, this matrix IS a program and until one is completely out of the matrix, then programs exist. What I became aware of today is that even the programmers themselves are programmed!! That’s actually a bit of a cosmic joke isn’t it? So, these greedy, hating, jealous beings who decided to put humanity under a spell of slavery, created programs whereby humans believe that they are free, yet they really are not. A sordid, secret, insidious program has been imposed upon humanity. That program is the slavery program. So enslaved, we have been – paying for everything we need to survive here on earth mother, even though earth mother provided all that we needed to sustain our physical bodies. Not only have we been paying for what we need to sustain our physical bodies, we have also been paying into schemes of extortion. Taxes, fines, fees, licenses, dues etc etc and on and on. We use our physical bodies to create and we are paid for our physical and intellectual labour. Then what happens? Tax happens – daylight robbery – although, we consent and we donate a large proportion of our labour in taxes. All in the name of extortion – that is the real truth of it. SO, who is extorting us? The programmers. Stupid thing is, the programmers are also programmed!! They are programmed to see how much they can extort from us. They do not “need” any more cash, but still they persist in extorting it from us – it is a program, and a game AND a habit. They have no “need” for our hard earned cash. No, they are simply programmed to extort cash off us in the way some of us are programmed to go to the refrigerator to see what snacks there are in there to eat.

These programs sit so deeply and they run in circuits, and they cannot be stopped until someone cuts through the circuit to break it. It’s almost like a fault in the system. When things become automatic and systematic, then all organic possibilities no longer exist. Using an organic brain to decide what to do is lost within systems and automated programs. We are at first led to believe that these automatic programs make things easier for us. Just take GPS. It guides you to where you want to go, but when you get there, you have no idea where the heck you are or how you got there. Did you go north, south, west or east? Where are you geographically in relation to where you started? Oftentimes, the human has no idea. This is why I use good old fashioned maps as much as possible. This way, I can visualize where I started, where I am and where I might plan to go. Then there is the programmed smart phone. It syncs automatically, just updating at will – a bunch of photos are backed up on some cloud and some “highlights” appear which you never asked to be done – suddenly, you don’t have any control over what it does unless you dig deep down into its guts to locate the program that is causing this to occur and then it takes more digging to find out how to de-program it to make it stop doing all the things it is doing. Computers correct your spelling – even if sometimes you prefer to spell a different way or even create a new word. You can’t even make a joke about something and write a word in a particular way to illustrate the joke – no, automatic artificial intelligence knows better and corrects your spelling – heck, my brain has got so used to that happening, when I might be writing with a pen or pencil and write a word which perhaps I am not sure of the “correct” spelling, the brain pretty much pauses to see what spellcheck thinks of the way I spelled it. It is getting outrageous. Google loves to connect you to YouTube, Blogspot, Ebay and its namesaked flippin programs such as the search engine, the plus, the music the calendar, your contacts, your email, and on and on and on. We are not allowed to decide what we might want to save or delete, unless we argue and fight to stop the flippin programs programming and organizing and telling us what is “best” for us. Heck, we can’t even decide whether or not we want an email address that we just sent an email to, put in our contacts. It just happens until you have about a thousand contacts in your phone and most of them, you don’t even know!!! So, you then decide to clear them out, but even the thought of doing that is exhausting, so you leave it until the phone memory is so full that you can’t add something that you actually WANT to have in there.


This makes one realize that it is time to become more and more AWARE of what is happening around you and not just let it go and let it keep happening. OK, some of the automatic features are convenient, but at the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather have to take a few minutes writing your appointments and engagements in your calendar and know in your brain and mind what is coming up rather than waiting for the next alarm to tell you what you “should” be doing??

Yep, for me, it is time to stop the madness of programs. DO things for myself and KNOW that I did it and why. Look out and GO out into nature and realize what the point of being alive in this physical body is really all about. I’m not saying go completely back to nature, but I am saying – remember who you are, why you are here and that you are a magnificent being, powerful beyond measure – do you really need all those gadgets????

Peace, love and respect, all ways.



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