Allowing Ourselves to KNOW!

Allowing Ourselves to KNOW

Allowing Ourselves to KNOW! PDF

Every single experience is a good one.  We learn so much by having various types of experiences as we go through life in this reality.  When we become aware that there is so much more beyond what is first visible, life becomes expansive and exciting.  I, for one, love to learn more and more about myself, and keep on looking to become the best I can be.  There is so much to work toward remembering when we are here in these bodies and minds with a major type of amnesia!!!

Having others act as our memory coaches is valuable.  They can remind us of things that we had forgotten, and when they do, we can remember a bunch of stuff ourselves that can be highly helpful as we go through our life.  Others who act in the role of memory coaches can point things out that we are not seeing within ourselves and they can be tremendous support.

Having said all of that, we must also consider that anything others tell us must be used only if and when we can fully resonate with it and/or accept and acknowledge that it is something that will serve us on our journey of growth and enlightenment.  It is a case of using one’s discernment and ultimately one’s inner knowing – from one’s greater being/heart soul essence/spirit/wise self.  Also, we must not use “readings” or other’s views as absolute or necessarily true for us.  Using them as tools is so good, but treating them as absolute can be limiting.  Ultimately, we can get to a point where we can connect to our own greater being/heart soul essence/spirit (or whatever label we choose to use for who we really are beyond this life incarnation experience) and ask questions there, because no one knows more about our life experiences than our greater being.

It can be extremely beneficial to use others to help us remember who we really are and what past life experiences we have had that have caused us trauma which we are still carrying.  However, there are some times when what comes in via another, may not be accurate.  There are entities out there which can infiltrate and feed through false information.  If the one who is channeling  or reading these messages is not truly connected to the one they believe they are connected to, then inaccurate information can be relayed.  This is when we must use our discernment, and then connect ourselves to our greater being and feel into the information to know if it is useful, irrelevant, wrong or even harmful.    When we get a message back from our own greater being that this information just doesn’t fit, it’s probably because it doesn’t.  We must not be afraid to decline the information – to decline to act upon it, because if it is truly inaccurate or incorrect, then acting upon it could be harmful to one’s body, mind or spirit.  This is a recognition I have had in these moments of now that I feel important to document and share as I continue on my journey. 

Peace, Love and Respect to all, all ways. ❤


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