Living on Earth Naturally

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When thinking and talking about the differences between the lawful and the legal, several things come to mind. The first thing is that one is all ways unique, yet one is the same but different as and to all other men. The next thing to be sure to know is that one must all ways respect all men. Despite the fact that many men are injured and do harm to others, one still must respect that man who is experiencing distortion and loss of his inherent ablility to know what natural lore is. One of the most important issues to address is that some men become so emotionally injured and distorted, that they feel it acceptable and even necessary to control other men. The last situation I am going to mention here is that many men do not stop to realize that it is not natural to allow another to control one. It is not natural at all. Yet many just go day to day accepting that they must do the bidding of another. That another is “better” or “smarter”, “more intelligent” or “more refined” than one is oneself. This is all about conditioning. All ways. The legal is that which has been created by those who wish to control and dumb down others. It is wholely un-natural and un-necessary. It is a large part of what is destroying the true nature of man. It is a complete distortion of true lore.

Now, although many do not recognize this, natural lore is completely natural and when one is aware of and awake to the true universe creator and of the true purpose of ones life experience, then every man finds natural lore to come naturally. He does not need to think about what is respectful and what is not respectful to another man. It is so very simple, so it is astonishing to see what has befallen man on this earth planet when one observes what can be called the hierarchies and pecking orders that have been allowed to become the norm. It is time for every one to stop, look around, and start to see what has become of man and to start to move toward an inflowment with fellow man. When one lives in balanced harmonious flow, with respect for all around one, then one is experiencing inflowment. Respect is also needed for all living in harmony with man on planet earth for without the animals, birds, fish, insects and plants and trees, and all minerals, man cannot survive. Mother earth is our home and she provides every single thing that we require to sustain our physical bodies. It is imperative that we love, acknowledge and respect her fully, all ways, all days, all moments with all of our hearts.

Let us awaken, acknowledge what is true, and start to daily take small actions to enlighten those who remain unaware as well as to do something to change the way we ourselves look at life on planet earth. Let’s use our creative abilities to share what we recognize and to encourage and enthuse others to regain full respect for themselves first, and to realize who they really are. Many forgot that they are magnificent and powerful beyond measure when only focusing on this small physical body. But when in this physical body, one has complete right to walk and travel free on the surface, underground, on the seas or under the seas, through the skies and beyond because universe creator gave us this creation as a playground with no limits, no rules, only full unlimited freedom to co-create with the creator. Step forward and do not be held back by any one or any thing. Know who you truly are and stand tall in this knowing. All ways.

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