All Is Well ~ Transcend F.E.A.R

All Is Well ~ Transcend F.E.A.R PDF Version

All Is Well ~ Transcend F.E.A.R

Today, and in every moment of now, I know that all is well, beyond all expectations. I ask you to give me some clues as to where you next intend to guide M/E!

This is partially my choice because I am the one with the Free Will Choice ~ haha ~ but as I have let you know before, you DO play a small part in all of this. Remember your triple A’s. Use them and this causes me to create the positive experiences for you. I just wanted to give you a gentle reminder on this one because it IS powerful for all aspects of me/you/us! Ahead is much completion of contracts. Also ahead is much more simplicity because you can really reconnect with me and all aspects of WE. Re-visit your powerful actions of a year ago – you knew to ceasetain the so-called DNA. Without it blocking, you can feel and hear me more and more. Turn away from all of those imposed receivers and use only heart soul essence connection. This way you only receive TRUTH. You are important in these moments of now. You are being tested very deeply. Living the way you now are without that sticky name is setting you more FREE than you can imagine in this moment of now.

All I say to you is that you must fear not, not even one single jot – because the things you tend to fear, are things that are not even here! Remember, FEAR is only created in your mind by your mind. It actually does not exist. Potential danger exists. This is an awareness and good old fashioned common sense. It is completely different to the false feeling of F.E.A.R. Do not make the mistake of mixing up the two OR of classifying them as the same. They are not, never have been and never will be. So – when you create F.E.A.R. in your mind, I say STOP IT and you must let it GO. This is a big test now because of your past massive creations of this fictitious feeling. STOP IT! It is a sticky, stubborn, sludgy and altogether very nasty glob of goop – yes, geodee, aka “goop” foists it upon you with its programs. Shut it out now. No more receipt of F.E.A.R. Only awareness of potential danger. This is natural.

F.E.A.R. is another imposition.

Got it??? 😉

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