My Transformation, Part 2

My Transformation, Part 2 PDF Version

My Transformation, Part 2

Well, part one had a lot to do with my learning and understanding from my big self, who and what is the authentic divine feminine. Here is part 2 and it includes a description of how Big M/E described the authentic divine masculine:

As humanity flows on through its earthly transformation, more and more truth becomes clear. There are times when one blunders through fog and mist, totally uncertain of which way to turn and cautious not to hit a boulder whilst the view is most unclear. But when the fog clears, after the somewhat uncomfortable experience, one can start to see more and more pure truth as lies are exposed. Many lies have been perpetrated upon humanity. As you continue your transformation, you recognize these lies and you move beyond the effects toward your inflowment.

Last time you asked who is the authentic divine feminine? Now you can discover who is the authentic divine masculine.

He is strong, but in a different way to the feminine strength. His strength is more physical and mental, but he is a child at heart. He is very compassionate, yet he is rugged. He knows who he is and he knows when to give his support to others. He shares his physical strength and he also shares his heart strength. He loves to play, joke, laugh and he shows it. He is in complete balance with his feminine aspect and he loves that he is in touch with this inner wisdom and compassionate part of himself. He is not necessarily the provider for family. He takes care of himself and he guides others, such as children, but he encourages them to go and walk their own path from an early age, so they never become dependent on others. He has his weak moments and shows his vulnerability. He surrenders to it. He is his true authentic self by expressing himself from his heart core essence. His presence is magnetic and his energy enjoyable. His ego is in check so no righteousness is displayed. He is easy to get along with, especially when in his playful mode – which is most of the time! He is Love and kindness. He is divine man.

Yep. πŸ˜‰

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