Too Much Anger is Pointless

There comes a time when one starts to realize many truths. After many experiences, many wrong roads, many dead ends and many frustrating moments, one starts to have knowings rather than using belief to “convince” the mind of truth.

Once we have eyes to see and ears to hear which is the same as having an open mind and an open heart, one’s perception becomes broader. The blinkers are off and instead of looking down the straight and narrow road, one has a complete peripheral view of the world in which we are living. A knowing I have is that we all are here with intention, it is not just a random happening – much has been planned, and all experiences are actually lined up for us. Multiple soul contracts were made to allow these experiences. Collective soul contracts have also been made, and when we recognize those who control us and the effect of this control, or we have interactions with those who are the order followers, which cause us many undesirable moments by their actions and choices, it becomes very easy to become angry with them. Although it can be healthy to let off steam and allow ourselves to feel our emotions at the time of an uncomfortable or undesirable event, expressing anger in reaction to these other people’s actions or choices is really pointless. Name calling, ranting and expressing one’s hatred of such people will only reflect back and cause more of the same experiences. Also, when we observe others stuck in limiting beliefs, drawn in by controllers clever programs and engaging in what we see to be pointless or even harmful actions or group events, it is also pointless to express our opinions about them, or to express anger at them. Everyone is where they need to be in this and every moment of time. Gossiping, putting people down and damning others for their choices and actions is totally pointless.

Instead, the best way to make any change is to teach by example. To act all ways with grace, respect and understanding for where those others are in their own journey through this universal journey. Not everyone is at the same point of their journey. Some are ready for completion, having their last incarnations on our earth mother. Some are fairly new to human form, others have a bunch more human experiences ahead. Putting them down for where they are is nothing but ignorant and disrespectful. So long as they are not harming one, then let us respect their position and leave them alone!!! It is far more valuable to be able to show by example what is possible and how we have grown and broken through our barriers and moved on to the next challenge. Being supportive and understanding can make all the difference.


Our universal journeys are unique to each one of us. We are connected, but we are each unique. Being frustrated, annoyed or angry with anyone for where they are, what they believe, what choices they make or what actions they take will never help us to move forward in our own journey.

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